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  1. Marvel Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    Just scrolling through it now, so yes! But I think that's included in the list above. Killmonger = Gold Suit @Duncan Young also suggested that there may not be a Klaue figure.
  2. Marvel Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    I'm blushing. Here's the info @agoodfella77 posted on the other thread if anyone wants to see it here. My guess is these may be prelims, but on the other hand they seem very consistent with the approaches used in the 2017 lineup. Having seen Thor: Ragnarok finally, I am actually very impressed at how accurate these sets were to the film! Every character appears in the right set in the right setting, looking pretty much as they do in the film. Just a few minor dfferences, but really nicely done. It would have been nice to get two versions of Valkyrie, with her costume from the final trailer. It's really hard for toymakers to get these sets designed properly since they are designing the toys before the movie has filmed in many cases.
  3. Marvel Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    I think the rule is you can always discuss facts. If you have seen something, you can talk about it. You can't post watermarked images, and some other leaked information, because it's copyrighted and trademarked, but it's fine to describe it. You can post pictures elsewhere and discuss them here. If you have something on hand that you obtained legitimately (no one would get in trouble if it was known how you got it) then you can post it here too. Facts are always fair game to discuss. There are a handful of users here who get facts well in advance of when they would be publicly available, and post them here in a way that no one will get in trouble. Rumors and speculation are conjecture not backed up by any facts. Wishlists and guesses go there. If you have seen something with your own two eyes then please tell us about it here!
  4. Marvel Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    Caught my son asking what an "oogie" is, he hadn't ever heard that word before so doesn't remember it. Fixed that for you.
  5. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Abbreviated from my earlier post. His name is Marcus. It's right there on his shirt in the video. Probably an in-joke to someone who worked on the film or at Lego, could be this guy or either one of these two guys.
  6. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    My local ToysRUs has 4 battle pods left. After I grabbed mine that is. They have 12 bricktober sets sitting on the shelf. Looking at them right now. Already have mine. Seems like a shame to leave them there.
  7. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Got my Kiss Kiss Batman Keychain yesterday at my local Target! A day early, so it wasn't out and the promo wasn't running (I won't have a chance to go back during the promo period) but an associate gor it out for me with the DPCI and I paid for it. A bit pricey for a minifigure, but a great figure! Any tips on getting the pin out from this one? I ask because I worry about the bat ears getting in the way, which usually isn't a problem on these. I have pulled plenty a pin in the past. At this point I have almost all the TLBM Polybags, almost accidentally. Anyone have a good idea where I can find the BattlePod without getting ripped of in the US? By the time I got to a park, there was no sign of them. (I am checking ebay and BL of course.)
  8. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    In situations like this, the usual sources of leaked images are one of a handful of instragram accounts. Typically, someone will then repost the images on reddit. Google's web crawlers take time to find stuff, so it's handy to know where to look. Those plain yellow hips stick out like a sore thumb on Hawkgirl. I really wonder if they will look like that in the final version. I am also not crazy that they reused the Hawkman helmet. I think I would have preferred the Chima eagles mold, similar to this piece (below) which I already use in my purist Hawkgirl. @DrasticPlastic mentioned appreciating minifigure POC, and I totally agree, so was hoping to see Hawkgirl in "flesh" instead of "light flesh." It wouldn't be took hark to replace the head and arms/hands, but her torso will end up looking strange if I do. It's definitely accurate to her appearance in the movie though, so it's not the set that's at issue.Oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I'll throw my TRU Batman Bricktober figure collection story into the mix. When I arrived at the store, the first person I spoke to had no idea what I was on about, the second (the manager) looked for it in back and couldn't find them (suggested I wait for the next shipment on Wednesday) and the third person figured out that they were put out a week early and when the mistake was realized, put away in the wrong place. That's why the manager couldn't find them. Either way, I got the set. They still had lots of TLBM CMFs so I picked up the last three I didn't have (I thought I didn't need a complete set before, this TRU Bricktober collection convinced me otherwise). I also got two 2017 Marvel sets at 20% off and am a happy camper. I adore the Bricktober set. This collection is really unique (unlike last year's sets, one of which I got). The Baturion is amazing, and the Easter Bunny is something else. I really appreciate the belt piece in white (first and only appearance?) and I didn't have a Lego egg piece before in any color. My Wiz-Bat has excellent clutch between the torso and slope piece, so I am sorry for some of you who had issues with that. One more think about the Bricktober set. My Baturion and Wiz-Bat came with soft cloth capes, not the starched ones, so no creasing from the packaging! Seems they shipped with different cape materials - depending on region perhaps? All the ones shipped in September (in Europe and elsewhere?) seemed to have the starchy capes.
  9. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    I highly recommend brickseek for checking these things if you haven't tried it before. For Target, it is super easy. Find the DPCI code from the item description on Target's website, then type your zip code, and it shows you inventory and price in nearby stores. Here is a blank search for this item, waiting for you to input your zip code. All three stores near me have them in stock. Not available on-line though.
  10. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    That is the Target exclusive combo package.
  11. DC Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    It's a screenshot from a cartoon. Take that as you will.
  12. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    @rob-ot5000 strongly suggested that they would not be in the CMF series when I asked the same question. A very reliable source, so I would take as a given. I suppose it is possible that one or more (but not all four) are exclusive to TRU, but we will find out.
  13. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    You make some great points. I just want to point out that in the eyes of a 5-8 child, Ninjago and Batman are equally old - they are both older than the child can remember or fathom. Children have a very narrow time span in which to familiarize with and become fans of any property and its characters. For a company, putting out toys of any character that children aren't already invested in is a financial risk. From my earlier comment, I actually think that Lego's financial problem and downsizing actually have nothing to do with their toys, and it's all about the money that they sunk - inefficiently - into the infrastructure while growing mega fast, and now they need to make the underlying business infrastructure more efficient. As collectors, I think we are discussing our purchasing decisions and collecting habits more than we are analyzing TLG's decisions. For me, I knew I couldn't buy every TLBM set early on, so I lean in the direction of "there are too many sets and they are too expensive." If I had bought them all (such as ~every Marvel set from 2012-2016) I would be arguing that "the number of sets, the set sizes, and the prices have been fine."
  14. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    A very interesting question! I have a thought with regards to TLBM merchandising and sets. While AFOLs like most of us here are eager to get obscure characters and quirky designs, and will collect many (every?) set in a series, most children's toys are purchased by non-fan parents for their children. The Tail-Gator set will have little appeal if the non-fan parent can't recognize the characters and balks at the sticker price. Too many sets based on background characters, while Batman was the same in all of them. Kid wants a Batman set? Buy one and move on. In short, TLBM sets had more appeal for FANS (a small fraction of sales) than for non-fan parents (a large fraction of sales). And there's already more on the way. But ... a lot of the business decision doesn't have to do with sales too. They are cutting 8% of their workforce, while profits are down by less than that. That means that they think they can increase profit by cutting costs, not just by cutting the product line. When a company grows very quickly like TLG did, they may be less efficient with their spending in order to grow quickly. When things slow down, they go back and try to make it more efficient. In short, they may not make any real changes to their product range after all. They will however rethink how much merchandising a movie can support.
  15. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Missed the red cape on Red Hood, thanks! The cape on Easter Bat may be a different color though. But they didn't put ANY cape there. The bricktober figs in the past have all been "exclusive," even if that meant sometimes uninspired recycling of parts from previous CMF. This guy knows what he's talking about! Duly noted, I will definitely pick this up then. Do we have the exact US dates yet? Second week of October yes, but starting and ending what day of the week?