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    MOC - Lego Swamp Lands Castle

    Love the hinged spiderweb over the cave / water opening -- this is totally the kind of play feature I'd have loved as a kid, stashing a hidden getaway ship in there after the castle is raided.
  2. Here are my builds of Jake, Roland, Walter, and the Tower (Tower at micro-scale ) based on the upcoming Dark Tower film They're not quite as epic as mccoyed's Dark Tower builds but I'll work up to his skill level and scenes!
  3. samtung

    [MOC] Treehouse in the Enchanted Forest

    Wow, this is awesome! Great room furnishings and I love how big the tree is. I'd love to steal some of these ideas for a Wizard's Hut.
  4. Sometimes set minifigures are pretty nice looking -- Golden Knight is awesome! Medieval Market Village had wenches and a sweet blacksmith. Some of the LOTR minifigures are pretty great looking too.
  5. Love all of these, particularly more elves. My Castle collection is all classic Castle, so it's yellow minifigures, not the white-fleshtone of the licensed series -- there's a lot of elf hairpieces from LOTR but obviously none of the ears are yellow. We could probably do with more nobility / courtesans, like in Game of Thrones. My Medieval Market Village and Mill Village Raid are decently populated, but my castles are home only to soldiers. Who else hangs out there all day? I'd also love to see factions get built out with consistent heraldry. I love the Wolf Pack brooch on the latest CMF rogue, and I'd love to get, say, more Bear or Boar (CMF evil knights) or Black Falcon (Kingdoms Joust) figures that use the same sigils. I'd love to have a King, Queen, Prince/Princess, etc. for the other factions. Another classic medieval figure would be a monk! My Lego Vikings could sail up and raid the heck out of their monastery.
  6. samtung

    Hyper Light Drifter

  7. A big thing I'd like to see is NEW factions. I've got Red and Green Dragons, Blue and Dark Blue and Red Lions/Crowns... I need new Houses! I like that the two evil knights from CMF have Boar and Bear heraldry, so it'd be cool to get some fresh sigils and colors for future castles. I'd like to see something like the Dwarves and Skeletons of Fantasy Era as a faction -- maybe TLG could do Elves next, since some time will have passed since LOTR. Again, the CMF Elf could serve as a nice jumping-off point. I'm a big Dungeons & Dragons and Legend of Zelda geek, so I think it'd be cool to have some ruined temples/dungeons full of treasures and monsters, maybe with a boss monster at the end (who didn't turn their CMF Evil Wizard into a Mind Flayer?) The last thing I'd love to see is an echo of what so many other people have said: furnishings and civilian life, a la Medieval Market Village and Kingdoms Joust. It's really fun to expand out your castle world and wonder what towns and villages your castle soldiers pass through on their way to fight / lay siege to one another.
  8. Hey everyone, I've been super into the new game Hyper Light Drifter and am looking at making a custom Drifter figure. I've sourced a bunch of parts from BrickLink and Cape Madness already but am feeling kind of stuck on the torso. I feel like I need to find a way to preserve his yellow jewel thing, and maybe his belt or the top part of his tunic/girdle. Any suggestions are welcome!
  9. samtung

    Bear Knights to Dragon Knights

    Whoa, these are great! Love those shields, I'll have to pick some up for myself.
  10. samtung

    Future Castle Sets?

    This seems possible to me -- we've seen some Greek, Roman, and Aztek minifigures in the CMF lines, and there have obviously been non-Castle historically-themed waves in the past, like Vikings or the original Ninja. FWIW, I like 2013 Castle as it's when I came out of my dark ages. I understand that it's a bit "on-the-nose" in terms of good guys and bad guys, but overall the minifigures and faction colors are pretty cool. It would be nice if the next actual Castle wave contains new factions and more civilian life, though.
  11. Love this!! Could be a good army builder. Will probably go well with Forest Maiden and Elf, as well.
  12. samtung

    Future Castle Sets?

    There's certainly some precedent for revamping/rebooting iconic classics: For Castle, it'd be great to see updated versions of Forestmen, Wolf Pack, or some new non-Lion or non-Dragon faction. The Black Falcon knight in Kingdoms Joust was such a tease!
  13. Hey all, long-ime lurker, firs time poster! I wanted to make the Red Dragons’ castle more robust. Using two of the sets and some additional bricks, I added doors, an additional turret, an additional tower, and a wall. I also flipped the staircases around so they go to the inside of the castle. Modifying an existing set was helpful because it gave me some style guidelines under which to make my additions. Happy for any comments or feedback! Thanks for looking! EDIT: Sorry still figuring out how to embed images!
  14. Great work!! I love the scale of the ship, and how you've kept it shark-shaped, like the classic Aquashark submarines. Using two canopies and exposing one eye on each side to get a wider shark head is really clever. Aquazone was my favorite theme as a kid and I can't wait to see what you put together next!