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  1. 3 BWE, what are you gonna do with them? I'm getting my three sets now Saturday. If I'm getting a second one of a set, it will be if there is some discount again.
  2. Jump

    42053 - Volvo EW160E

    You lucky bastards No one here has them
  3. Jump

    42053 - Volvo EW160E

    Not a single store near me that has them in stock, and if you ask for them: "don't know about any new toys..."
  4. They say it will be limited available, and delivery starts beginning September,
  5. Just don't forget, it's a pre order valid until the end of the month. Starting on August 1st, they will probably use the retail price.
  6. http://www.brickshop.nl/lego/technic.html Shipping cost to France are 23.95€ (see info)
  7. 207€ is the cheapest I've seen the set for. Or -15% on the retail price if you buy the three new sets combined.
  8. The "small" machine in the middle at the bottom is scooping up the brown coal and dumping it on the central conveyor belt. The large machine is taking the topsoil on the left, and dumping it on the right where the brown coal has been mined.
  9. Would be a great starterset with 4 million blocks (of which 1 million black pins)
  10. What is the orange part you can see at 0:40 near the right rear wheel? You can also see it at 0:37 ont he left side.
  11. I think he meant numbered bags. Now you can use bag set 1, then bag set 2, ... Using non numbered bags in this set will be hell.
  12. Probably just small and big pieces seperation. Now I have two buy two. One BWE to output in the B model...
  13. Jump

    42053 - Volvo EW160E

    Edit by Hinckley: pictures changed to links. Please reference the Site Guidelines (upper right hand corner of any forum page, under the banner or any staff signature) for the correct dimensions of posted images. These are too large. Thank you. Second model: https://scontent-bru...686988859_o.jpg Source: promobricks on facebook: https://www.facebook...988155491242154
  14. Alternative model seems nice as well: Source: promobricks on facebook:
  15. Alternative model: Source: promobricks on facebook:
  16. What if you can only get this set if you buy the actual car?
  17. Seeing the orange in the Volvo and some recent sets, I'm guessing orange as well.
  18. I've registered myself today after reading for some time. Rereading the 2015 topic, and this complete topic took some time. The main difference is that last year, all info came in stages (leaked photos etc). Except the description, most of the info we wanted came today. For all the sets. So stuff enough to discuss. I'm more of the collector person and not really into designing my own rides and complex builds. But always wonder this: how far in advance does the Technic team design the new sets? Do they already have MOCs for 2017 and the ideas for the 2018 sets? And probably a lot of ideas got killed before we even see them.
  19. Is the model screwed to the bottom so that we couldn't lift up the car to see the underside (or theft protection)?
  20. Just bought a house. Maybe I can use the BWE for my driveway, and the Volvo for the garden. The CLAAS for tree removal. And the Porsche for in the garage.