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  1. 4 - 1 point 9 - 1 point 12 - 1 point
  2. 16. firefabric Instantly recognizable.
  3. Fat Tony

    Expand the Winter Village Contest VII Voting

    14 14 11 16 18 Great job everyone!
  4. Fat Tony

    modified bigfigs (super heroes)

    Minifigures have a limited amount of articulation already but to limit the bigfigs is just criminal! C'mon LEGO (or China) make them with movable legs! I got a Chinese knockoff to customize since I didn't want to cut up my new LEGO Hulk. Now he can run, jump and SMASH like a proper Hulk!
  5. Fat Tony

    Hulk_Smash's Customs

    That Cat is great! I can just see him strutting around checking himself out in a mirror. Where are the head and torso from?
  6. Fat Tony

    Middle Earth Contest Voting Topic

    Cat A #5 Cat B #4 Cat C #4
  7. Fat Tony

    Contest Pimp My Camper! Voting Thread

    9 Oscar Meyer Weiner by wachutu chief 3 votes 66 A-team Camper by pif500 3 votes 56 TNMT Party Wagon by midi 2 votes 58 Buzz's Star Command Camper by Oky 1 vote
  8. Fat Tony

    EB's Super Hero Comic Cover Contest Voting Thread!

    9. Captain Nemo- 2 points 2. wonderpuddle- 1 point Great job everyone! I wish I had another point, Runamuck's Transformer cover was great too. I know, I know, but Captain Nemo's giant Harley deserved 2 points.
  9. Fat Tony

    Smaug the Tremendous

    Who DARES question Smaug the Chiefest and Greatest of Calamities?! Here are a couple new shots of Smaug. The hind legs are jointed just like an animals. The lower portion doesn't quite fold up as flat as it should though, so it does look a little strange when he is laying. Here you can see it stretching out better. The wings are made from red vinyl and I added red electrical tape to the joints to firm them up to help support his weight. There's a few more new images over at MOCpages.
  10. Fat Tony

    Smaug the Tremendous

    Wow! Thanks everyone, I'm glad to see Smaug is such a hit! I wasn't sure how well the non-LEGO gold would be recieved but it looks like it's been accepted. The floor was inspired by some of Eilonwy77's amazing floors but I simplified it for more of a Dwarven look. I'm just disappointed that so little of it showed under the treasure. I studied a lot of artwork to get the look and feel right but it wasn't based on any one picture. As of right now I don't actually own any of the LOTR sets yet so there aren't any of the One Ring in the treasure pile. I'm working on Smaug's wings now. When I get those finished I'll see if I can get some action shots to post. Thanks again!
  11. Fat Tony

    Smaug the Tremendous

    I finally finished up my newest LEGO version of Smaug that I had previewed back in Dec/Jan. I wanted a large pile of gold for him to pose on but unfortunately do not own enough LEGO gold to make for a very good presentation. What I ended up doing was getting some gold foil (sold in little square sheets for wrapping chocolates)and then pressed LEGO gold coins into the foil. Then I wrapped the foil around my LEGO base and placed my actual LEGO treasure around to hold the foil in place and blend it together better. It turned out better than I was expecting. You can find more images over here: MOCpages or flickr I'll be posting more pictures of Smaug in action soon.
  12. Fat Tony

    Astromech Workplace Contest Voting Thread

    10 Darkblane - 2 15 ACPin - 1 22 cmadisson - 1 23 Brickmamba - 1