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  1. fsuz32

    10283 Space Set????

    Which tags do you search?
  2. fsuz32

    10283 Space Set????

    Can someone direct where one may find said pictures?
  3. That's a pretty funny point. To anyone that watched star wars starting with TPM, did you guys figure out who the sith lord was by his chin or was it a surprise? I saw OT first so I don't know what it was like going in blind.
  4. Cloud city reminded me of the death star. It's ok, but looks more play/acting out scene orientated set than it does a display piece of say, a death star or actual cloud city. The cantina looks more like it hits both. From the outside, it looks like a modelish form of the cantina, inside I assume, will have the scene stuff.
  5. I think if you didn't include the core minifigures parents would look at is as a money grab by Lego (assuming they were cool with buying mos eisley for their kid). Now they have to buy all these little add on sets just to get the main figs. Not really fair to them. Do what every other collector does and sell the duplicates? There is a whole second hand Lego economy for a reason, and this is it. I was actually really pessimistic on this set when I first heard what it was (flashbacks to assualt on hoth) but I am pleasantly surprised and am even considering purchasing if the inside is as good looking as the outside.
  6. Wonder where the Imperial shuttle rumor came from since there doesn't seem to be any form of relatable ship in this set. Maybe next year?
  7. Makes sense considering it never got released at all. It will sell out, but when? Same here. I got one to keep sealed in case it turns into a Osprey and one to open.
  8. Picked one up myself. Smoothest release i've been involved in thus far.
  9. Except the shuttle.... the only one I acted on unfortunately hah
  10. Anyone have any idea how creditable the rumored ucs release of the imperial shuttle is? And that it is a actual ucs and not a system style set like the tantive iv? The rumors have yet to be wrong thus far and I have an offer on my 10212 but I'll be sad if I sell it and the rumored set ends up not being what I'm thinking. Decisions decisions.
  11. Does anyone know if the UCS ISD will be double points again for force friday?
  12. Disappointed due to lack of proportions. At $200 it's an easy pass for me. Save for the hopeful non non ucs star destroyer later in the year.