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    Hello from The Netherlands

    Small update of my modular street (the Grand Emporium and my construction yard don't fit, as my cabinet is too small, haha) And just last night I finished this:
  2. Firebird

    [MOD] Palace Cinema XXXXL (WIP)

    Build a tablet computer into the wall.... real time moviescreen.... Amazing work. I think a music hall would be awesome. Big stage, lights, rockband.
  3. Firebird

    [MOC] Victorian House Modular

    I'm getting a real rural American feel with this one.... Dusty roads, fields of corn..... My only bit of critique would be that I'd have preferred the modular approach of detachable floors, and not the fold open style. But still, a great piece of work with lots of neat little details.
  4. Firebird

    [MOC] - Tatooine with UCS Slave I

    This is awesome!!!
  5. Firebird

    Porsche 917 (mod)

    The 917 is my alltime favorite racecar too, and you captured it very good in such a small scale. Great work.
  6. Firebird

    Hello from The Netherlands

    Removed the construction site, and placed the pet shop next to the Cinema. A small alley in between, where the fire exit of the Cinema is, and 2 large industrial street lights.
  7. Firebird

    Which modular set is the most rare?

    Pet Shop will probably be the rarest, and the most likely to be retired soon. But (for me personally) the most fun one to build is the Detective Office (followed by Parisian, Pet Shop and Cinema). Detective Office is a fun build with a lot of nice little details.
  8. Firebird

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I hope for just a normal shop, to keep the shopping street theme going. Or perhaps a dentist and a shop (DE/PS style). One request though: please, please, please not another corner building!!
  9. Firebird

    Hello from The Netherlands

    Thanks for the welcome. HiFish: I bought a second Cinema set just for this expansion. Just today the construction crew came in. I wonder what they will do
  10. Hello everyone, My name is Kenji, 41 year of age, and live in The Netherlands. I have played with Lego as a kid but forgot about it after puberty... The creative bug bit me again after seeing the new sets around while roaming a toy store looking for a present for my nephew. The first set I bought for myself was the UCS Super Star Destroyer. The modular buildings followed, along with several other Star Wars sets. And as far as MOCcing goes, so far I only did an expanson on the Palace Cinema, as I thought it was too small as standard. So I increased the seating, and in the lobby I added a cloakroom.