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  1. GunwitchUK

    [MOC] WWII VW Type 82 "K├╝belwagen"

    Awesome, looks a nice, easy to build model.
  2. GunwitchUK

    Finally got my act together...

    Welcome Luc
  3. GunwitchUK

    Batcave MOC

    OMG, you built Wayne manor aswell!!! You loon, a very talented loon though
  4. GunwitchUK

    Batcave MOC

    That is absolutely awesome dude. The amount of detail is fantastic, including the computer screens and the bats
  5. GunwitchUK

    Fallout 4

    I knew i was missing something, thanks for the advice
  6. GunwitchUK

    Fallout 4

    Thank you, i had the decals since December but just didn't have the nerve to cutting and sticking them on until the other day. I've now got about 10 zombies to do (The Janitor CMF body works well), a Vault Boy and a couple of Vault Tec Vault Security personnel.
  7. GunwitchUK

    The pirate ship Juggernaut

    That is one awesome ship. I always thought the lego ships were lacking in some way, but this blows me away
  8. GunwitchUK

    Fallout 4

    Finally got around to doing at least one of my F4 minifigs using the decals from Saber Scorpion A bit rough around the edges, but i've just found out i need glasses for reading and modelling!!!
  9. GunwitchUK

    Bootleg Super Heroes minifigs - worth it or not?

    Just hunted for the instructions and parts list for the original lego one. However, considering the cost involved in getting individual pieces, i might bite the bullet and get this one
  10. GunwitchUK

    Railyard Workshed.....WIP

    That is awesome work. Anyway to modular it (new word???) aqnd layer it in large boxes?
  11. GunwitchUK

    [MOC] TIE Interceptor - proportions study

    Great build, and great shaping.
  12. GunwitchUK

    Bricklink questions

    Bricklink is so bad for my marriage. I've ordered far too much I find it difficult sometimes to find specific parts, especially when i don't know the item code or proper name. Sometimes the shops on Bricklink don't use the "correct" names
  13. GunwitchUK

    [MOC] Victorian House Modular

    Very nice, highly detailed and full of "stuff" to muck about with
  14. GunwitchUK

    [MOC] [Steampunk] Lady Lacelove's Armored Airship

    Ok i give up! How do you do it!!! Yet another awesome build Capt, great detail full of character. Keep it up
  15. GunwitchUK

    Best method for applying stickers

    Tweezers, a modellers magnifying glass, xcto knife, alcohol wipes for the parts and slowly and gently lay the sticker on the part by one edge to get the position right. When using the water and washing up liquid, grab some cotton buds to draw the water away once the sticker is applied.