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    Troll Castle

    It makes me think of some warhammer greenskin keep. The colors fit very well and the texturing is great... maybe even too great for my taste. I mean with all those rocks sticking outside the wall it looks a bit like if they couldn't build it straight...
  2. jakbar

    [MOC] The Golden Hall of Meduseld

    Fantastic! I'd love to see some more of Edoras built in similar style.
  3. jakbar


    Beautiful landscape and castle. Your army is impressive although I'm not sur they would all fit inside the keep
  4. jakbar

    [Moc] Black Falcons Castle

    Too simple and undecorated in my opinion. You've also used too many wall bricks. The interior looks ok and the vegetation is also pretty neat. I like the trebuchet.
  5. jakbar

    [MOC] Lava Citadel

    Yeah, I must agree that the flames would be really nice addition here. The tower itself looks great though, especilly the top. I aslo really like the bridge.
  6. Nice ship, it seems a bit blocky though. Couldn't You also add some more detail to the deck? It flat and undetailed. The smaller ship looks much better in my opinion. I really like the bollard on the quay, they add some detail to it.
  7. jakbar

    Review: 21127-1 The Fortress

    That's sad. Minecraft is an amazing game and I still play it sometimes. The idea of being able to create absolutely everything, sometimes on a huge scale is incredibly compelling. Sadly this doesn't translate well to LEGO as even though both are "blocky" LEGO has a completely different style and techniques. The outcome of the mix seems... ugly. I guess that in the game the indyvidual textures on blocks help a lot with breaking the "Big Grey Wall syndrome". To me it looks like some LEGO beginner's MOC. There are a lot of pieces that are useless beacause of the idea of making 6 builds in 1. Even the 3in1 creator sets were a bit too much for me but this? It's almost like a caricature! Instead of going for 1 or max 2 complete, well planned constructions they went for 6 with every single one of them being a complete utter mess! Ooooh that would be so cool, I can't even imagine all the creative possibilities I don't think it will ever happen though
  8. jakbar

    The Cormorant

    Cool ship. There are some cool ideas, especially the hull shape.
  9. jakbar


    There is some really great rockwork and landscaping. The windmill and the houses look amazing. I also like the crops, it seems like a really nice idea that I might even "borrow" some day.
  10. jakbar

    [MOC] Queer Lodgings...

    Absolutely beautiful! These walls look amazing! Why are there so many chimneys though?
  11. jakbar

    AoM Wall Phase 1: The Sorgheim Palisade

    Excellent work. It looks very realistic and well planned.
  12. jakbar

    [COR - FB] Lord Buckethead Mineral Co.

    Nice scene, there are some blocks that i find not fitting in very well though. For example the brown slab on the down right side of the last photo. I 'd like also this scene to have some more detailed terrain wth some rocks/bushes/sandy beach etc...
  13. jakbar

    [MOC] Modular Sushi Bar

    Amazing, the interior is so precise and detailed and the exterior looks also great. I love the vertical brick between the windows. I think that I might steal borrow this idea from You.
  14. I am not a great fan of MOC's with technic parts only (not my style I guess ), but this one looks actually very nice, only the hollow wings make it look a bit unrealistic...
  15. jakbar

    MOC Batman’s Mini Tumbler

    That's really cool and very detailed for a microscale MOC. It seems that it's a bit too large compared to its lenght though.
  16. jakbar

    Boba Fett

    Thats beautiful. I love the fact that someone has finally taken care of my favourite bounty hunter ever! The blaster is perfect!
  17. Nice smooth build although the street seems a bit too colorfull to me. I think the orange bricks don't fit in really well. Warehouse itself looks really nice, especially the roof.
  18. jakbar

    6276 Eldorado Fortress Micro

    Wow! That's a true microscale! I love the canons and the tree at the back. Only the flag looks a bit too big and tall compared to the rest though. Maybe a shorter pole would do the thing... What are the rocks made of?
  19. jakbar

    D-Day: SAURON!

    Yeah I'd love to see that
  20. jakbar

    D-Day: SAURON!

    Wow, it looks amazing! Why does Sauron wear grey armor though? Wasn't it black od dark grey at least? The helmet also looks a little bit too big... I understand that Sauron was like 3 meters tall in movies and You can't do that with minifigs, but right now it looks kinda caricatural. I guess nothing can be done about it, but it's still shame
  21. jakbar

    [MOC] Science Museum

    Fantastic! The interior looks absolutely amazing with all theese details. Even though it's a bit unreal I'd love to see someone build it...
  22. jakbar

    [Moc] Elves Castle

    Beautiful, I think that I like it better than the previous one. The balcony and the color pallet of the roof reminds me a bit of Rivendel . Was that intentional?
  23. jakbar

    [MOC] Defense of Crait

    Yeah I love the snakes too. The surface looks really amazing especially the trail behind.
  24. jakbar

    [MOC] Amager Resource Center

    Amazing! At first glance I wasn't able to tell what bricks did You use for the walls. They make beautiful effect. It's by far the biggest microscale MOC I have ever seen... and, most probably, one of the best!
  25. jakbar

    [MOC] Old Sewing Room

    Beautiful I love all the little details You've put in there. There is also plenty of interesting ideas like the use of doors as a piece of fabric.