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  1. GalbynZ

    AT-AT MOC (plus-sized -- but not super big)

    Fantastic work man! And thanks to share for free! I'm building it and I will share the pictures as soon as I will complete it!
  2. GalbynZ

    [MOC] Mon Calamari MC35 Destroyer Escort

    I love it! Very nice work!!!
  3. GalbynZ

    [MOC] Star Wars Bobbleheads

    Very nice work! they are very funny and very detailed!
  4. GalbynZ

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I thing (and I hope ) we'll see a new UCS version for 2017!!
  5. GalbynZ

    [MOC] Rogue One - "secret room scene" (IDSMO-R3)

    Awesome!!! It's an amazing job you did! Congratulations
  6. GalbynZ

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    Nice for people (like me) that didn't buy a 10188 yet!
  7. GalbynZ

    [MOC] First Order Snowspeeder

    Thank you for sharing!!! Very fantastic MOC! I need this for my FO army! Thank you again!
  8. GalbynZ

    MOC: Mos Eisley Cantina

    Fantastic work, very detailed!!!
  9. GalbynZ

    New city diorama

    Very nice work!
  10. GalbynZ

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    Very interesting analysis. Thanks