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  1. 2018 Creator Sets

    These are still very loose rumors but maybe it's going to be set number 10262 and even more maybe it will cost € 145. Should this turn out to be true it would contain even more pieces than the 10258 London Bus (€ 120 / 1686 pieces). No info whatsoever on what vehicle it will be. This is the biggest source of wishing/speculation on the 2018 Creator Espert car I have found:
  2. 2018 Creator Sets

    For people who saw the catalogue- Does the 31076 Daredevil Stunt Plane look like it's in the same sort of scale as 31039 blue power jet, 31011 Aviation adventures and 5892 Sonic Boom (500-600 bricks)?
  3. CREATOR 2017

    Yes, they have announced that the London stores will have it available from tommorow (July 1st). Otherwise it's VIP release on the 17th and regular release on August 1st.
  4. CREATOR 2017

    I think they did a pretty reasonable job with the limitations of the series in mind. No doubt I would have liked something a little more sporty instead but I will get it never the less...
  5. CREATOR 2017

    It should be this week...
  6. CREATOR 2017

    Finally! They really kept a tight lid on the Creator expert vehicle this year. I was hoping for something a little more sporty, but something iconic like this could certainly be interesting as well. It sounds like it will be a little more expensive than the previous vehicles, but it would make sense that it needs more bricks. The scale will be way off from the other cars though, so that's a little annoying.
  7. Cool, can't wait to read it :)
  8. CREATOR 2017

    At this point I have pretty much given up on a Creator Expert car this year. They normally release on August 1st / Juli 15th for VIP. The first rumours/info on the F40 turned up in December over 8 months before release. First Info on the Beetle was on April 1st, 4 months before release. We are now 2 months from August 1st. Info on The Last Jedi stuff is already out and that is not comming out before September(?). I have a suspicion that the Ideas Caterham has taken up the creator car slot for this year. I would be very happy to be proven wrong though. Edit: Oh, and non of the former Creator Expert cars has been discontionued yet.
  9. Creator and Creator expert wishlist

    Speaking of a Creator Expert Ford a GT 40 in black and gold like the speed champions one would be fantastic!
  10. I think it would be very interessting to hear about the proces behind choosing the next Creator Expert Car (or set if you think that is too narrow). How much is it driven by data (previous sales, surveys, focus groups etc.) and how much is it "that would be cool to do next". And a second one: Are we getting a Creator Expert Car this year? If no, has it something to do with the Ideas team releasing the 21307 Caterham last year, which is very similar to a Creator Expert Car, ?
  11. 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    Agreed. From the rumour mill CM4Sci said "almost there" 3 days ago on the Brickset froums in regards to when it will be revealed so that also backs up the assumption that they will reveal it before the May the Fourth stuff.
  12. CREATOR 2017

    Getting a little worried that we won't see a Creator Expert car this year. I guess it would make sense to skip 2017 since there is 4 cars on the shelves already (5 if you count in the Ideas Caterham) but it would still be a disappointment if they did.
  13. CREATOR 2017

    CM4Sci leaked the 10252 VW Beetle on April 1st last year so hopefully a set number and a name will show up soon.
  14. MOC City of Copenhagen

    saw it at Lego World. It looks even more impressive in real life :)
  15. CREATOR 2017

    I was recently wondering the same thing. With the F40 and Beetle the first rumours seemed to appear around March or April so there might be a while to go before we hear anything yet. Release would be August 1st with VIP access in the middle of July. I have gotten the impression that the Creator expert cars has become a yearly thing, but you are right that there are a lot of the former sets still in production. The 10220 T1 Camper is over 5 years old so that might get retired before the next expert car.