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  1. $1,300 AUD in Australia - equivalent to $1,287 CAD or $1,033 USD. Price Gouging - disappointing but I still want it. I don't know how they justify the ~25% markup
  2. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Thanks I opened one of the 4 internal boxes and it was all in bley so i'm hoping it's full bley. The seller did say he bought it around the time of the UCS MF release (2007) so at that time they would have fully transitioned (or so I hope)
  3. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Opened it up - it's new bluish gray and all the boxes are there. All good!
  4. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Hi All, I just purchased a Lego 10030 Imperial Star Destroyer advertised as new in box. Due to age, two of the seals appear to be flimsy/cut, the other 2 are fine. Curiously, the artwork for the rear is upside down. Has anyone heard of this before? I'll be opening it anyway but just wanted to see if this was a thing? Thanks!
  5. So is there any consensus whether this set is a limited run/edition (i.e. certain number of sets and thats it) or this will be around for a good 1-2 years? Debating whether to buy now or wait till Christmas as I still need to order the Tower Bridge.
  6. [MOD] One More Brick Bounty MOD

    Hi, Is 2 brick bounty's sufficient or are extra parts required? Anything special to note to build?
  7. Help combining 2 brick bountys

    Hi There, I have 2 brick bounty's and want to combine them to make a bigger ship. I have the Imperial Flagship, Queen Anne and Black Pearl so would love something of similar sizes. I've taken a look at other MOC's here but fairly difficult to follow steps. I've never done a MOC before In the interest of trying to do things myself, I decided to install Lego LDD and learn how to use it for the first time and try come up with something. Unfortunately it's fairly difficult to design and I've pretty much given up. Progress below. I also don't know if I'm using most of the parts from the Brick Bounty set, so the design probably isn't going to be very cost effective. Besides the 2 brick bounty sets I don't have alot of other useful pirate ship parts so would need to order additional parts from Bricklink Anyone have a guide or can provide assistance? Thanks