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  1. willhappy

    Steampunk Group

    hi woody64 Just found your shapeways shop. Love the rocketeer helmet. Are shapeways in the us, or do they have a european office will
  2. willhappy

    [WIP] Galen Erso decals (now with face)

    Cody startale Love your design. Been trying to design some faces myself but they don't look right. any tips you could tell me? will
  3. hi luxorV Sorry to ask but where would be the best place to put the question. will
  4. Hi all If this is in the wrong section then please delete. Has anyone used Brick 4 brick water slide decals? . Do you have to cut them off the sheet so they fit the mini fig? Again if this is the wrong place then please sent me to where it should go. will
  5. willhappy

    British Rail - Class 43 Intercity 125 - 8 wide

    Love the inter city 125 had it as a hornby train set a long time ago lol. Any plans to do more on this will
  6. willhappy

    lego friends roller coaster

    hi dr spock thanks
  7. willhappy

    Build Your Own Plus Size AT-AT

    wow how great is that . Very well raskolnikov will
  8. willhappy

    Narrow gauge straights and cross track

    hi lowa thanks for the heads up will
  9. willhappy

    Narrow gauge straights and cross track

    hello would this be compatible the roller coaster friends set? will
  10. willhappy

    lego friends roller coaster

    hi all i have a question about the lego set 41130 the roller coaster, does the track that comes with the set is it the same as the train track?
  11. willhappy

    Monorail game changer?

    hi just my 2 pence worth, if the track is hard to get hold off and cost's a lot then 3d printed could be the way to go. There is another way and that's to make the mold for 3d printed and then use them to inject the plastic. This has been done for some items so it could be done. will
  12. willhappy

    [MOC] WWII VW Type 82 "K├╝belwagen"

    Dam that's sooooooo fine :classic:
  13. willhappy

    Clear coat over decals?

    You can matt the decal down so its not so shiney
  14. willhappy

    MOC: Quadcopter/drone

    hope you got a licence for that lol will
  15. willhappy

    Mod/moc 60098> Irish rail 071/141 class.

    just so cool, love the colour will