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  1. DC Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    It's a screenshot from a cartoon. Take that as you will.
  2. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    @rob-ot5000 strongly suggested that they would not be in the CMF series when I asked the same question. A very reliable source, so I would take as a given. I suppose it is possible that one or more (but not all four) are exclusive to TRU, but we will find out.
  3. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    You make some great points. I just want to point out that in the eyes of a 5-8 child, Ninjago and Batman are equally old - they are both older than the child can remember or fathom. Children have a very narrow time span in which to familiarize with and become fans of any property and its characters. For a company, putting out toys of any character that children aren't already invested in is a financial risk. From my earlier comment, I actually think that Lego's financial problem and downsizing actually have nothing to do with their toys, and it's all about the money that they sunk - inefficiently - into the infrastructure while growing mega fast, and now they need to make the underlying business infrastructure more efficient. As collectors, I think we are discussing our purchasing decisions and collecting habits more than we are analyzing TLG's decisions. For me, I knew I couldn't buy every TLBM set early on, so I lean in the direction of "there are too many sets and they are too expensive." If I had bought them all (such as ~every Marvel set from 2012-2016) I would be arguing that "the number of sets, the set sizes, and the prices have been fine."
  4. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    A very interesting question! I have a thought with regards to TLBM merchandising and sets. While AFOLs like most of us here are eager to get obscure characters and quirky designs, and will collect many (every?) set in a series, most children's toys are purchased by non-fan parents for their children. The Tail-Gator set will have little appeal if the non-fan parent can't recognize the characters and balks at the sticker price. Too many sets based on background characters, while Batman was the same in all of them. Kid wants a Batman set? Buy one and move on. In short, TLBM sets had more appeal for FANS (a small fraction of sales) than for non-fan parents (a large fraction of sales). And there's already more on the way. But ... a lot of the business decision doesn't have to do with sales too. They are cutting 8% of their workforce, while profits are down by less than that. That means that they think they can increase profit by cutting costs, not just by cutting the product line. When a company grows very quickly like TLG did, they may be less efficient with their spending in order to grow quickly. When things slow down, they go back and try to make it more efficient. In short, they may not make any real changes to their product range after all. They will however rethink how much merchandising a movie can support.
  5. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Missed the red cape on Red Hood, thanks! The cape on Easter Bat may be a different color though. But they didn't put ANY cape there. The bricktober figs in the past have all been "exclusive," even if that meant sometimes uninspired recycling of parts from previous CMF. This guy knows what he's talking about! Duly noted, I will definitely pick this up then. Do we have the exact US dates yet? Second week of October yes, but starting and ending what day of the week?
  6. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    My mistake! Good catch, the cape is different after all. I didn't even check... Clearly they didn't want to spend any money on new capes for these. That's why Baturion gets a generic cape and Easter Bat gets no cape. But why change Easter Bat's hand color? I really want these, but it will be a lot less urgent if I know they will also appear in the CMF series. If we expect the CMF series to be released in January, when will we know what will be in it for sure? December? Do I pick it up just in case one of the suits is exclusive? Or do I wait for the CMF line?
  7. DC Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    Any element attached to the neck or head is considered a part of a minifigure. It may seem arbitrary, but it's the same as changing a hat or a face print. Different parts. And the inventory for the figure comes from how it is portayed on the box if I am not mistaken. The Knightcrawler set comes with two green minifigures that are equipped differently, it kind of makes sense to list them separately. You could argue these aren't "alternate" pieces for the figs, like the spare wings for Space Batman or Hawkman. BTW, my Space Batman came with four sets of wings for some reason! Two of each set.
  8. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Nice comparison! Just remember that the images from the book are concept art and don't reflect their appearance in the final film. I don't have screencaps, but here are few images from the interwebs. 2. Baturion looks perfect to the film. 2. The utility belt piece was redesigned after the concept art. The hands were also changed from black to white. But the fig still has black hands! 3. WizBat got no hat. So the figure is accurate to the film. The staff is not, bat should be gold and is it just me but is the pole shorter too?
  9. Purist Superhero Figures

    First I thought it was Colleen Wing, then I went to the flickr page and saw someone say "Electra," then I noticed that all the characters appeared to be from the Daredevil show, then I convinced myself it should be Elektra and not Colleen for that reason, then I convinced myself further that the red jacket confirmed it, then I came here and I misspelled it as "Electra" too, and now I come back and find out I was wrong, and the creator pointed it out in the comments to the other person who mislead me in the first place. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Regarding the non-purist witchcraft - I thought so.
  10. DC Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    I can't say for certain that it will work. For a long time, many stores had several of these (dozens sometimes according to brickseek) "in the back." I once asked a manager to get me a few and picked up four more from my local store (12 available at the time) but then returned them because there wasn't much interest. It's nice to see that they are listed on the website, so worth a try.
  11. Purist Superhero Figures

    I'm looking at the Electra here. What magic is holding her sword in place without a neck bracket?
  12. DC Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    If you are looking for Electrosuit Batman, try your local Barnes & Nobles brick and mortar store (if there are any left near you). Mine still has two of the visual dictionaries still on the shelf. For Lightning Lad, try ordering the cube online Amazon still carries both items too.
  13. Purist Superhero Figures

    This is a blast from the past I know, but I am now getting around to trying to build an Ego figure, and I can't locate that hair. Bricklink seems to say it was never made in any version of grey. The conspicuous mold line in the image also makes me think maybe this is a custom piece?
  14. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Thanks a bunch! I went back and found them, and updated my earlier post accordingly.
  15. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    I wish I knew who was below Doctor Double X ... Notice how there are a bunch of Batsuits in the bottom right corner. As far as I can tell, they all appeared in the movie. There are handwritten checkmarks/circles next to a bunch of them*, nearly all of which have come out as minifigs. It's hard to make them out, but here's what I see (underline the ones with checkmarks), strikethrough the ones that have been crossed out, red for the ones that have been released in some physical form: Top row: Glam Metal, Fairy, Excalibur, El Murcielago, The Batriot, St. Batrick's, Easter Bunny, Baturion, Batpack, Krampus, Clan of the Cave Bat, Raging Bat Second row: Scu-Bat, Merbat, Wizbat, Bat-Hurst 1000, SWAT/GCPD, Tears of a Bat (clown), Arctic (film version), Tartan, Classic, "Current", Baturday Night Fever Third row: Reggae man, Prom Date, Buccaneer, Com-Bat/Desert (2016), Gotham by Gaslight, Batman Beyond, "Comic-Con Exclusive", Arctic (2013), Electric, New 52 Bottom row: ????, Night Terror, Death Merchant, Burning Man/Fire starter, ????, Winged Armageddon, Silent but Deadly, Winged Avenger/Batrishnikov Note that the first few figures appear in similar order as the making of the movie book, but in the book the designs are the preliminary ones, whereas this photo has the final" designs. Note also that nearly every suit that appeared in the movie is in this image.Boo Batman, Military Leader, Batsketball, appear in the book, but not the movie, nor on this image. None of the tuxedos (Tiger, Kiss-Kiss, Money Suit) appear in this image, nor does Vacation or Lobster-Lovin Batman. Robin tries on several of the crossed out ones in the film. Nightwing and Alfred's '66 also aren't picture here Help from here *The marks tend to appear to the top-left of a figure, so I consider that ?SWAT? does not have a mark, and that the mark next to it actually belongs to Tears of a Bat, despite the proximity. Further, the "marks" on the bottom row appear to be the text from the row above instead, so I haven't underlined any of them.