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    [MOC] Typical Heritage House In my country.

  2. Tokru

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    How about a bookshop then? An antiques dealer? A general practitioner's practice? It doesn't has to be shops though. How about small craft producers? Maybe a small car workshop? There are many possibilities for businesses that fit into the ground floor of residential buildings.
  3. Tokru

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I only ment the modular buildings. Official, or single purpose buildings are: the town hall, the fire brigade, the emporium, the bank, the cinema. Those are needed in a real town, but never make up a big portion of all buildings. Residential, multi purpose buildings are always in the majority. Therefore I think it's more plausible to release more of those.
  4. Tokru

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I think it shouldn't be an official, or better single purpose, building. Therefore no school, library, hospital etc. There are already enough of those. More residential buildings with small shops on the ground floor are needed for a realistic street.
  5. Tokru

    [MOC] Modular Old Pharmacy and Library

    I wasn't aware that shade of blue even existed in Lego. Great job! The interior details are especially lovely. The (polosopher's?) bust and the small scale model ship are indeed very fitting for an old library.
  6. Tokru

    [MOC]Modular Triumphal Arch

    I really like the details of the top part and the color scheme. What I don't like are the small arches for the pedestrians. The 1 stud wide supports on both sides are just too narrow to support the upper structure. It looks a bit odd in my eyes. Did you consider making them 2 studs wide?
  7. Have you tried disabling the outlines of bricks in the options? That's the first thing I do if it get's laggy and it helps greatly on slower PCs.
  8. Tokru

    Big old LEGO trees

    That's extremely beautiful. I like the color scheme and how detailed everything is even in the most remote corners.
  9. Tokru

    REVIEW: 10257 Carousel

    I can understand the distaste for stickers but in this case I think it's unavoidable. Maybe someone with kowledge of the production process can correct me, but I'm quite convinced that it's not possible to print a mirror on Lego bricks.
  10. Do we have to provide a .lxf file (or similar) to prove that no illegal pieces/colors/techniques were used "behind the scenes"?
  11. Another thing why I prefer the normal mode: I can see if a part is or was available in a specific color (though I already noticed it's not completely accurate, some colors are missing). In extended mode you would have to check every part on bricklink if you want to design something that is actually buildable. With enough experience that may not be such a huge problem, but for me it still is.
  12. Tokru

    Irish Cottage MOC

    I'm confused. Did they paint their roofs partially yellow back then or is it supposed to be a different material than the brown parts of the roof? I was in Ireland once but did not pay attention to cottage roofs. Apart from my confusion it's a nice little hause with neat details.
  13. Just curious, did you have to send those sets back or did Lego just consider them as a loss anyway?
  14. Not only that. When I recently looked up all the sets I got as a child in the mid-90s on brickset, I realized that everything was really old (by todays standard). I got sets that were produced at the end of the 80s and early 90s. And It wasn't because my parents went out of their way to look for them. Those sets were still in every toy store.
  15. Tokru

    [MOC] Gate of Rivendell

    Maybe you aren't aware of it, but you can turn on outlines of bricks in the options of LDD. I think that makes it far easier to build and it also looks better than the standard options. I just don't like when I build bigger structures and they are a big block of, for instance, grey in the end. It would bring a lot of detail to your pictures because you would be able to see the wall's structure. But it also uses a bit more processing power of your computer.