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  1. Yes. Truck and car Fury Road style. And both mocs are the same scale (i think). I like your muscle cars.
  2. Photo from above and photos with some extras. And i stripped the mad max elements and put normal rim covers just for fun.
  3. Ty for the kind words. Here are some videos of its performance. The model weights 4,5 kilograms. The slope it climbs in the second video is 30 degrees. https://www.flickr.com/photos/186777797@N03/49497040263/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/186777797@N03/49497761337/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/186777797@N03/49497767247/in/dateposted-public/ I can't post a direct link from flickr sorry.
  4. The truck is most likely finished. I've added roll bar outer cage, tail lights, back side roll bar, fuel tank caps, pirate flag on a spear poll, exhaust flames, winch decorative on off switch, cabin interior (wheel, gear shifter , seats, dashboard and fire extinguisher ). I filled some gaps in the body and added more spikes and chains here and there. And finally the accessories : - Water tank (the most important for a survival into the wastelands); - Fuel Jerry cans; - Gas bottle bombs; - Harpoon gun for the driver; - Toolboxes; -Shovel; - First aid kit; Accessories are inserted into back area with openable doors. You can see that area in the last picture. I am working on a video now that is going to show the functions and the tow/pull power of the truck.
  5. Yes, front axle is from madoca's Vintage truck. But rear axles are different. Pendular suspension with 3 big turnables plus springs - yellow shorter ones.I am sorry if that's a problem. Steering options for direct xl motor drive front axle are not many so i borrowed his front axle. Madoca is the most popular technic mocer in the world so it is nomal people to borrow part of his technical solutions. Ive posted underneath pic in the beginning of the topic. The overall design is nothing like his truck. If that is against the rules i am ok to be kicked from the contest.
  6. So today i've added front crucifixion stand with animal skull , door handles with locks and front bumper/armor details.
  7. Ty. I cant make brickshelf acc atm - some error is poping but i made flicr account
  8. Hello, I am new to this forum but i am afol since 2012 y. I've always liked Mad Max movies and the post-apocalyptic theme. My entry vehicle is inspired by last Mad Max movie trucks - the wrecker one and the monster truck one. So i decided to combine some visuals from both. The name came from the looks - bulky wide body and sounds like hulk. It is still WIP - about 70 percent done. I read too late that i have to post progress pictures. I hope that stage is not too late. I don't know how to make photos small enough to post them all in one , so i'll post some more as replies. Main functions and features are : - 6x6 drive with 6 xl motors and 1 servo for steering; - 1 L motor for the crane winch; - all 3 axles have both sides double claas tires; - Side weapons and spears/ spikes; - Openable doors and openable hood with V8 detailed engine underneath. Lately i ll add some pf lights and may be one more function.
  9. Konsta90

    [MOC] MAZ-535 Trial truck

    claas tires won't fit for sure. Current tires are less then 94 mm and they have almost no space between so 107 mm tires wont fit
  10. 2 sets are insta buy 1 august. May be 3d later with some good discount . Gem set.
  11. xerion with that patoto machine on the back is going to be huge.... like 1 meter long :)
  12. 53 studs long tunnel made of frames... :D
  13. yeah 44 links per track and 82-85 studs long (from the buckets to back control center), ~33-35 studs wide at base , ~ 49 studs high (mid link belt to top lights). Monster set ... must buy
  14. Sariel - I have a question about Claas - how hard is the rubber of the tires? Is it as hard as unimog tires or harder like solid plastic.