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  1. sokewl

    [MOC] MC80 Liberty Cruiser "Geist"

    funny that they call it "geist" which is basically "ghost" in german and ghost is hera's rebels ship.
  2. Its reported the brickheadz will finally come to an end. In germany some brickheadz were only on shelves for like 6 weeks and there are no back orders anymore aka minnie Mickey harry potter boba fett etc. Since there are no announcements for next year besides the seasonal ones I think it's true!!!
  3. sokewl

    Tantive IV MOC, not mine!

    why not? i had a queation but answered myself so i couldnt delete ;)
  4. sokewl

    Review: 75230 Porg

    Just shuffle the orange brick separater up his a.... I mean tail. It works fine and you don't see it from the front ;)
  5. custom printed pieces for all the annoying stickers. thats one thing that i would improve :)
  6. reading this review makes me excited to read one hopefully soon for the new lego technic bugatti :)
  7. sokewl

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    I saw them too :) I don't like the fact that they are using so many sticker
  8. sokewl

    Cyclops Bricks

    i refused to order from them. i read on flickr that ppl ordered in jan 2017 and havent received anything yet. can you not request the money via paypal when paid so?
  9. sokewl

    (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

    Can you mail to anyone who purchased the instructions pls
  10. sokewl

    (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

    Can you tell the approx. amount you have spent so far? Also can anybody tell me how useful the set 75059 is for rare parts etc. Thank you ;)
  11. sokewl

    [MOC] WIP - Sandcrawler

    Can't wait ;)))
  12. sokewl

    Lego Star Wars MOC Pelta-Class Frigate

    Would love to have the lxf file just to take a deeper look. Can you check the link? It says error. Thank you ;)
  13. sokewl

    [MOC] WIP - Sandcrawler

    Best news ever. I always was admiring this minifig sandcrawler :)
  14. Would the creator share/sell instructions or a ldd file? :)
  15. Is it possible to place the at-m6 differently like on this pic in the back to the right? And maybe render it? ;) Love this model
  16. sokewl

    [MOC][WIP][LDD] Minifig Scale Rebels Ghost Build

    When I said inspirations that wasn't necessarily insinuation. It's just a fact that icarusbuilds released the ship first and shared the files so that was my obvious thought. They really lookalike but maybe because the limited building techniques doesn't allow so many styles. I'm always glad ppl create these mocs and share it with others. So definitely a huuuuuge thanks to both of you for the work.
  17. sokewl

    [MOC][WIP][LDD] Minifig Scale Rebels Ghost Build will build the UCS GHOST and is selling then the instructions. Looks like somebody took a huuuuuge inspiration on this model and updated it to the GHOST version seen from season 3. The designer is also on their page. Or is it the same builder? The two versions look alike but differ a bit old vs. new version
  18. sokewl

    [WIP] UCS V-19 Torrent

    Possible to get the ldd file? Looks soooo good!!!
  19. sokewl

    [MOC] [LDD] UCS INCOM T-70 X-Wing Fighter

    Cant wait for the instructions. Love the blue and gray color scheme
  20. sokewl

    [MOC] 1400mm X-wing

    really great work. could you post this without the finelined white lines so we could see the model itself? or a pic of the whole thing until now? the nose looks really accurate now :)
  21. sokewl

    Fast Food Falcon [MOC]

    wow. love it. so clever and cool :)