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  1. I've been following this thread with interest, I love the Millennium Falcon but only had the micro fighter sets before 75257 came out. UCS is great but too big for my liking and the cockpit position and mandibles on previous versions didn't do it for me. 75257 is really good but the gaps stop it being a great set in my opinion. My first attempt to fill the mandible/hatch gaps involved adding two layers of plates to the existing mandible structure. I've used coloured bricks to make it obvious. Unfortunately increasing the depth of the mandible meant that the canopy was harder to remove so I tried moving it one stud sideways which helped but left an even bigger gap that needs filling somehow! I also want to add a forward centre line landing gear too.
  2. SteveOC

    Aquarius - A New Lego Classic Space Spaceship

    Awesome ship! Makes me want to stick all my Classic Space bricks in a pile and see what I can come up with. Don't think it would be that big though :-D
  3. It's tricky but you can make a Borg Cube out of the remaining bricks after making a Federation ship. 20170428_225337 by Stephen O'Connor, on Flickr
  4. SteveOC

    [MOC] Midi? Millennium Falcon for New Elementary

    Nice build, the top looks great. Any plans to tidy up underneath and loose Han Solo to make it more midi scale rather than a better micro fighter?
  5. Thanks Dean_1987, the Death Star test rig was actually the last of the three to be made so it's just made up of left over pieces. The micro Star Trek ship worked surprisingly well and I did try to make a Borg cube out of the pieces that make up the Death Star test rig. It didn't work obviously! The Gunstar was the first creation of the three and was done completely from memory so it's actually quite inaccurate but I was close(ish) :-) No instructions but hopefully you can see how I did it from the exploded view picture. Gunstar exploded view by Stephen O'Connor, on Flickr
  6. Got bored, played with LEGO, result = a Death Star test rig with docked Star Destroyer / a Star Trek federation ship / a Gunstar from The Last Starfighter :-) 75030 Millennium Falcon alternative builds by Stephen O'Connor, on Flickr 75030 Millennium Falcon alternative builds by Stephen O'Connor, on Flickr 75030 Millennium Falcon alternative builds by Stephen O'Connor, on Flickr
  7. SteveOC

    [MOC] Blade Wing Starfighter

    Fantastic looking B-Wing, great work!
  8. How did that B-Wing go? I try and make a B-Wing alternative build out of most of my SW sets but have only been successful with the 75049 Snowspeeder so far!
  9. SteveOC

    [MOC] Speed Hover Bike concepts

    Cool speeders and great photography, how do you get them against those backgrounds?
  10. SteveOC

    75049 Snowspeeder alternate build (B-Wing)

    I had another go and although the engine section isn't working that well I thought the overall look wasn't too bad. IMG_0170 by Stephen O'Connor, on Flickr IMG_0165 by Stephen O'Connor, on Flickr IMG_0164 by Stephen O'Connor, on Flickr
  11. SteveOC

    75049 Snowspeeder alternate build (B-Wing)

    Thanks all, nice to see this one still catches peoples attention :-) There is no LDD unfortunately but hopefully you can see how I did it on the flickr album. It would be great to see if anyone can improve on it too. I might have another go myself and try and get it a bit closer to the actual B-Wing design!
  12. SteveOC

    [MOC] Persistence

    Awesome ship
  13. SteveOC

    Transformers: Generation Brick

    Amazing collection of work, nice job!
  14. SteveOC

    Classic Space alternate builds

    928 Galaxy Explorer alternate build (+ a 886 rover) - radio telescope base with lander. The lander came first while trying to do something bigger. I really liked the look of it and stopped working on it but had loads of bricks left so finally got the idea for a radio telescope. The first attempt was the one on the crater plate which is a bit haphazard. When I ran out of space and it got a bit flimsy I did the free standing plates between studs one. (I'll take some better photos of individual items at some point!). IMG_0131 by Stephen O'Connor, on Flickr IMG_0118 by Stephen O'Connor, on Flickr