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  1. I'll do it soon and I will post here (: I still have not had the opportunity to try it outside, I think the real performances will be visible only there.
  2. Full Album: Specifics: 4x L Motors RWD (Geared Up 1.2x) Full Independent Suspensions 6x Shock Absorbers 2x AA Battery Box 2x V2 IR Receivers Frontal Led Lights Differential Weight: 1250g (with batteries) The Idea is to create an Heavy-Weight Buggy with good performances using no expensive pieces (Buggy Motors, SBrick..). The final speed is acceptable, the torque has some difficulties in uphill but for the plain is sufficient, and the maximum speed is reached quickly. I called it Fury Road because it reminds me so much the style of Mad Max vehicles. I know it's a little be "naked" but I like it in this way. I putted in it some lateral exhaust pipes, a little spoiler, a cabin and some lights to improve the aesthetics. I tried to put the IR receivers in a position that seems a big engine that comes out. Hope you like it! ;)
  3. Hi Madoca, I was inspired by your creation and I'm trying to buy something similar. It's my first creation and I know I don't have the skill to buy something as complex as yours, but I think that trying to emulate your model (at least the chassis-engine-steering) will be a challening but very educational task. I know that L motors are not very powerful, and their speed is not the speed that I wold in my model. Then I'm trying to replicate the way you are connecting the 4 L motors, but gearing up them in a factor 1:1,6 instead as 1:1 like yours. Can you please judge the way I connected them? I used four 20-tooth gears connected directly to the L motors, giving transmission to four classical 12-tooth bevel gears, two for every wheel, like yours; creating then a gearing up of 12:20. Tires are maybe too little compared to the body (Lego technic 8437 Off Road Future Car) but they are the only I actually have. All advices are well accepted! Thank you! Detail 1:
  4. The Madoca's Buggy 2 is so cool! I'll be very happy if my first creation will be something like this. Can I get the parts I need to make something similar from the 42037 Off-Roader? Then i should buy 2 L motors, 1 servomotor and SBrick, right? With some led lights it will be perfect. Using 2 separate motors for the rear wheels will not cause the buggy to not go straight? The battery box seems different from the actual in the PF Set, will it be mountable and easily removable also if it's bigger?
  5. The 8081 is nice! But it costs 3 times the 42037, and I think it's a little too big for achieving good speed performances. The idea is to create a vehicle as compact as possible, a little overpowered comparing to its dimensions, in order to have some fun driving it, as well as building it (:
  6. Ok, I understand. L motor have more speed but less torque than the XL, then it's better for RC race and off-road cars. In alternative, if I buy an XL motor, can I play with gears to reduce the torque and increase the speed? Another alternative can be buy 2 L engines, and connect them with a central gear (as I saw in some pictures). Will it fit in the 42037? I have no problem removing the fake engine, the only thing that concerns me is that the final result will be esthetically acceptable, but my main concern is about performance (and a good steering system). With SBrick I can probably control both engines with the same virtual analogical input, right?
  7. Hi all. I'm asking for some advices from experts. I am into lego technic "standard" constructions from a few years, now I want to enter in the world of modding and make some custom creations. I love electric models, speed and the "mechanical engineering" behind LTechnic. I also know the existence of SBrick and I love the idea and I want to support them. Then i think that a good start can be the motorization of an existing model, adapting it to power function, engine, steering and SBrick. I am thinking about buying the 42037 Off Roader or maybe the 42039 LeMans Race Car. I have an old (10-15 years old) offroader, I can disassemble it and get some parts from it, mabye. So I think I'm going to buy: - SBrick - XL Engine (I know it's a bit overpowered but I want to create a speedy car and reuse the engine for future creations) - Servomotor - Power Functions - 42037: Formula Off Roader OR 42039: 24 Hours Race Car Is it a good way to start? I need something else important?