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  1. Yes it has functions. Both rotors rotate and i can open the cargo doors with remote. And working on the landing gear to fold in.
  2. i got hooked at building helicopters so heres my last work. More to come. but this is my CH-53E Its over a Meter in length Video!AtMKlnC42DRcswxt09EiOJw_glQ8
  3. Some pics from our LUG exhibition in Borlänge this weekend.
  4. Oneplus 3 and 5 On the 3 i dont know what android it is but its the latest out for it. and on the 5 is android 9 Yes regular sbrick app works on both phones. :)
  5. Working on lights.
  6. hi. i tried the brickcontroller 2 last month and still didnt get it to find my Sbricks :/ tried to update it and even try on another phone.
  7. mortil

    new Sbrick app programmable with Blockly

    Holy shit :P this looks sweet. Can it be made so i get a soft acceleration on a sertain channel ? in that case it could be a great app for my crane as i want to have a soft start but the top speed of the motor this to prevent too much swing in the containers.
  8. Im not Building a Container vessel as this will be one part of a Communitybuild. A friend is building a part of a container vessel (he calculated that it would need to be 5.8m long to have the same proportions as the crane . and that is just a NO. :P So he will build a part of the ship :)
  9. So. this weekend i was at an exhibition and took the crane with me (just to see how hard it was to tear down and build up) all worked great and it worked better then i thought. some pictures. And yes. a video of it working. (will remove the IR and implement Sbrick instead) Video
  10. Video of it in front of the real helicopter Functioning This is so damn sweet. had it at an exhibition this weekend. and the airforce museum we where at have the only CH-46 that is allowed to fly in the nordic countries. they want to borrow my model for their upcoming HKP4 exhibition :) Feels sweet :)
  11. Some progress with the functions on the crane. Video of the cradle moving Video 1 Sorry for me talking Swedish. But it shows some of the machinery and technics around the crane. Video 2 Trying it with my half finished Mack
  12. Im working on a STS Crane. Ive got it stable so it aint wobbly as hell . (my gf thoght it was good enough to hang our laundry on it.. WTF!) Working out the driving of the carridge for the boom right now. The Cable spools is down by the legs on the real deal. but i will put them up at the end/back of the boom to make sure stoff dont screw up. I need to order more liftarms and panels to get everything in the colors i want and not 15 different. (this is being made now and then) oh yes. it also have wheels and driving for the whole thing at the base inside the leg structure. Think its about 1.5m tall and 1.8m long
  13. Test to lift twice as long container. works good. Kind of done :)
  14. Maybe because i am terrible at taking progress shots. :P
  15. Thanks. i got a tip about this contest. never been in a contest before. if i had been more observant and seen the contest i should had made more of a build thread i think (im very bad at those things)