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  1. Yuppie was more young and upwardly mobile professional, don't know when urban got put in there, that is more of a modern interpretation.
  2. It looks like the Balloon from the seasonal set, don't know how that fits in with our clues and guesses though.
  3. Guess the next animal mould round 2

    No I have not seen it, but it just makes sense, it could easily be a mountain lion as well for future sets with just a recolor.
  4. Guess the next animal mould round 2

    I am going to guess number two with a spotted leopard and black panther varients.
  5. My target also has them in the checkout lanes with all the random stuff like chap stick and batteries.
  6. 2016 Lego trains

    That might be the case sometimes, but this time Amazon was price matching the Target price until Target ran out of stock, then Amazon went back to their original price. Currently it is high on Amazon because they are out of stock and that is another sellers price.
  7. Ok, if that is the case please enlighten me on another way to acquire a lego super car like this then so we can compare that. The comparison isn't the same but it is the only one I know of.
  8. It looks pretty orange in this outdoor video;
  9. The lego red isn't that close, not sure why others have said that.
  10. Probably pretty similar to what members on here dissected from images of this set on pages 19 and 20.
  11. EA owns the exclusive rights to the Porsche name in video games, Porsche sold it to them back in the Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed days. Back then it was the only real racing series in video games and now looking back Porsche feels they made a mistake.
  12. You do realize that most automotive manufactures have sold vehicles for military purposes through out history and Lego doesn't seam to have a problem with that, seams a bit of a stretch in the Caterpillar case. It would be like Toyota being snubbed for their trucks being used in war torn areas. I am sure Volvo would do the same if their Country was supporting Israel the way that the US is.
  13. Why would it be in a color the real car is not available in? This is a licensed vehicle, is it not? You think Porsche would give the license for some random color Lego choose or some silly camo that is used to hide prototype cars? No, they are going to want a real available color, it is advertising after all.
  14. 42053 - Volvo EW160E

    Can you? I have done large MOC's, but not to the extent that others on here have and I don't ever count the pieces. I have seen a trend where every new lego set is the same size but contains more pieces then the previous one. And usually the easiest answer is the correct one, How many times has lego put a number on the box that isn't some what close?