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  1. SpyFlops

    Review for 9470 Shelob Attacks

    Actually, Shelob had a stinger in the movie. I think that's what it's supposed to be. Great review! I'll definitely get this set!
  2. SpyFlops

    The Future of Ninjago

    Who are you to tell us whether we truly enjoy the product or not? You don't have to use the story... that's what Lego is all about!
  3. SpyFlops

    Ninjago MOC: Venomari DojoTemple

    First Samurai X, now this... you're driving me insane with all this waiting! Couldn't you just post a topic with pictures the first time?
  4. SpyFlops

    The Future of Ninjago

    Ninjago happens to be my favorite theme... Maybe it's because I'm so susceptible to the "Rule of Cool."
  5. Thanks CallMePie... Testors worked perfectly!
  6. Thank you! I'll try to find that brand. Why yes I am. I'm transferring his shoulder armour to Krazi, and happen to have an extra Kruncha shoulder armour lying around.
  7. I'll get right to the point: I need to paint the grey spikes classic blue on this part: http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItem.asp?P=93057pb01 I'm a complete newbie at painting, so I'm not even sure where to start. I would appreciate it if you all would give some advice (what kind of paint, how to paint, etc.). Thanks!
  8. Actually, when I compared the two, they were indeed the same.
  9. You have him? Would you mind reviewing him? I'm debating whether or not it's worth the moneys...
  10. My review of 2509 Earth Dragon Attack (Ninjago) can be found here: http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=58878
  11. As requested: And, because I just now remembered it , a shot of the spare parts. *whew* Thanks! Thanks for the other comments!
  12. Thanks! I see... thanks for clearing that up! Yeah, same here... I love Japanese-style dragons! Thanks for all your kind comments!
  13. Hey everyone. It's-a-me, SpyFlops, and I've decided to review the one one of the many 2011 summer Ninjago sets that have yet to be reviewed: 2509 Earth Dragon Defense! This is my first review, so I apologise in advance for any blurriness! EDIT: Flickr gallery: First, some basic info: #:2509 Name: Earth Dragon Defense # of pieces: 227 Price: US $34.99 / € 34.99 # of minifigs: 2 Box Art The front: In my opinion, this scene is much more interesting than the one displayed on the front of 2260 Ice Dragon Attack's box. Perhaps because of the more colorful background. The back: ...which shows the many play features: you can swing the dragon's tail, shoot 'earth balls' , and move the frills on the dragon's neck. Now, let's hurry up and get to the actual set! Box contents: As you can see, the parts are separated into three bags (not counting the special 'made in China' bag). Only one manual is needed. Here's the back of the manual, showing the 2012 teaser I'm sure most of you have seen already: Bag One Contents As always, the first bag contains the minifigures, accessories, and 'extra bits' (in this case, the rock that the Scythe of Quakes sits in). The Minifigures: And what lovely minifigures they are! Wyplash features a uniquely printed head, new armour, the new skelly body, and a straw hat. Cole DX has some excellent gold printing of the Earth Dragon him(her?)self on both the torso and legs. Minifigures sans headgear: Cole's face is visible... intimidating, no? Backs: No back printing for Wyplash... Cole, however, has his name and logo printed on his back. Here's one of my favorite parts of this set: ...Wyplash's head printing! There's a tiny worm coming out of his skull! He even has two little eyes... how precious! *ahem...* The accessories: Left to right: Cole's sword, the Scythe of Quakes (tremble at its power! ), three jewels (to go inside the boulder), Wyplash's sword (kind of a shame - I was expecting a whip), and a torch (to burn down the forest?). The extra bits: There's the Scythe in its pedestal and the boulder w/ jewels. Okay, we're past the extra, trifling parts! Now for the main build! Main Build Body (first part): In case you couldn't tell (I couldn't, for a few minutes), the back end, where the tail attaches, is on the left. Kind of weird-looking, but we're not finished yet! Moving on to bag two! Bag Two Contents: This bag contains the parts for the dragon's legs and the front part of his(her?) body. Back legs: These legs are attached by technic pins, so they don't move. Here's something interesting: TLC used dark green on this joint. I'm not sure why... Now the front part of the body: Once again, pretty strange-looking. (oh, and by the way: those flaps on the sides are supposed to lay flat. ) The front legs: These are attached to sockets; they have a wide range of movement. The body & legs: Not so shapeless now, is it? Bag Three Contents: This bag has the parts for the collar, flags, head, and tail (I tossed the special bag in for order's sake). The head: What beautiful printing! The tail: Attached: The tail is attached loosely so one can grip the tail and whip it viciously back and forth! The frills: Attached: The flag tile: This also appears in the Ice Dragon set. Can anyone translate this? Does it actually mean anything? Flags attached: The finished dragon! And what a lovely thing she is, too! ~Ratings~ Playability:9/10 Plenty of action features. Design:7/10 Some gaps, but innovative all-around. Price:6/10 Inflation + special molds + printing = $$ Minifigures:10/10 Cool skelly and gold-printed ninja... plus the lil' wormie! Parts:8/10 Who doesn't like a lot of brown? Total:8/10 In conclusion, this is a really amazing set. I'm kind of biased, given my love of dragons and ninjas, but I think, despite its gaps, this is a must-have. Depends on your tastes, but that's my opinion. Parting shots: Dragon battle! Showdown! Thanks for reading!
  14. SpyFlops

    Ninjago 2012

    I'm guessing 'Venomari' is the name of the reptilian enemies. Garmadon's good now? And he has a son name Lloyd?! This is getting a little ridiculous, IMO.