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  1. sxavalentine

    LEGO IDEAS - Duck Tales - Scrooge McDuck's Moneybin

    Small update: I could finally alline the project on Ideas with the real life model (before I had to turn it into Glomgold's money bin for licensing issues). It's now at over 1600 supporters, keep them coming guys ;)
  2. sxavalentine

    LEGO IDEAS - Duck Tales - Scrooge McDuck's Moneybin

    Thank you guys . Tho I could use some feedback: specially negative feedback. Because so far, where I uploaded it (Lego Facebook groups, Scrooge McDuck fansite...) people loved it (specially the Scrooge McDuck fansites)... but then I go to check the upvotes count and it's still sitting at 298 after two weeks . So please, let me know. What is that doesn't appeal to you? I heard some people say "The outside, it's just a box", but the Moneybin IT IS a box...the interiors, the tons of playability potential, the many references to the comics, the "drawer" design of the floors... is it all pointless?
  3. Hi everyone. I'm new here, and I really, really wanted to show you my latest MOC... the legendary Scrooge McDuck's Moneybin. The project is also available on Lego Ideas (link at the end of the post), but first let me give you a tour, so you can check with your eyes if it's worth your vote . Be sure to scrool the pictures till the very bottom. I promise you won't regret it. LEGO SCROOGE MCDUCK'S MONEYBIN by Matteo Sperati, on Flickr This is the front, with the iconic huge dollar sign. The armored door is the first element of playability: it can be opened and closed pulling the two bars attacched at the side of each half. Also, it is not very clear from the picture, but the small stairway has two lion heads at the bottom, to give the entrance an imposing and intimidating touch As you can see is quite a tall building (33,3 cm, or if you prefer 34 bricks, from the baseplate to the top of the dome). On the roof we have the famous dome, that here I adapted into an helicopter landing pad. I couldn't not include the cannon to shoot at the evil Beagle Boys and a telescope to read the newspapers for free. Ok, now the interior. I wanted this set to be fun for adults to build and extremely fun for kids to play with, so it had to be easy to access every feature. The easiest way was to put the front wall on a separeted baseplate, so all you have to do to 'get in' is to push it away. As for the floors, they can be easily removed thanks to the trail design: they slide in the groove bricks inside the external walls, so it's easy to get into action And now the ground floor. I designed to be the most intimidating possible. Imagine: you are a business man and you have a meeting with the richest and toughest duck in the world. As soon as you enter, you don't have the time to enjoy the nice floor with dollar mosaic because you notice that a security camera is pointing at you. The frame with "TIME IS MONEY" also is not very welcoming, you wait your turn on the green sofa... and then you realize that is placed right in front of a giant anti theft protection cannon. As if it this wasn't enough, you also have a Scrooge McDuck's painting that seems look at you. AND IT IS, because that wall hides a secret passage, with an hole to spy from behind the painting... but what's so important that Scrooge wants to hide? Treasures, of course. What else do you expect from the richest and most adventurous duck in the world? Notice also the black lever to turn back the secret passage ;) Here you can enjoy the anti-theft protecion cannon in action... "Say hello to my little friend" And now the first floor, with the private rooms of Scrooge. On the corridor, a picture of him from when he was to work as gold prospector in Klondike, but most of all, the frame that says "There is no such a thing as talent, only inspiration and ambition". But let's see better the others room... Have you ever tried sleeping on a canopy bed made of 100 dollar bills? Trust Scrooge, you will sleep like a baby Sleep well, but get up early: Scrooge knows it well, he even has a frame in front of his bed to remember it. On the bedside table, a nice family picture from great comic writer Don Rosa. SALON 1 by Matteo Sperati, on Flickr And now the salon, or is it better to call it "Worry Room" ? Why do you think that carpet is threadbare that way? Scrooge's nervous walking, of course. What a shame, it was only 60 years old . We also have a library, a pendulum clock and a marble bust with laurel leaves (I can easily Scrooge get inspired by great leaders from the past). Here is Scrooge, literally showering in money, happy as a baby. He even has the shower curtain made of dollars And finally the second floor, with his big office. This is definitely my favorite floor, I made sure to put EVERY SINGLE DETAIL that I remember from the comics: EVERY SINGLE ONE. There is the giant vault door, the display case with his beloved number 1 dime, the earth globe, the weelbarrow full of coins, the pyramid of coins with Donald polishing them, the money bags, the graphic wih his profits skyrocketing, the gun on the wall, the desk with multiple phones and an old crank calculator... but wait, what's that lever under his desk? This is my favorite feature. I didn't like the classic way to make the trapdoors work, with the stick to be removed and then manually put back. No, I wanted it to feel real, so I designed the mechanism in a way that opens the trapdoor when you push the lever forward, and automatically closes it when you pull it back. What do you think about? Please let me know Ok... now the moment you were all waiting for...what it would be the MoneyBin without the giant money pool with his 3 cubic acres of cash? Let me explain how it works: sure, you could open the vault hatch, but to access the money pool, we actually have to go to the back. The back wall can be removed (it's easy to pull thanks to four bricks that stick out). With the back wall removed, we can admire the money pool thanks to the 9 big transparent panels . We have the trampoline, the giant meter to measure the level of cash... and not a single coin. why? Maybe the Beagle Boys stole it all? No, it's empty because you are the one going to fill the MoneyBin. The MoneyBin is in fact a giant piggy bank, that you can fill through the apposite coin slot on the back of the roof. Once filled, this is the final result AND NOW THE IMPORTANT PART... Guys, this project is available on Lego Ideas at the following link --> Probably you all know what Lego Ideas is, but in case you don't, here is how it works: 1) users (in this case me) upload their creations 2) other users vote them clicking the yellow button support (you need to have a Lego account, it's free to create one) 3) When a project reaches 10.000 supporters, Lego's experts will take it in exham to evaluate if produce it as an official Lego Set. Very simple. Thanks to all the ones who will help this project become real
  4. sxavalentine

    Flickr Tutorial

    This seems to work when replying in a thread (like this one), but when I try to add images on a brand new post, when i click on the preview i see nothing
  5. Hi...this is my first post. I'm an italian boy 22 years old (i'm sorry if my english is not very good). When i was a child my father bought me a lot of sets lego. Maybe he was more child than me Anyway our favourites themes was PIRATES (but i have also a lot of sets CASTLE) My small pirates collection is: SHIPWRECK ISLAND 6260 ROCK ISLAND REFUGE 6273 RENEGADE'S RAFT 6324 ISLANDER CATAMARAN 6256 HARBOR SENTRY 6245 BROADSIDE'S BRIG 6259 When i was child my dream was the Black Seas Barracuda: i looked it in the catalogue for hours. I asked it to my father as present for my sixth birthday, but unfortunately, he didn't find it in any toys center, so bought my the rock island refuge. But a dream is a dream, so recently i bought a BSB for 100€ and i felt in love with lego again . I saw some MOC's pictures (somes are really masterpieces, specially ) in this forum and i'd like start my carreer of AFOL. So, i have some question: 1) it's an expensive hobby? (I think is it, so how much do you spend for ?) 2) wich are the PIRATES sets that are a MUST HAVE and in wich quantity? 3) I'm thinking to buy an enchanted island for 45€, i loved it and islanders theme in general, it's a good price, right? 4) Single pieces: which are the most important to have and in wich quantity and colours? I'm interested especially in settlements construction (fortresses, ports, refuges, island) 5) I tried to download LDD, but unfortunately my PC must be too old, so it doesn't run good...there is another program of LEGO design with lower hardware requisites? Now, i think it's enough...if i'll have other questions i'll add them in the future. Thanks to everybody will answer and sorry if i wrote in a wrong section