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  1. Ellisss_

    What UCS has not been done? (MOC or SET)

    That is a TE, not RT aha!
  2. Ellisss_

    [MOC] [WIP] Big Venator project

    This is very impressive! The one I was working on looks miniscule compared to this beast! Good luck with your build.
  3. Ellisss_

    Sith Fury Class Interceptor (TOR) (IDSMO-R4 final)

    This is an awesome model! Loving the use of snot ;).
  4. Ellisss_

    Light box display cases

    Nice. I like the Tidirium shuttle on the platform it looks fantastic!
  5. Amazing mods! You have covered what TLG ISD lacks! Great details.
  6. Ellisss_

    [MOC] [WIP] Utapau - Hangar 10

    That looks awesome! Keep up with the good work.
  7. Looking pretty good. Good luck with your MOC!
  8. Ellisss_

    [MOC] Death Star Control Room

    Amazing build! Great photography. Love the window and curvature of the control panels.
  9. Ellisss_

    Found a surprise

    Great finds!
  10. Ellisss_

    [MOC] steampunk Slave I

    That is great! I love the propellers on the wings. Great use of a ladder for the cockpit. Best Steampunk Slave 1 I have seen so far!
  11. Ellisss_

    [WIP] Trying to modify my Millennium Falcon

    Try and recreate the model on LDD. Many people would appreciate it, including me !
  12. Ellisss_

    UCS Death Star Set Reveal!

    Can't wait to purchase this !
  13. Ellisss_

    Battle Droid (Around 1/4 Scale)

    This is fanatastic! I agree with jhaelego it definitely needs stickers, as it is not very recognisable. I like how the droid is white. Amazing gun!
  14. Ellisss_

    [UCS] [WIP] [MOC] Venator Class Star Destroyer

    Can anyone link me to these ball joints? These seem to be the best option at this moment in time.
  15. Ellisss_

    [UCS] [WIP] [MOC] Venator Class Star Destroyer

    Thank you for your advice. I will consider some ways of anchoring the hulls. It may result in using magnets, however this is very expensive!