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  1. Lucky-Ramses

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Are the instructions called with a purpose Skania?? Further he looks marvelous but the instructions are a bit pricey.
  2. I have it, but as you know there is a ban on that file because he is still selling the original instructions.
  3. Lucky-Ramses

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Thanks for the answer, not only me was wondering it is on thats why.
  4. Lucky-Ramses

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Hi it is for sail now by CustomBricks do you know that and is that ok by you, that is not in the sellers info.
  5. Lucky-Ramses

    LDD Gallery

    Sorry never did have any French on school. By the way i did have contact whit Lego Custumer Service about that and it is under investigation and waiting for an answer, hope it wiil be there any day now.
  6. Lucky-Ramses

    LDD Gallery

    Please in English
  7. Hi All I’m new here and i love the official Lego LDD files. I allready did find most off them on the net but the last ones were found here. I still have a huge gap in my files(arround 250), mainly the older ones. I have made the first 20 now by myself, started with Technic and the missing Classic Space. But there are a few LDD disigners not longer online and also there files are gone(download errors). Designers offline found by me, roamingstudio(31x)/ LDDtechnician(11x)/ zinfinion(86x) there are more of them offline. Does anybody now how to optain the .lxf files from them and host them ore do we have to make them again? I will try to make them that is not the problem but if they want to share them that would save me a lott of work. I will post my files if wanted but have to wait till brickshelf gives them free. Files ready by me, Classic space 6750, Work in progress 6780 Technic 8223 A+B/ 8229A/ 8236 A+B+C/8808A+B/ 8810A+B/ 8826A+B All have the normal problems with missing parts in LDD. Technic 3057 work in progress I have the instructions of the set.