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    Hi! This is a small group of microscale spaceships I made. I hope you enjoy them.
  2. Wow, these sets look so cool! I'm most excited for the telehandler and the tracked racer.
  3. Hi! This is my first technic MOC, and I think it turned out pretty well, I really like the rear suspension. With my next MOC, I hope to improve the color scheme, without random colors poking through as they do here. Feel free to leave tips and suggestions. Also, I have pictures, but Eurobricks says that my image extension isn't allowed in this community. Help please?
  4. Thanks! I was thinking about a rack, but there really wasn't any place that it made sense to attach it to. :/ Thanks for the kind words and suggestion though. :)
  5. I've seen a lot of people using the buggy motor to power their Mocs, can someone give me a link to the PF extension wire that connects the old connection point (4 metal studs) to the new connection point (2 studs and a metal oval)?
  6. Thanks for the imput! I like the functionality of the Arocs much better, but the tractor tires are so pretty. I think I'll just hone my technic skills and see what parts I find most useful, and decide after that.
  7. Wow, great review Jim! I'm new to technic, owning only the Volvo wheel loader and 24-hours race car. I hope to get the Volvo EW160 E sometime,but I had a question. For someone new to technic, is this CLAAS or the Arocs a better buy?
  8. Well, Jim and Sariel got me interested in Technic from their superb reviews, and today I build this set, my first technic set. I also purchased the Volvo wheel loader, but it was missing a bag. I must say, I think this set is great! There were many times I had to marvel at the planning that went into the model, and there were many pieces included I didn't even know existed. So thanks Jim and Sariel! Hopefully I'll make a technic moc of my own soon to share with everyone.
  9. Asad


    *** About 6 Months later *** Captian Liam led Eric and Peter into the grand throne room. Peter had heard stories, but had never seen it himself. In the back of the hall, prince Tirioc stood with a small septer in had. "I have summoned you and your soldiers, Liam, to keep peace in this land. Stories and rumors of a cult worshiping dragons has risen in the south. Weary messengers and refugees from the southern towns say the cultists burn all that doesn't side with them. Take your men to Kauster, where you will find a small militia. Smoke out these cultists, I will not have them in my fiefdom. And what is that farmer doing?" "Sir, this farmer is one of my men. He is very good wih the staff, blade, and almost any weapon you give him. Ove the past few months, he has become very trusted among my men, but has never been in a battle. I would take him with me if it pleases you." "Take him and go, but not without properly outfitting him with a proper weapon and armor." "Sir, he has no money. He cannot afford anything but the clothes on his back and that pitchfork." "Captian Liam! Since when did we frce the underprivallaged to pay for their own weapons when they serve unwillingly in our military? If you are so stubborn, take the funds out of my treasury!" Humbled, captian Liam stormed out of the hall with Peter and Eric following close behind. Kauster would be waiting tomarrow, and Eric led Peter to the mess hall. After an ale and some hearty food, Eric and Peter went down to the armory to request a weapon and armor for Peter. Since Peter had the most experiance wiht a pitchfork, he was provided with a spear and sheld. Properly outfitted in light mail, Peter went with Eric to find a suitable mount for him to take to Kuaster. A fine bay horcse was found cheap, so it had to do. After a restless night, he felt Eric waking him. Kuaster awaited... Comments appreciated, preferably comments with tips/suggestions.
  10. This is my entry for an A-Maze-ing contest. I have chosen Category A. The goal of my maze here is to start at the first rope bridge, into the jungle, and find the golden idol. Enjoy! Here's a video of me playing through the maze:
  11. That looks like a blast to drive around. :P (The original posted truck, that is)
  12. Category A: #2 #6 #7 Category B: #4
  13. Asad

    Good Old Days

    Looks great! I espically like the winding path through the rocks.
  14. Asad


    Thanks guys! I agree about the carpet, though my collection is pretty much completely visible in this MOC.
  15. As Captain Liam led the procession across the bridge, Peter lost his breath as the vast wall loomed over him. Eric grinned. "Never seen anything so huge, i'd wager." Peter didn't respond. He was lost in a trance, completely overwhelmed from the sight of the wall. "Welcome to Farrveil Fortress," captian Liam grumbled ahead of them. "Once he see some of the castles of Kaliphilin, he'll probably drop down dead," muttered a soldier to Eric. The gates slowly opened, allowing the troop access to the vast interior. "Peter!" Captian Liam commanded, "Follow Eric to the barracks, where you'll await your assignment." Peter did as he was told. Eric led him to a darker part of the town, into the barracks. They seemed decently well kept, though Peter didn't notice this. He went straight to sit down and think about everything that had hapopened. Taken from his own home! This was unthinkable. The family would be fine, his daughter wasn't really sick, he had said that just to avoid going with Liam. "Get some sleep," Eric suggested, "you'll have a long day ahead of you tomorrow." Comments appreciated, also, I'd like to submit this for the 5th avalonian task.
  16. First off, here is a small story with <sarcasm> wonderfully crafted characters and a stunning plot. You'll be sucked in in no time, I promise. </sarcasm> Peter the common, an average pig farmer, lived a boring life. He provided just enough money to keep food on the table, obeyed laws as much as possible, and didn't get drunk at the tavern. One day, while going about his chores, the captian of the guard in Farrveil rode up to the lonely farmstead. "What brings you here today good sir?" Peter questioned "Avalonia and Farrveil need an army. You have the honor today of joining the militia of Farrveil. Conform to our ways, and you'll be back to your farm in no time." Captian Liam responded. "Sir, I can't just leave my family here sir, someone needs to provide for them. My daughter is sick. Please, I can't help you." "Well, peasant, you can help and will help. come along." The tone of Captian Liam's voice was enough to get Peter moving in a hurry. Eric, an archer in the Farrveil militia and childhood friend strode up to Peter as the company made their way to Farrveil Keep. "It isn't so bad, we may be able to serve in the same division," Eric tried to comfort Peter. Peter decided that 'not so bad' remained to be seen... Plus the house has an interior, so I'd like to submit this farm for the agriculture category for the 4th Avalonia challenge. Highly praiseing comments appreciated.
  17. Asad

    Three Ravens

    I love all the small details here, great job!
  18. Asad

    [REVIEW] 21305 - Maze

    I definitely like the look of this set. I love having the ability to change mazes out for custom ones, but the price tag seems just a bit hefty for me. I may end up caving and buying one, but I can't see myself consistently using this set. :/ I also liked the use of sideways technic beams instead of bricks better. Not a bad set though.
  19. Avalonian Farmstead - Asad - Avalonia
  20. Asad

    [Moc] The Library of Occidens

    Beautifully detailed interior, my favorite part is the bucket handle drawers. :)
  21. HI! I'd like to join Avalonia. Here is my entry for task 1: The armored soldier in the middle will be one of my main characters, espically for contests/challenges that require someone of high rank. Here is my entry for task 2: My main character is going to be the pig farmer, and his best friend is the archer to the right. And for task 3: My small village & settlement is called Farrveil. It is a very wet area, with lots of waterfalls and rivers, very good for agriculture. If I'm doing anything wrong, please tell me, I don't completely understand this yet.
  22. Taking pictures of GOH intro