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About underredsky

  1. MOC: Japanese temple

    As I know, ancient Japanese structures prefered white and black rather than red .In fact, ancient Chinese liked red.
  2. REVIEW: 8110 Unimog U400

    Nice suspension. It can be used to build a real 4X4 off-roader.
  3. Medieval Fantasy World Collaboration

    It's really really amazing! Really shocked me!
  4. A Look at the Pirate Sets From 2009 -2010

    i can't see ur blog in china ,pity.
  5. i only concern how many pieces in 8081~more or less than 8070~
  6. the thought is so intense that the mobile truck is really really perfect set after reading ur review and 3ks~
  7. Review: 8129 AT-AT Walker

    best review i have ever seen.no joke____________from china
  8. Review: 8983 Vorox

    thanks for ur review.I almost can not find any reviews about bionicle in chinese lego forums because they are not so popular in china. what a pity~ 8983 is outstanding and ur review is interesting. it is better if the pic is clearer.