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  1. Mosana

    Random military torsos

    Light grey bits on the shoulder straps.
  2. Mosana

    Random military torsos

    Sorry you've had to wait so long for the rest of these I've been very busy with school and etc Ceremonial/Daily for the system and out of the system Daily out of the system Ceremonial for the system and out of the system Summer form of the clothing of officers, Warrant Officers and ensigns VMF Also, in a rather belated answer to the flesh-tone question, if you can get me a square or whatever of fleshtone colour I can do flesh versions of these.
  3. Mosana

    Custom Brickarms Flintlock Musket and Pistol?

    I'd like to see a musket, as the current Lego one is really more of a blunderbuss-type of thing. Would rather have a bayonet on it, as it would have been fixed always during a battle, usually, and was always fixed in some armies, such as the Prussian one.
  4. Mosana

    The Charge of the Light Brigade

    Very nice work, and nice to see my stuff getting a bit of use. Also, I have a Crimean section in my BS, which isn't particularly comprehensive, and I can't remember what most of the torsos actually represent. But there it is anyway:
  5. Mosana

    Random military torsos

    Regrettably, life, as it tends to do, has intervened somewhat, leaving me with little time for stuff. Just to remind you all I'm not dead, here's "daily" from the bottom of column 2 of
  6. Mosana

    Random military torsos

    In this thread so far, yes.
  7. Mosana

    Random military torsos

    Disregard my first post These look similar but have Important Changes M36 Tunic: M40 Tunic: M41 Tunic: The M-year thing refers to the year they were first issued The shoulder straps are white, and by white I mean light grey, for infantry, but can be changed to: Green (Motorcycles -1942) Red (Artillery/assault guns) Orange-red (Military police) Black (Engineers) Light green (Jaeger) Gold (Cavalry) Copper-brown (Motorised recon -1943) Yellow (Signals) Light blue (Transportation) Dark blue (Medical) Pink (Panzer)
  8. Mosana

    Random military torsos

    I'd like to, but whether I'll get round to it is the question. This applies for everything I do, I suppose.
  9. Not really an area I'm familiar with, but here's a WWII German If/when I get round to doing those Russian naval ones they'll go here I'll take requests and etc
  10. Mosana

    Decal Wish List

    I'll give that a go. Will be something different.
  11. Mosana

    Netherlands decals

    Artillery: Light Dragoons: Hussars: And with the Nassau and Prince of Orange torsos, I think that's the Netherlands decently covered.
  12. Mosana

    Netherlands decals

    They're taken from my main source for things, 1:72 figure boxes.
  13. Mosana

    Decal Wish List

    Well, the ones I did were Napoleonic ones. But I'll see what I can do about something earlier.
  14. In response to the requests thread Netherlands Infantry: Netherlands Militia:
  15. Mosana

    Decal Wish List

    There's also a Nassau infantryman in there, somewhere. Also: