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  1. UPDATE: January 10, 2020 Version 3 Renforced side panels Updated cockpit redesigned astromech compartment reinforced structure and frame in fuselage My X-Wing Studio Gallery and Download Page or try My Bricksafe X-Wing Version 3 Download Page T-65 Incom X-Wing Version 3 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr T-65 Incom X-Wing Version 3 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr T-65 Incom X-Wing Version 3 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr T-65 Incom X-Wing Version 3 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr T-65 Incom X-Wing Version 3 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr T-65 Incom X-Wing Version 3 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr T-65 Incom X-Wing Version 3 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr UPDATE: December 6, 2019 NEW DESIGN: 2019 All new fuselage Updated Gearbox Updated Engine Design Display Stand Updated Landing Gear New Retractable Landing Gear Option UPDATE: December 5, 2019 Finalized the design. See page 6. UPDATE: December 4, 2019 Finished a new digital rendering with stronger wings and a better working gearbox. Added a new nose and incorporated a streamlined fuselage made of panels instead of tiles. See page 6. Final photos will come once i have the parts and build the new model. I will update the white x-wing and make it a newer model. Maybe turn it into a new Red 1. The gray model will serve as Red 5. OLD DESIGN: 2016-2018 With all the beautiful X-Wings out there how could I even begin to consider putting up another one? I gathered Gray Mouser, Inthert, Psiaki, and dmaclego ideas and fortunately Gray, Psaiki and Inthert had instructions on how they mastered their structures. My adventurer began as I saw Gray mold his own version out of Inthert's beautiful design. The largest question in my mind was how could I modify Mouser's design to fit the correct height and shape of the Fuselage and cockpit to ILM's officially licensed EFX model. I then got specs from Nexus Models on how he was able to grab the original parts from various out of production models in which ILM originally kit bashed into making their X-Wings for A New Hope. The goal was simple, modify Mouser's design into a nice profile shot for the main fuselage body. The hardship and difficulty in doing so made me rethink how the nose and body held together with LEGO bricks. After 50 hours or so I ended up with a gutted shell and parts that I scrapped entirely. I decided to keep a nod to all that was before me and build my version with the intention that the shape had to represent the ILM model. Nose: The nose is quite similar to those before, but modified inside to attach to the body so it no longer hangs. Tube: The tube going to the cockpit had to be strong enough and able to withstand the attached sides that make up the outer skin. Cockpit: Bring back some of the angles from the model. I wish LEGO made a canopy that actually curved the correct way. We all do. I am planning on making my own by fusing canopy pieces together and using my old modeling tools. For the time being, the slope in the back (45 degree) angle will work for now, but I want it to come forward 1 peg to where his helmet is. I also want to stretch out the canopy 1 peg towards the front, making it 8 bricks long. Right now, I built my model to fit both. Astromech: Technicaly R2 should be half a brick back, but that minor detail would screw a ton of other stuff up. I included 2 tops for the fuselage. One more for display, the other with the ability to hold an entire astromech droid with its legs. Motor/Crank Wing attachments: Everybody used a 6 or 7 brick long gap to hold the wings in the fuselage body. The model cutout called for a 8 brick long gap. This worked out better since I needed the space to house my gears. I decided to run the gear towards the back since the actual model and cross section models all claim that is where the main X-wing motor is. Makes sense. I decided to use the same. Wings: The engines needed to be 1 plate longer in the front and this gave me more space to fix some internal strength issues. Landing Gear: Included in the LDD. If you wan to gut out the bottom inside the engine you could actually house the landing gear in it. I did it but didn't like it. You can also gut out the front where the landing gear goes behind the nose. I tried it with a simple few minutes and it works, but be warned. This compromises the structure holding the nose. Belly: I hate that there isn't enough angle, pieces. The curved bottom should be straight and I think LEGO needs a 2 plate height line of slopes. From 2x2, 2x3, 2x4, etc. Cargo Bay: I made it able to hold a few brick boxes. The Hasbro toy and may lego toys place a small cargo hold behind the chair. My thought is, they didn't want to gut out the bottom to place the cargo bay where its suppose to be, where the slope is under R2. I decided to make the cross section accurate and keep the cockpit with the life support in-between the pilot and R2. Cross Section Details: I loved Inthert's concept of showing internal components. Having the cross section model in front of me I decided to do the same, but this time making it closer to Lucasfilm's version. I decided to take out stuff that didn't affect the strength of it and make cross section parts. The nose has some details as seen in the official Star Wars X-Wing Cross Section, the tube and cockpit has approximately the same sorta internal components. I also added details in the laser tubes, wing engines and such to make sure the cross section was accurate to my model's ability. Colors: I love buying new parts, but this projects begs for used and old parts. The more weathered the better. I also indicated in several of my LDD model old gray and old dark gray to add to the texture. I think the yellowed and random off white shades mixed with the light bluish gray, dark bluish gray, gray and dark gray will really enhance the piece. Printed parts and stickers: I may cover some of the stripes area up with white sticker sheet extras to make the striped thinner and more accurate. I plan on decorating the cockpit out with LEGO star war stickers from other kits. I found some cool button patterns i can cut into shapes for the cockpit. We have more than a decade of Star Wars LEGO sets to choose from. so many options for buttons! Strings and Bands: Just like Inthert, I love the idea of adding extra depth to the piece. I want to try his idea of bands and string to get wires and tubes in there. Baseplate: Since the ship is about 49-50 bricks long I think I will create a small diorama hanger on a 32x32 or 48x48 baseplate. Have not decided whether I want to do a hanger or prop it up and have it fly over the Death Star trench. I want to build one of the great Tie-Fighters I see on here and definitely plan on doing a Trench for that.
  2. cehnot

    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    I learned a hard lesson using that stand. My x-wing fell forward and crashed onto the floor. I didn't account for all the weight in the front of the ship. Either I need to use axles through the entire stand running into the ship or thicken the stand and add technic bricks with reinforced lift arms. I am redesigning the peg and stick portion of the stand to account for this mishap. The good news I found out how durable the vehicle is falling from a 4ft drop. The ion cannons flew off, 2 jet engines fell off and all 4 thrusters, the side panels broke where they connect to plates and the nose came off. The frame and side panels from the torpedo holes to the rear of the ship stayed together. The ship can be held in front of the windscreen. I have done thin plenty of times while building the model. I grabbed it from this area when doing the photography and repositioning it on its thrusters. The ship can be swooshed just fine. I tested it this. If you do recreate a turbulence effect then expect the ion cannons to fall off of my design in the photos. The old boxy ion cannons seen in my Studio file are solid and do not fall off as much.
  3. Tim Burton created one of the most beautiful set and vehicle designs on screen in this film. The challenge for me is coming up with a version much smaller than my first version. The idea was to have a more slender profile, while maintaining the shape in LEGO parts. My older design on rebrickable is based on a 12 wide design, and a second model based on a 10 wide design. So many people have approached this car and I didn't want to make it look any of their designs. Lucas makes some of best vehicles in his Batman collection and each one is scaled at 1:43 perfectly matching 1 stud to every foot. I am always amazed how he does this with each vehicle. I work in a bit larger scale, 1:35-1:40 range. This gives me more flexibility and still feels in scale to other models out there. Like most my other vehicles this car features an internal structure. This time, I have tried to recreate the turbine engine as well as the front cylinder engine. This car does fit 1 minifig and has plenty of places to add on other features such as a grappling hook, turntable, gun turrets, and the side wings. With this said, I present to you my newest version of the 1989 car. Batmobile 1989 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Batmobile 1989 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Batmobile 1989 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Batmobile 1989 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Batmobile 1989 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Batmobile 1989 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Batmobile 1989 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Batmobile 1989 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Batmobile 1989 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Batmobile 1989 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Batmobile 1989 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Batmobile 1989 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr If you would like to build this model: Check out my Studio Page and Download Link
  4. cehnot

    Tim Burton's 1989 Batmobile

    Thanks. I modeled my car off the Sideshow Hot Toys car proportions. The real car fins only add 11.5 inches to the body above the rear tail light. When you lay the car over the lego model it actually doesn't go back as far as you may think. I understand what you are saying. I think the fact I am using a cheese slope for my third fin makes it stick out too far and the fins look shorter. The blueprints online are not accurate. They were heavily modified during production and The Hot Toys car is The only accurate model since they took the specs off the production car. If you had another solution to the fin I would gladly swap it out. Ideally I need a curved slope that is 1x6. Another solution I wish I could figure out is the rear wheel placement. In order to fit it inside those slopes I needed to keep it half a stud forward. If LEGO had those 1x3 curved slopes with a stair step stud I could move the wheel. The wedge plates work okay flipped the other way as well, but it was flipped because I wanted that circular design on top. If they had all the wedge plates as tiles I wouldn't even consider this idea. The smooth tile effect could work if people used modified tiles or flip the side wall to fit a 1x4 tile, but then you lose the inner angle. If you had another solution I would be glad to try it. If we also had more slope options I would try those. Lucas used curved slopes to solve this issue and I would have tried a similar solution had these parts been available in tiles or regular slopes. I chose the top view to help determine my shape and parts. That wedge plate fits perfectly on the side panel and connects to the right angle I needed. Other people have spent a lot of time doing this car. Lucas created the best 21 stud long model. He makes all his cars equal 1 stud to a foot. I like his collection a lot. He crams a bunch of stuff into those models. I just like my larger scale a bit since I worked on my Delorean. That model made me decide the larger scale since I couldn't figure out how to get the car smaller than 15.5 studs long. Once I figured out it was about 1:35 to 1:40 scale I decided to model every vehicle to that proportion.
  5. cehnot

    [MOC] 1966 Batmobile

    Beautiful design. I am glad you decided to scale it larger than other models in your fleet. The slight size increase makes this set work well. You fit a ton of stuff inside the cockpit and add this to my collection.
  6. cehnot


    Batskiboat by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Batskiboat by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Batskiboat by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Batskiboat by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Batskiboat by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Batskiboat by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr The Batskiboat is iconic, sleek and quite durable. This vehicle can hold a minifig and fits within my batman collection quite well. The shape and size of the vehicle is based on a 1:35-1:40 scale like all my vehicles. If you would like to download this file, feel free to see my Studio page https://www.bricklink.com/v3/studio/design.page?idModel=110367Batskiboat Studio Page and Download Link
  7. cehnot

    Tim Burton's 1989 Batwing

    Batwing 1989 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Batwing 1989 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Batwing 1989 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Batwing 1989 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Batwing 1989 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Batwing 1989 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Batwing 1989 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Batwing 1989 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr If you want to see a few more photos, check out my flickr page. The cockpit fits 1 Batman minifig. I also built a simple turbine engine inside the main structure. The design is slightly larger than the bat mobile by 3 studs because I chose to make the ship as close to the movie as possible, focusing on the bat symbol. The vehicle should actually be 3 feet shorter than the batmobile. If you want to build this vehicle, feel free to see my Studio page Tim Burton's 1989 Batwing Studio Page
  8. cehnot

    Penguin's Duck Car

    Penguin's Duck Car by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Penguin's Duck Car by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Penguin's Duck Car by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Penguin's Duck Car by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Penguin's Duck Car by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Batman Returns features 3 iconic vehicles: Batmissle, batskiboat, and this lovely duck car. The proportions and size are based on the fact it is suppose to be about 40% the size of the Batmobile. This vehicle features sliding duck wing doors.
  9. cehnot

    Tron Legacy Display

    Tron Legacy Display by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Tron Legacy Display by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Tron Legacy Display by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Tron Legacy Display Base by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Tron Legacy Light Cycle by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Tron Legacy Light Cycle by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Tron Legacy Light Cycle by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Tron Legacy Light Cycle by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Tron Legacy Light Cycle by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Tron Legacy Light Cycle by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Tron Legacy Display Base by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Tron Legacy Display Base by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Tron Legacy Display Base by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Tron Legacy Display Base by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Tron Legacy Display Base by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Tron Legacy Display Base by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr Feel free to see all my other flicker images on my photostream. Tron Legacy Display Base and Light Cycles Each light cycle uses 74 parts to form the sleek design. The models feature the double circular engine, a quick release for the minifies and Tron sticks, and a smaller design contouring the body. The display bade features a modular structure easy to swap out other elements or add your own. The basic structure gives you a base for the light cycles, the ability to convert it into a bus stop seen in the Tron Legacy video game, a removable "Tron" logo shaped loosely based on Clu's aircraft carrier seen at the end of the film, and a wall with he number "2" on it. There are a few studs on top to place Quorra. The Billboard display is designed to disconnect from the main frame and act as a bus terminal covering. Customizable parts, easy to expand this whole structure into a battle scene or Grid games. If you want to build your own, feel free to download the file: Check Out the Studio Gallery and Download Page!
  10. cehnot

    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    I present my version 3 photography. T-65 Incom X-Wing Version 3 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr T-65 Incom X-Wing Version 3 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr T-65 Incom X-Wing Version 3 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr T-65 Incom X-Wing Version 3 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr T-65 Incom X-Wing Version 3 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr T-65 Incom X-Wing Version 3 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr T-65 Incom X-Wing Version 3 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr T-65 Incom X-Wing Version 3 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr T-65 Incom X-Wing Version 3 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr T-65 Incom X-Wing Version 3 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr T-65 Incom X-Wing Version 3 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr T-65 Incom X-Wing Version 3 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr T-65 Incom X-Wing Version 3 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr T-65 Incom X-Wing Version 3 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr T-65 Incom X-Wing Version 3 by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr
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    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    I realized Bricksafe needs a page to select. It should link to the page to download the file from now. DOWNLOAD VERSION 3 X-WING HERE ALSO, Visit my Studio Gallery if you cannot find the download page: My Studio X-Wing Version 3 Gallery
  12. cehnot

    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    DOWNLOAD VERSION 3 FILE HERE I successfully rebuilt the x-wing. I plan on taking some photos soon. The Version 3 file has been updated. What does the new version fix? Stronger side panels Fixed connections I forgot to include to side panels (several ares did not connect to the ship at all) Reinforced cockpit Redesigned R2 Compartment area to connect the side panels tot he main structure. New reinforced nose connection Stronger frame and internal structure Finalized cutaway x-wing parts I admit, the area where the life support is probably one of my better solutions. By flipping the 1 stud hinge upside down and sticking a cut hose inside 2 reversed round plates with holes you get a strong hold, but also used 2 modified plates with clips on both sides. One set flipped upside down with the hinge plate. They are connected to two other clips via 1 stud long 3mm cut hoses. This whole new Cockpit and Astromech area keeps the high at the right height to connect to the side panels without forcing them downward like my last version. Right behind the seat you can see some clips (2 on each side). Add a 1 stud long 3mm hose to secure connection. Behind the seat you will find 4 1x1 round plates with holes flipped on top of each other. Add a 1 stud long 3mm hose inside them to keep them together. The photo below shows 4 red hoses to mark where you need to place the cut hose to secure the sections mentioned above.
  13. As I begin my long journey building Hangar 7 I discovered many small details along the way. Several people have attempted to build Echo base and I congratulate each one making them quite unique and a monumental feat. When Studying production stills, movie stills, maps, layouts, and blueprints I discovered how difficult building the base was for the film crew. They only had the space available at Pinewood Studios and it forced them to create a smaller hangar than they wanted. The EA Battlefront games help shape the base in a 3d environment, staying true to the basic map, but take many creative liberties in developing the rebel base. The most troubling fact is the film didn't have space to build a gate that would fit the Millennium Falcon through it as it escapes. The film tries to use forced perspective on the hanger art and matte paintings to help with this issue. The studio hangar doors actually barely fit an X-wing through it, let alone the falcon. The film fools the viewer into thinking its much larger as the falcon escapes. For more production stills to share with, check out this person's flickr page Service Gantry Echo Base The issues I have building an accurate Hangar 7: 1. Entrance door is way too small 2. The left side of the hanger is barely seen in the film and does not accurately follow the blueprints. They originally proposed to have 4 smaller snow speeder hangar ports, but due to budget, and the need to get film equipment in and out they chose to create 3 pillars with wider ports. The film used matte paintings to fix this when Han, Leia and C3po were escaping from the Snowtroopers. 3. The falcon is built at only 70% of its original size making the studio layout not fit with a proportional falcon. 4. The hangar is way too small to fit the realistic proportions for X-Wings and T-47 snow speeders. 5. How am I suppose to build a rotunda that also funnels up like a cone? In order to accommodate the UCS Millennium Falcon shape and size I had to extend the hangar further south, which widens the doors. My basic layout makes the base taller to fit the Falcon, but I also had to widen the entrance to fit the large steel doors and have the falcon slip through it. The entrances is huge, but hopefully it is not too bad. The film does show a huge hangar 7 entrance as they prep for war. The other issue is Battlefront decided to make the hangar a third longer to give it a sense to space. While I agree with many of their decisions to add the maintenance hangar and snow speeder hangar areas as seen in the cross section maps made by Lucasfilm, I feel that they went a bit overkill on the hangar size and should have widened the door. Even their door doesn't fit the Falcon. How did it get inside? My initial thought is to lay out the entire hangar on 48 stud baseplates. This way I can build one at a time and create a modular system. The floorpans: I chose to make a creative decision to bring back the 4 smaller speeder hang ports. I played Battlefront 2 enough to see why they made the hangar longer. If you add a 1/3, this makes the bottom 4 snow speeder ports separate. They basically kept the one closest to the falcon, then pulled the other three right about the length of the x-wing. I guess they felt that you need more of a runway? I also looked at the cross section map, and the Battlefront 2 map and realized that in order to have a hangar for the T-47 speeders, you would need more than the layout I did based on the cross section, unless they had speeders hiding in the maintenance hangar on the top area. In the game you can walk through the top of the hangar 7 into another room where X-wings sit, there is a turbo lift to a subsection (not accessible in game) but in the Lucasfilm cross section you can see how this works. Also in Battlefront, if yo continue walking up passed the maintenance X-Wing hangar you will enter the Y-Wing Bomber hangar with a smaller hangar entrance door. This should be Hangar 6. Hangar 5 and 4 are seen in Battlefront 1. The green bricks at the entrance shows you how wide the falcon is. The dark gray bricks show you how wide the Metal doors come into the entrance. So, the falcon doesn't fit again. I could widen the entrance and bring the whole hangar down a bit to fit the falcon, but i feel like the whole hangar already is beginning to become too square shaped. The light gray baseplates are 5x3 (48 studs each). Now that I have a layout roughed in, I also did a lot of extensive equipment research. Based on movie stills and Battlefront I was able to build the crates, computer terminals, power generators, and even lights. Light Fixtures: The 2 black ones are the same overhead lights, frankly I like the narrow ones but the bottom does not fit 4 round plates across. I did like how the new curved corners work to help arch the sides. The Hourglass light is seen quite easily next to the falcon, there are a dozen or so surrounding it. The last two are ground lights. I think I will keep the left one. The Service Gantry I have never seen one try to be accurate before. This will require a lot of hose cutting and shaping to fit the top correctly. The Gantry is based on a 31 stud long by 5 studs wide platform. I based this solely on my T-65 X-Wing proportions. This is accurate to the blueprints in size, length and height. Power Generators: The far left one has a more accurate proportion, but too tall, the second one fits minifies better. The third, fourth, and fifth generator is the same model. I tried to figure out what she and shape it should be. I prefer the two I can fit hoses inside. The only difference is the air canister build on the side. Some photos on the set show it next to it, others don't show one at all, my guess there are 2 different ones sitting around the falcon and x-wing. The last big bertha sits in front of the Falcon, behind the x-wing. Computer stations Based on photos, they should all be sand blue, but LEGO hasn't come out with many parts I need for it, so Dark Grey will be used. My only complaint is the wedge terminal on the right. This should be the same height as the box. I don't know what else to do to keep the proportions and shape correct. Personal Vertical Boom lift After making this model, 3 parts are not available in Orange. What a drag. Looks great though. Shipping crates The large shipping crate on the left is seen all over the Battlefront games. I cannot find a picture anywhere in the hangar showing it. I assume its there, but not on camera. All the rest are based on the crates sitting in photos and EA Battlefront 1 and 2 games. I welcome anybody else to add their own equipment ideas and designs in this thread. I know the next topic I battle is scaffolding, ceiling fixtures, and air ducts.
  14. cehnot

    The Journey back to Echo Base

    I did extensive research on this in my hanger bay topic. The hanger is 3 bays long and the set was too. Falcon sits in front of one. best scene to see the bat is when chewy is on top of the falcon and Han yells at him while fixing stuff. They built everything and there are references from official schematics showing the bay is 3 short bays that are long, and 2 tall ceiling bays where they held the speeders. I Will admit the games over the years changed it a lot. I did a whole topic for people on Eurobricks about the hanger bay proportions and what George Lucas actually intended it to be for the film. Hope this helps you.
  15. Boy does that move quickly. Before you fill the area in i suggest taking a bunch of photos and list out the parts for people.
  16. cehnot

    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    I finished the wings and engines. Worked on the gearbox and rear body. The side panels need reworked. I realize now I need to fix things. At some point I deleted critical parts to attach the plates that fit in the panels. These plates had 2 connection points before I built an internal frame and I must have hid them to work on other areas. The frame inside the front side panels may need to go away in order to properly connect them. My file has been updated, but I am not going to release it until I am quite happy with the updates. The new wing structure works better than my original. I modified the gearbox to use a thicker gear because of loose parts shifting inside I only had to raise it 1 brick to get a fatter gear to fit. This did not affect the size or shape. I had plenty of space to make adjustments. I will share photos of the WIP later this week if I solve the side panels. still waiting for parts to complete the side panels. Made 9 different orders and missing 4. Fortunately I ordered things based on sections so I could build each area and modify it as I need. The file does contain new changes and solutions such as a more detailed internal engine area below and behind the r2 unit seen in the cutaway drawings.
  17. I received an email announcing Bricklink is changing their Intellectual Property policy on their Studio program. I do not sell instructions and all my designs are IP, but I do allow people to download the file. How will this affect the community? With almost 20,000 creations on Studio gallery does this mean that it will reverberate harsh legal suits to those on other platforms like Rebrickable? I do not understand the issue with giving away free files on their platform since it has now become a quite easy place to post and get a parts list.
  18. Both chrome dealers inventory were taken down today.
  19. Logged into Bricklink and they have an updated terms and conditions to sign. Please read section 8 carefully. They changed the whole designer section rules for designs and uploading files. I am not sure if they refer to instructions as the PDF, digital steps or actual just the digital file.
  20. cehnot

    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    I will probably start transferring everything to that place from now on. That is a good idea. Back on topic...parts are shipping to me now. I have 5 different orders coming. I grouped other designs into my orders (stand, torn display, etc) so it may be a few weeks until I sort through the parts and put them in different bags and container boxes for various projects.
  21. cehnot

    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    I may have to host my files to download elsewhere. I got a notification from Bricklink stating that all my designs are IP and will be converted to display only. I do not sell my designs so I find this one of the first signs LEGO will alter the Bricklink purchase. If you have suggestions I will gladly listen.
  22. cehnot

    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    I need to go back to your thread and look at those again. It's been since May or June I think. I will check out those parts. I will also go back to the last 6 pages to see if I need to read over comments and such I may have missed when building v2. That was a great reminder.
  23. cehnot

    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    I ordered a bunch of old grey colors. I am going to fix my white model and mix in old light gray with the new grey. I think I will also look into some of the newer pale colors now available. I used sand blue on my updated Delorean model (need to take photos) and I like it. I think it will work better if people use it with gray x-wings. I did order a bunch of used old white pieces. Not sure what I will get. I want it aged. You did see my V1 flickr model right? The cannons are round. The file uses the LEGO design people like. I cannot figure out how to show it in Studio. The goal is to keep the streamline approach I used here and incorporate other color elements in it. I am glad that I took a ton of photos before I took it apart to build the new one. Looking forward to fixing the ship. Parts were ordered last week. Flickr account
  24. cehnot

    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    Click Here to Download the Studio file 12-06-19 Final group shot of the Stud.io file The final shape Alternative Nose design originally from Mark Chan's X-wing design. I modded it to fit my ship. His nose is designed to be on a ship half a stud shorter in the tapering. He used brackets not plates to hold his panels. I think it works great on his ship, but feels too bulking on mine. The final file will include this option. Gear box and engine detail Like my first version I wanted to retain the depth inside the ship. I like the fact you see the engine parts and the gearbox. I added some grueling to it to make i look more robust. The pneumatic bar doesn't do anything practical. It helps hide the technique brick in the center of the gears. The display stand If you are like me you probably want to display your X-wing flying in attack mode. I am going to make a custom nameplate for the model. Maybe style it like the UCS models with total parts and such. Just looks great flying above it, doesn't it? What about a white option? Landing gear option 1 (non-retractable) The landing gear I prefer is similar to my v1 design where it connects onto the engine, but does not retract. The real full-size prop used in the moves have thick legs to support the weight. They do not fit inside my ship. I am sure you could hollow out the engine and place something similar inside, but you will lose the detailed undercarriage visible from the middle. I have shared photos of my V1 landing gear in the past so I will only share one picture of it. Landing gear option 2 (retractable) I did, however offer you a design with retractable landing gear by removing 8 parts in the engine and swapping it out with 6 new parts to house it inside the rear engines. Most of you may prefer the retractable option since its more playable. I cannot guarantee it will support the weight without a locking mechanism. I could be wrong. Jerec's design works well and I simply tried to build a similar idea for my model. Its smaller, but effective. I may not like using 45 degree slopes, but they look better than using the curved slopes. You can also see that I used a 4x3 slope on the outside. If they did all their slopes like they did with the 45 degree ones I would be able to maintain the same angle as the top. The front retractable landing gear slips up tot he front of the ship like the films and schematics. I included a 1x6 tile with a turntable top to connect onto the side panels to act like the trap doors are open. As you can see the rear landing gear feels tiny. I removed the 1x6 tile in the front so you can see the bar clip. The 1x tile is shown on the first landing gear option in the above photo. It makes the trap door effect seen in the films. I had to remove a 1x2 technique brick to get the plate inside the space. ___________________________________________________ Flickr (Final Photography) Bricksafe (WIP and Old Desgns) Stud.io (Gallery and download page)