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  1. I have just bought mine due to the 2x VIP points! Now I have to wait...
  2. I can not wait till the 2x VIP points... just around the corner!
  3. I'll probably wait till 2016 for the 2nd or 3rd aaaand just if I dislike the 2016 models. This will probably work (or not if I love the 2016 models too...) Nice... but I don't need to justify my expenses to anyone... yet. I tell something similar to some people that see so much LEGO in my house. "I love mechanics and machines", I love LEGO too (normal LEGO: creator...) but many people just don't understand that.
  4. Oh God... you shouldn't have said that. Now I want 2...
  5. Review: 10251 Brick Bank

    Brilliant! Just brilliant! I read it with the video attached and it really works. Mine in a year or so
  6. Mine was the 42009. I was not into Technic, I was the one who got trains (LEGO) and my brother the old Technic. My dark age has been short if I compare it with the ones I see (20-30 years). Im 23 now and I LOVE again this things. I just can't explain myself. I have to mention that the real set that bring me to the dark side was a LEGO Star Wars UCS (the Slave I). After this one... well... my wallet hurts
  7. I second this motion too. Once you start... Love that "dark age" reference. Totally true. Same for me. ___ My opinion: build it. Its an amazing product, much more impressive than the Arocs for a non-AFOL.
  8. It will probably work as the real one does. IMO you will need a serious amount of bricks or something that works as a wall to block them.
  9. Also out of the topic but... inside de EU? both countries are in EU, I thought that kind of things involves imported goods outside EU.
  10. Yeah I put it right after his answer. I finally found it in better than shipment included, could someone explain this to me? (There are many products for Amazon Spain that come anyway from Germany)
  11. Hi, Im new here too but reading since a year ago. h refers to half of the year (1h first half, 2h second half)
  12. I have just bought this set and Im already thinking about a second one to MOC the first... This is a real problem for my wallet. Amazing set. Any of you know where you can find this set for less than 200€? (197€ does not count )
  13. I agree with KLF. 119€?! It will be around 90 (+/-10€).
  14. I wil have a real problem to fit this inside my house. I already have to fit the UCS Death Star so... I think this is a great opportunity to buy it for pieces too.