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  1. LegoTFGuy

    Minecraft 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    Been playing a lot of Minecraft lately and trying to think what the next wave might look like. At some point we'll likely see some sets based on the Village and pillage update. I'm willing to bet there will be a smaller one that represents a raid and larger one of a Pillager Outpost. Would be great if they could slip a new Iron Golem in one of them, seeing how it's been some time since we've gotten one. It would also be a good chance to make some of the new Villager skins. They could make a Bamboo Jungle set with pandas. Not really sure about the main build though. perhaps some kind of player-made Panda habitat? Since they've already made a head mold for the Ocelot, it wouldn't be too difficult to make some of the new cat skins. They still haven't made a set of the Desert Temple, either. Once 1.15 has been out for awhile we'll probably see a $20 sized set of a Bee farm, much like the Wool Farm and Chicken Coup.
  2. LegoTFGuy

    Disney CMF - Wishlists

    After giving it soms thought here's a new proposal for series 3: 1. Goofy 2. Pluto with dog dish 3. Pete 4. Lilo with Scrumpt doll 5. Cruella DeVille with Patch 6. Kuzco (human) with palace plans 7. Yzma with poison bottle 8. Zurg using new robe piece and new mold gun 9. Mira (from the Buzz Lightyear cartoon) 10. Milo with map (Atlantis) 11. Kida with crystal (Atlantis) 12. Launchpad (Ducktales) 13. Gizmoduck 14. Darkwing Duck 15. Mowgli with Bagheera (existing painter repaint) 16. Baloo with Khan 17. Classic Pete 18. Sorcerors Apprentice Mickey
  3. My initial response to hearing about how crappy the new Doc Ock figure is "It can't be THAT bad. What is it- clunky, awkward arm builds?" Then I actually saw the photos. You guys are right, that's awful. The new Carnage and Sandman figures, on the other hand, look pretty fantastic.
  4. With Mister Negative having such a big part in the PS4 Spider-Man game one has to wonder if LEGO will slip him into a set next year to cash in, like what they did with Suicide Squad.
  5. LegoTFGuy

    Purist Superhero Figures

    Came into this thread to ask about parts for Mister Negative, seems I was beat to the punch. I think that for his face at least we'd need a specially made print, because Garmadon almost works but is a bit too detailed. And who knows, maybe LEGO will put him in a set next year to cash in on the game. Good call with Beetlegeuse's torso, though.
  6. Those sets are looking great so far! Was hoping Ultrakitty would be $20, but with the addition of the Duplo Monster $30 doesn't seem too bad. Wish we had gotten part counts though. Interesting how the three they've revealed covers most of the pieces form the trailer that are obviously going to be sets- I wonder what else is in store? That sounds MUCH more reasonable.
  7. LegoTFGuy

    Purist Superhero Figures

    Thanks! I completely agree that it's weird they haven't made that version of Cyborg, since he's the only one without a Teen Titans variant.
  8. LegoTFGuy

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours, Speculation & Discussion

    When people say 'resembles' they usually mean 'It's obviously not a perfect match or even intended to be a match at all, but it's close enough for me and my personal collection'.
  9. May I just say that I love the Avatar you've picked. Lego brand in the style of Autobrand and Deceptibrand. (The in universe name for the faction logos.) You know I just had a crazy idea Toa Mata Tahu's Hau in this style. May have to do it.

    1. LegoTFGuy


      Heh, thanks. It was a personal logo I made based on my sigfig awhile ago. And yeah, an Autobrand-style Hau would look awesome!

  10. LegoTFGuy

    Purist Superhero Figures

    I'm really liking the new Cloak and Dagger series, so I quick whipped up some purist minifigures with parts I had on hand. I'm not happy with Dagger's weapon at all- I think one of the diamond shaped spear tips from Nexo Knights in transparent plastic would be perfect. LEGO Cloak And Dagger by BrickBotGuy, on Flickr Also, here's a Teen Titans Style Cyborg. It's literally just the Speed Force set Cyborg with a backwards torso and Syndrome's limbs and a gray hip piece, but it works well enough. LEGO Teen Titans Style Cyborg by BrickBotGuy, on Flickr
  11. LegoTFGuy

    LEGO® Ideas 21311 Voltron

    Whoops, sorry, didn't think of that. I edited my post to add spoiler tags, you might want to edit the quote in yours also.
  12. LegoTFGuy

    LEGO® Ideas 21311 Voltron

    Oh yeah, Legendary Defender Zarkon and his mech have great designs that would look awesome in a set. The same goes for his son Lotor, who
  13. LegoTFGuy

    LEGO® Ideas 21311 Voltron

    Ah, that's a good point. I'd buy the heck out of those. I actually had an idea some time back for a series of five sets, but instead of one lion per set the three smallest were Green, Yellow and Black, the 4th largest set was Blue and Red, and the largest was Zarkon's mech. That way buying them all would give you a complete Voltron and someone for him to fight.
  14. LegoTFGuy

    Purist Video Game Figures

    Bit of an old thread, but I wanted to share these purist TF2 figures I made. So far I've only been able to make them with yellow skin, with the exception of BLU Spy. Meet The (LEGO) Teams! by BrickBotGuy, on Flickr
  15. LegoTFGuy

    LEGO® Ideas 21311 Voltron

    Thanks for the behind the scenes info! Shame to hear about the hip joints. Maybe this will finally prompt LEGO to make some stronger ratchet joints.