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  1. I think that hollowing out some of the studs could be detrimental to blending seamlessly with the LEGO track. None of the LEGO Track has hollow studs.
  2. @coaster I like how you've made the Siding Curve and the Turnout Curve different by the placement or omission of the holes. Otherwise with the curves being very similar to the Standard R104 Curves it would be possible to get them mixed up when building.
  3. carbon60

    A simple way to make 9v metal track

    I was investigating how easy it was to buy just the rail individually (without stripping down track) and came across C&L HiNi rail. I don't know how good it is but one selling point it had was its colour. They state how the colour is more similar to steel rail than regular nickel silver rail that has more of a yellow effect. Colour is one thing I hadn't even thought about until I saw that. Steve, how close is the colour of the rail that you were using to the 9V Lego rail? From your video it looks fairly close.