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    film-free waterslide decals?

    Oops, sorry I'm so late to the party.. I can print extremely hi res images, onto most parts, including curved ones.. Of all the above companies, I have the highest quality machine.. Which is apparent in print results.. That being said, All uv prints will have some texture and grain to them, but to the eye it isn't that visible.. Photos however will bring it all out annoyingly.. If you wanna see more of my prints, you can check them out on Instagram :) @bricksanity_customs Thanks all
  2. Haha you guys are funny. So many false guesses here.. tree suit guy is from city range..i have it already. According to my good friend Austin, the guy who designs the cmf figures.. series 18 is going to be something very different. instead of being designed by just one person, this series was put together by a large group of people, all with their own input and ideas. Batman s2 in jan, series 18 April, and then more on the way. I'm very doubtful about a costume series.. the image floating around of a group of them isn't even by a LEGO employee.. Lol just to point out, NO store employee will know anything about upcoming series...
  3. Bricksanity

    [MOD] 42065 RC Tracked Racer

    Thanks Clive :) Hope you're well buddy
  4. Bricksanity

    [MOD] 42065 RC Tracked Racer

    Hi guys, Love these mods! I decided to custom print mine, and have just ordered some XL motors to give it more power. heres a few pics of mine
  5. Hi all, I'd like to share with you my latest custom set of figures. The Wayne Family. They were designed to match the minifigs in the paintings from LEGO batman movie trailers. Hope you like them
  6. Bricksanity

    The Wayne Family customs

    Thanks buddy :) They are digitally UV printed onto the parts :) The hair for Bruce's dad is from a German Football CMF figure - part number 23186 Young Bruce uses hair from the spooky boy CMF (although in the pic i had used a brown version) - part number 15500 Bruce's mum is the same hair part that the CMF lady oscar women has - part number 11256..
  7. I can do all of that except arms at the moment.. I'm still waiting on some jigs to be made for me to do arms properly.. I digital print
  8. Bricksanity

    Custom torso design tutorial

    I use illustrator to make all my designs and products. I've never used paint or corel draw to do it so I'm no use there.. I have a special template that I use to create my designs. The most important rule is to make everything 20% larger on a minifig torso compared to a real life outfit. So if someone has a badge on a shirt, make it 20% bigger on your design otherwise it won't print large enough to see. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask away, I'll gladly help out where I can
  9. Bricksanity

    [WIP] Galen Erso decals (now with face)

    I like it :) Just a small pointer, you may want to make the belt section slightly larger, otherwise it may be too small when applied to a figure torso..
  10. Hi all, I thought id share some pics of my latest Fun Prints and other tests. For the last few months i've been trying to do a new random fun print every day. so far i've only missed a couple of days where other commitments have taken priority. It's mostly figures of late, but there have been various other printed items from tiles to full vehicles. So, here we go :) (apologies in advance if the images are huge) Im always looking for feedback..both positive and negative lol.. Thanks for looking :) Edd
  11. Hi al, Thought id share some pics of all my different Lester variants that ive made. All the variants together Vintage Lester Day of The Dead Lester Christmas versions
  12. Bricksanity

    My custom Lester variants

    and a few more added :)
  13. Bricksanity

    I love Chrome figures!

    Hey, apologies for the dealy in response.. The deapool is available to buy from my website :)
  14. I've just struck a great partnership deal with a company i met at BRICK Live 2016. I can now get my grubby mitts on all manner of chromed LEGO figures and parts.. so I've been enjoying myself printing some chromed figures.. Looking for opinions, comments and suggestions for other designs that you'd love to see! Here's a few of the ones I've done so far. Thanks :)
  15. Bricksanity

    My latest Fun Prints and tests

    Ah yes, the golden knight one was just something i used on my sigfig..its not up for sale at all. The others were sent to me by customers and a friend to print..i wasnt aware they werent for use! Ill remove them from my site now, apologies to all involved for this. Ive not actually sold any of the air hostess, and only 2 of the spacemen ones to close friends, but in varying colours with slight alterations.. I never intended to steal anyones hard work, i know how long it takes to make a nice design :) Thanks for bringing it to my attention guys!
  16. Bricksanity

    My latest Fun Prints and tests

    thank you so much :) I do have a website, and facebook page.. not sure im allowed to put links here.. if you just search for bricksanity youll find me :) thanks again!
  17. Bricksanity

    I love Chrome figures!

    I have a digital UV printer, it prints directly onto the lego parts. Ive just started a great arrangement with a company that chromes the figures, so ive gone a bit chrome mad lol heres some new ones ;)
  18. Bricksanity

    I love Chrome figures!

    yeah, ive got a chrome iron man on the way ;) also, looking at doing a batman, fully chrome figure :) the classic space figures ive actually done before, but using a lego chrome not sure if im allowed to use the lego space logo though, so will need to look into that. The ones ive done so far ive designed from scratch myself, so i know im ok with them lol The lester one has been really popular, along with the regular version i do aswell..this one - Thanks for the other suggestions! ill look into those and see what i can come up with, i like the sound of a chrome R2D2! and Jango!
  19. Bricksanity

    My latest Fun Prints and tests

    Hey, I dont think i remember Blackstar.. But i recognise the Thunderr th ebarbarian :) Ill see what i can do buddy thanks for the kind words, much appreciated :)
  20. Bricksanity

    Print on heads

    Hey bud, I am a brick printer in the UK :) I can happily help you out with any printing you need? I won't post links here of course but you are welcome to pm me :)
  21. Bricksanity

    Ideas for a CMF Advent Calendar

    I love all of these! If you are interested in having some printed onto lego parts, I'd be happy to work something out for you :)
  22. Bricksanity

    My latest Fun Prints and tests

    Hey, Apologies for the delay in response. I have a digital UV printer. It allows me to print directly onto the parts. It prints on pretty much anything to be honest, as long as it's not too curved. It's a lot of fun and has been brilliant for loads of projects throughout the last year. Lol, yeah I love my He-Man figure:) I wasn't sure many people would remember Bravestarr lol
  23. Bricksanity

    My latest Fun Prints and tests

    Thanks bud, yeah thats been a popular item :) i love how it actually turns too :)
  24. Bricksanity

    Places for custom printing

    hi all, i also do custom printing in the UK my website is at all custom work undertaken, from a single tile print, to a fully custom minifigure.
  25. Bricksanity

    Hello from BrickSanity

    Hi everybody, Just wanted to say a quick hello and introduce myself. My name is Edd and I own and run removed Looking forward to helping people finish their MOC's off with that special touch, and hopefully making new friends in the Lego community. Thanks, Edd