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    LEGO Nexo Knights 2017 Discussion

    Was anyone able to determine if the knighton castle is able connect with the fortrex/library? Ive been looking for any technic pins but havent seen any in the pictures.
  2. muhammed4060

    Nexo Knights 2016

    Oh that would be pretty awesome, what makes you think its a new knight though?
  3. Only if you post pictures! Haha But seriously feel free, most of it if from an extra fortrex and the last classic castle.
  4. Thanks for all the feedback guy! Looking though here, you guys really take your MOCs to the next level. So positive feedback from you guys really means something
  5. Just joined the forum today.I am a 21 year old college senior (Computer Science) and I just got back into Lego. I have been loving the new Nexo Knight theme, gives me a real He-man/Warhammer vibe, which I can dig. I thought I'd share my current setup, what do you guys think? I would love some feedback and suggestions. Just spent a good hour trying to embed the images with Flickr (site has changed since tutorial was posted:/ ) and Brickshelf never sent me an activation email, so apologies for that.