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  1. Clonetrooperjerv0412

    [MOC] Episode V - Hoth Echo Base

  2. Clonetrooperjerv0412

    [MOC] Into the trenches of Hoth

    Good job! I like the action and how it is so accurate with the movie
  3. Clonetrooperjerv0412

    Hello! My name is Clonetrooperjerv0412

    Thanks guys!!
  4. Laser Ice Cutter to the rescue!!

  5. Clonetrooperjerv0412

    Hello! My name is Clonetrooperjerv0412

    I was born on Hoth, and my favourite vehicle is the Laser Ice Cutter. Ironically, the real location of my birth is Singapore, which is hot most of the time due to its location on the equator. I liked Star Wars since young, and I am obsessed with the galaxy far, far away. I wish very much to work at Lucasfilm as much as I like Lego and Star Wars.
  6. Clonetrooperjerv0412

    One Word At A Time Story

  7. Clonetrooperjerv0412

    Review-75075 Microfighters AT-AT

    Hi Poe Dameron, unfortunately Eurobricks claimed my photos were too large and thus could not be uploaded.
  8. Clonetrooperjerv0412

    Review-75075 Microfighters AT-AT

    Thank you for all your positive feedback guys! I will make the next review a better one!!
  9. Clonetrooperjerv0412

    8083 Rebel Trooper Battle Pack REVIEW

    Excellent review!!
  10. Clonetrooperjerv0412

    Review-75075 Microfighters AT-AT

    Hi Soccor Star, there are supposed to be pictures, but unfortunately I built this set a while ago and lost all the photos I took. Thank you for your feedback as it is only my first review.
  11. Clonetrooperjerv0412

    Review-75075 Microfighters AT-AT

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, there was an AT-AT pilot with a tiny AT-AT. Now, let's find out if he will get accepted into the Empire. First Impressions: 8/10 The box is small, very small. The AT-AT looked kind of cute, and my only disappointment was that the micro in Microfighters was further emphasised by the fact that there was only 88 pieces! Minifigures: 6/10 The AT-AT pilot is the sole minifigure, but its torso design is very nice and detailed. Shame he didn't come with Veers or Snowtroopers, but well, it's a microfighters set after all. The AT-AT pilot came with a short blaster. The Build: 6/10 It's a relatively fast build and only took me ten minutes to complete. Along the way, the AT-AT starts to take its famous shape. End Product: 7/10 The AT-AT is small but very posable. I think it may or may not look good on your shelf, but it worked fine for me. Overall: 7/10 A great set for a Microfighters set.