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  1. I am happy that my dear woman is not patient. Unable to wait for my response over a week before the birthday gave me a Lego bricks. Of course this is a set of 42127 Ghost, with this year's series Microfighters. Thank you for the toy :) This is another model based on the animated series Star Wars: Rebels. It happened I watched just the pilot episode of the first season called "Rebelion Spark." It's nice that in this episode, we can see Hera Syndulla and piloted by her the Ghost. Series is evidently intended for children, although older can like, because it is done professionally. For me it is too childish Series: Star Wars, Microfighters Series 3, Rebels Released: 2016 Set: 75127 Pcs: 104 Minifigs: 1 PPP: 0,01 $ Model weight: 0,064 kg Set weight: 0,108 kg Alternative build: no Price: £8.99 / $9.99 / 9.99€ / 39,99 zł Parts lists: - Bricklink - Brickset Box Box has a standard size for this subseries or 14 cm x 12 cm x 4.5 cm, and weighs less than 110 grams. The center of the front is the big picture of the finished The Ghost put into motion. It is located somewhere in space in a short distance from the planet Lothal. It is fired by visible at a considerable distance TIE Fighters. Apart from this scene we can see the logos: Lego, Star Wars, Disney, Microfighters and information that the model belongs to the third series of Microfighters. On the reverse side of the box main point of the program it is also a big picture model Ghost, here already chased by his antagonist of couple which is 75128 TIE Advanced Prototype. The smaller picture shows the possibility of firing blaster on round plates. At the bottom graphic shows all six models this year's series. One of the long sides traditionally represents one of the items in the scale of 1: 1. This time we see minifig Hera Syndulla. Inside filled almost entirely cardboard we find: - Two unnumbered bags of bricks - Folded in half instruction Instruction consists of 32 pages glued on the spine. Besides the construction process, which consists of 29 steps, contains a list of parts and ads: Lego Club and this year's series Microfighters. Only one of the bricks comes in new colour: 553c - Added on Trans-Clear Brick, Round 2 x 2 Dome Top - Hollow Stud with Bottom Axle Holder x Shape + Orientation - 1 pc The set is equipped with a minifigurkę Syndulla Hera, which was used by the TLG for the second time - earlier the Ghost model, but on a larger scale - 75053 The Ghost of 2014. Hera has a unique headgear - gray scarf, with protruding hair curls (or antennae - hard to tell) and printed goggles. Green head is printed on both sides - with a cheerful and focused expression. Brownish orange torso is also a double-sided printed and with orange legs looks very nice. Finished model The process of building the model is simple, just like the previous models in the series. Toy construction takes a few minutes. Finished model with spare parts. Summary By far the little money we get into the hands of a hundred-piece set with a nice model. Micro-ghost refers to his original, which is endowed with a lot of details. Despite this toy is nice and went to stand next to the monitor with AT-DP [/ url] and Wookiee Gunship [/ url]. Pros + cheap set + couple of parts to collection + unique minifig Cons - Folded instructions Hi res photos - flickr. Read more at http://legopo30.blogspot.com/2016/04/75127-ghost-recenzja-speed-build.html#XwYbVEO8otBJWJYP.99
  2. Yesterday's visit to the Shell gas station ended up buying three Lego polybags promoting Shell and Ferrari. At the first I will review set 40190 Ferrari F138. It is a miniature Formula 1 car Scuderia Ferrari for the season 2013. Its name comes from the last two digits of 2013 and the number of engine cylinders. Series: Shell, Ferrari Released: 2014 Set: 40190 Pcs: 43 PPP: 0,46 polish zloty Model weight: 0,027 kg Set weight: 0,035 kg Alternate build: no Price: 19,99 polish zloty (about 5 $) Parts list Bricklink Brickset Packaging and contents This packaging is polybag - small, glossy bag with dimensions of 19 cm x 17 cm x 1 cm with a weight of 0,035 kilogram. Front of this plastic bag shows a section of the racetrack with pasted pictures of the finished model. I must admit that it looks nice, especially since I like combination of red with yellow. Besides, we see logos Lego, Shell and Ferrari as well as information on age-purpose, model number and name, as well as (in the lower right corner) infographic that shows that the car can be set in motion. Back of pack is almost all red, besides the center which includes a transparent foil strip, which allows you to preview the contents. With interesting - we can see a sticker providing the originality of Ferrari. Inside we find: - 43 bricks - protected instructions and a sheet of stickers New parts In such a small package we find new parts, which to me is a pleasant surprise. 93589pb007 Red Wedge 4 x 2 x 1 1/3 with 1 x 4 Base with 1 Black, 3 White Stripes Pattern 74967pb01 Black Wheel 8mm D. x 9mm (for Slicks), Hole Notched for Wheels Holder Pin, Reinforced Back with Yellow Rim Edge Pattern Interesting parts The following two items were introduced for sale two years earlier, but it seems to me interesting, and there are only in 10 sets. The first is the front axle, a second, much more interesting, is also an element of suspension, along with a mini Pull back motor. 11002 Black Plate, Modified 2 x 2 with Wheels Holder Wide and Hole, Reinforced Bottom 10039c01 Black Pullback Motor 8 x 4 x 2/3 Instruction is repeatedly folded sheet of A4 paper. The simple process of building is included in the 14 steps. there is no table of elements. Building process and finished model As I mentioned above, the construction of the model is easy. In the following movie, which is the first aimed to video review you will see parts, new parts, build and functions. [media] [/media]Spare parts - very much like a set of 43 parts. Finished model Summary The finished model is very neat, and how such a small scale very faithfully reproduces the original. Colors, stickers and new wheels allowed to achieve such an effect. In addition, the model can be set in motion due to Pull back motor in rear axle. With more than one such car racing can be arranged. Pros: + Nice model + New parts + A lot of fun + A lot of spare parts Cons - none High res photos - flickr Read more at http://legopo30.blog...PcjqLSZMUrGu.99
  3. Review comes form my blog legopo30.blogspot.com Series: Star Wars, Epizode III Year: 2014 Set: 75038 PCS: 223 (BL 215) Minifigs: 2 PPP: 0,13 € Model weight: 0,190 kg Set weight (box with parts and instruction): 0,352 kg Alternative build: no Price: £19.99 / $24.99 / 29.99€ Parts list - Bricklink - Brickset The Box The obverse of box measuring 26 x 19 x 6 cm the main part of the front we can see a picture of the finished model, in the background you can see some shots from blasters, explosions and a distant planet too. Above this scene there is a place for logos Lego, Star Wars and nicely drawn Darth Vader. In the lower left corner two figures from the kit and launchers "arrows" are shown. On the reverse side of the box are a few pictures - mostly finished model of a fighter, and information on holders for Anakin's lightsaber, movable wings and the possibility of shooting. One of the long sides of the box shows Anakin and R2-D2 in 1:1 scale. Opened box is almost full, mostly because there is air packed in bags. Here's what we find inside: - 3 bags with parts numbered from 1 to 3 - Unsecured instructions - Unsecured sheet of stickers. Dominant colors here are Yellow and Light Bluish Grey. The set includes new elements (in 2014 were new): 15301c01 - Dark Bluish Gray Spring Shooter with Light Bluish Gray Top - 2 pcs 10312pb01 - Trans-Black Windscreen 10 x 6 x 3 - 1 pc 98138pb020 Light Bluish Gray Tile, Round 1 x 1 with SW Republic Pattern - 2 pcs 15303 - Trans-Bright Green Bar 8L with Round End - 3 pcs This part was published in 2014, but I'm not sure whether it made its debut in this particular model. Minifigs are also new: Anakin Skywalker figure is unique. Printed on both sides of his head is unique, torso as well. R2-D2 is a new figure, ever since it was in six sets. Instruction has rectangular shape with a length of 19.5 cm and a width of 12.5 cm. It consists of 68 pages, where beside the building process there is a place for the list of items and advertising. Finished model Construction of the model is quite easy - manual is very detailed. Construction took me an hour and a half (but filmed building, which slightly increases time of construction). The first stage of construction, with first bag has 21 steps, the second and third have 27 steps each. Subscribe if you liked. Thank you! Spare parts Finished model Comparision with 75135 Cockpit older model is made better, much better. Not only that, we have a sticker with an imitation of the controls and the portion of the cockpit, the designers have thought of holders for the lightsaber. In the picture below you can see that newer cockpit is poorer, and the lightsaber can be put in place, which is - in this position cabin can be closed. The older model also better positioned astrorobot - not sticking out so tragically as 75135. Summary Pros + Aesthetics + Faithful reproduction of the original + Attention to detail + Minifigs Cons - Lack of some kind of stand, through which you can present a beautiful model in all its glory. Hi res photos: flickr.
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    [Review] 75038 Jedi Interceptor

    Thank you guys for pleasant words. My english isn't good, so I'm very pleased with your comments.
  5. In yesterday's review I presented main model from set 42036. Today came the model B: Retro Bike. Box description, its content, and parts are here. This model is styled along the lines of today's motorcycles referring to their prototypes of the 40s and 50s of the last century. And this is a very successful styling. The model has to be enjoyed. Shape, proportions, colors are very nicely selected and reproduced. This vehicle is slightly smaller and poorer (has one functionality less) than basic version. We can see it because of parts left after construction. There is, of course, lighter, and weighed 0,239 kg. Functionality found in, except the usual riding, amortised and swivel front wheel, piston engine-driven rear wheel and a movable kickstand that allows to set the vertical position. I like this model very much, even though too short chain. It seems to me better than the main model. [media] [/media]Parts left Finished model
  6. 42036 Street Motorcycle - recenzja + speed build Review comes from my blog. You can chec my FB, Youtube or Instagram. 42036 Street Motorcycle is a set that allows to build two motorcycles (two-wheelers geek I am more than a Lego :)) - "chaser" as the primary model and "naked" as an alternative. Motorcycles were repeatedly used by TLG. The first set is 857-1 Motorbike with Sidecar [/ url], 1979. Since then Lego has released 26 models of motorcycles. Closest to the vehicle being reviewed seems set from 2010, that is, 8051-1 Motorbike [/ url]. It seems that last year's model is much poorer than its older brother (I lean on the pictures, then I do not have that motorcycle). Series: Technic Released: 2015 Set: 42036 Pcs: 375 PPP: 0,05 € Model weight: 0,333 kg Set weight (box with bricks and instructions): 0,556 kg Alternative build: yes Price: £17,99 / $19,99 / 19,99€ / 159,99 zł Parts list: - Bricklink - Brickset The box The box has dimensions of 35 cm x 19 cm x 7 cm and weighs just over half a kilogram. As for the set consisting of 375 elements is quite a lot. The box is kept in a characteristic dark color. Front of cardboard includes a large photo of the main model against some road in the mountains. Furthermore, we can see the logos and Lego Technic series and information about the kit, you can build two vehicles. The back of the box is interesting. The greater part of the back of box is picture with a beautiful optional model (I am a fan of "naked" bikes) and two photos showing the functionality of the bike, which is moving the chain and the pistons in the engine. One of the long sides as usual, represents one of the elements in the scale of 1: 1. This time we can see Medium Blue Technic, Panel Fairing # 3 Smooth Small Long, Side A with 'LT1' Pattern. There is no name of model on the box. I'm writing about model built over a year ago and do not remember how many bags of elements was in the box. The content is: - Bricks - Two instructions (one for model A, the second for model B) - A sheet of stickers An instruction is the book measuring 21 cm x 16.5 cm and consists of 80 pages. Besides the construction guide consisting of 43 steps, there is a place for advertising Lego application, Technic website and three models in the series. Parts list is located in the manual model B. The set doesn't have new parts, only a few in a new color - Medium Blue. 87080 Medium Blue Technic, Panel Fairing # 1 Small Smooth Short, Side A - 2 pcs 87080 Medium Blue Technic, Panel Fairing # 1 Small Smooth Short, Side B - 2 pcs 64393 Medium Blue Technic, Panel Fairing # 6 Long Smooth, Side B - 1 pc 64681 Medium Blue Technic, Panel Fairing # 5 Long Smooth, Side A - 1 pc 32192 Medium Blue Technic, Axle and Pin Connector Angled #4 - 135 degree - 2 pcs 64683 Medium Blue Technic, Panel Fairing # 3 Small Smooth Long, Side A - 2 pcs 64391 Medium Blue Technic, Panel Fairing # 4 Small Smooth Long, Side B - 2 pcs The build As I mentioned in the introduction construction is moderately complicated. During shooting video it took me a little over an hour, without shooting the video would go much faster. Building process in manual is clear and well described, so there is little room for error. [media] [/media]Traditionally, I ask ror youtube like and subscription. I have no spare elements, they lie somewhere in the drawers. BL indicates that the backup should be eight elements. Finished model Summary Kit 42036 is successful. In the box you will find two interesting models (I will separatly review model B), with an attractive design and colors. The motorcycle is very well designed - really gives the impression of a strong "chaser". The only flaw is a V engine, not seen in this type of motorcycles. Vehicles as a set for 20 euro have a lot of functionality: riding riding we have amortized both wheels, steering wheel, rear wheel driven four-cylinder engine, moving the kickstand allowing expose model on the shelf without worrying that falls over. In addition, the kit is the doner of many parts in interesting colors - blue panels, red liftarms, wheels, tires and the whole handful of Technic bricks. The model is also solidly built - dropping on the wheels, even from a height of half a meter has not caused any damage. Pros + Two nice bikes + Robust construction + A lot of parts in a new color + Doner of parts + A lot of functionalityi Cons - V-engine in "chaser" motorcycle but it's nothing, a half-minus If I made mistakes forgive me, my English isn't perfect.
  7. Thanks for nice words. For me the best one is 8051 and I have to find it. I am motorbike maniac :) Especially naked ones.
  8. Very nice review. Good job!
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    [Review] 75038 Jedi Interceptor

    Do you have picture of this MOD?
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    [Review] 75038 Jedi Interceptor

    I wasn't shure if I used this word properly :) It is nice to me, guy with poor english to learn a word to a guy from US :) Thanks.
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    [MOC] Detention block AA23

    I love these pictures. It is such a good job.
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    [MOC] Imperial hovertank R1 trailer

    Very nice works! Followed on flckr even :)
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    [MOC] Imperial hovertank R1 trailer

    Nice work. Do you have mor photos of hovercraft and this building next to it?
  14. I want to introduce newst (or one of newest) Lego Star Wars foil pack: Naboo Starfighter Series: Star Wars Year: 2016 Set: 911609 Pcs: 34 Model Weight: 16 g Cena: free gift to Star Wars magazine Parts list: - Bricklink Foil pack has standard dimensions of 14cm x 10cm x 1 cm. On its font we see the big picture of fighter against the background of the planet Naboo, and two chasing him TIE Fighters. From the front of the pack, we see more logos: Lego, Star Wars and Disney. On its back we can find warn against choking and a photograph of one of the parts in scale 1: 1, this time it is the Light Bluish Gray Cone 1 x 1 with Top Groove. Instructions contained in magazine occupies two pages of A4 and consists of 11 steps. That what we can find inside: To make the model we are using all 34 elements, there are no spare parts. [media] [/media]Be so kind and give thumb up and subscribe if you liked. Thanks. Naboo Starfighter is really very successful model. It looks very neatly, he does not lack anything. Pros - The appearance of the model - Playable - Cool pads - price (aprox 2 euros for magazine) Cons - there are no cons And below the results of my work in intergalactic Shipyard. 11 alternaive models :) Read more at http://legopo30.blog...zRJx4BWgLYQl.99
  15. I am not sure how it comes in Europe, but in Poland this foil pack comes with Star Wars Magazine. Its cover looks like that:
  16. Hi guys This is my first review of Technic set in english. This is second Pull Back set this year. It is not as nice as 42046, but still I like it. 42047 is also neat, nicely built, color polished, but lacks character. Clearly, the TLG decided to give models to play cops and thieves. Series: Technic Year: 2016 No: 42047 Pcs: 185 PPP: 0,11$ Model Weight: 0,212 kg Set weight: 0,318 kg Model B: yes, but you need second set Price: £17,99 / $19,99 / 19,99€ Inventory: - Bricklink - Brickset Box Box looks very ordinary. Decorated in dark colors which are characteristic of the series Technic. What first strikes the eye are lemon elements of the car - bumper, wheels and some stickers (alternating with blue). Box measurments are 26 cm x 14 cm x 6 cm. The back of the box shows the alternative model, which is formed from a combination of components of the kits 42046 and 42047, which are both of this year's car Pull Back. Inside the box we can find: manual 2 bags with bricks 2 white liftarms Pull Back motor stickers sheet Manual has 52 pages with 49 build steps. There are also parts list and some advertisements. There are no new parts. Two of them are in ne colours: Lime Wheel 30.4mm D. x 20mm with No Pin Holes and Reinforced Rim - 4 pcs Lime Technic, Liftarm 3 x 3 L-Shape Thin - 2 pcs (i know - it was used in 2 sets in 2000 and in 2001) Build Forty-nine steps in the construction manual is nothing especially demanding, but giving a little fun. Building process would not call boring. Purpose model for children from 7 to 14 years is fine, though I would set the upper limit of a maximum of 12 years. Spare parts Finished model Podsumowanie 42047-1 Police Interceptor is a very neat vehicle a little shorter than 42046, but higher. The colors are pretty, but the excess white color gives the impression of boring. Stickers a little break the whites. Car is very nicely finished, there are no sharp edges. I like also the lemon wheels. It looks attractive. Pull Back mechanism is very strong - on slippery surfaces (panels, tiles, countertop) wheel spin immediately. On a more rough surface of the car takes off as it should. However, it is a little unstable - only when jumping - model usually lands on the side or "back". Despite these minor shortcomings I consider this set successful. Pros: + Lots of useful parts - mainly liftarms + Nice color + Lets you play the races (you must have at least two models of Pull Back) Cons - Alternative model requires the purchase of the second set - Alternative model is ugly (but it's a matter of taste) - Wheels spin - A little too much white elements Bonus Model B Read more at http://legopo30.blog...L6SUVfQAx9Vh.99
  17. I dint know this vehicle. Thanks for showing me new thing.
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    [MOC]s Cylinder Hemisphere Experiments

    Oasis is awsome. And photo too.
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    [LDD][MOC] Modern black house

    Renders kick megablocks :)
  20. Hi guys. This is my firts time to make a review in english (better say mini review). I want to show you amazing set 21302 The Big Bang Theory from Ideas series. Series: Ideas Year: 2015 Set: 21302 Pieces: 484 Price per piece: 0,12 $ Model weight: 0,380 kg Set weight (whole box): 0,782 kg Price: £49,99 / $59,99 / 59,99€ / 259,99 zł Inventory: - Bricklink - Brickset The Box Box is medium sized (35 cm x 19 cm x 5,5 cm), quite heavy (almost 0,8 kg) and is decorated in white and black colors. At the top of the box you will find a large photograph of the finished model. On the back of the box, we see three photographs of details of the model and the presentation of seven minifigures. Opened box is almost full. We can find inside: - unprotected instructions and stickers sheet - 5 bags with bricks (two with numer 1 and three with numer 2) - 3 loose tan plates The Instructions The instructions are a single thick book (104 pages) with glued bindings. Paper is very good auality, bette than in ordinary sets. Besides building process we can find some informations about The Big Bang Theory series and characters, set designers and part list. On some pages we can find short quotes from each charcter. Very nice. New parts 3005pb026 White Brick 1 x 1 with Red Asian Character (Chinese 'Rice') Pattern - 2 pcs 3069bpb399 Dark Orange Tile 1 x 2 with Radio Frequency and Buttons Pattern - 1 pc 3069bpb398 Dark Bluish Gray Tile 1 x 2 with Radio Antenna Lightning Pattern - 1 pc 3068bpb0674 Reddish Brown Tile 2 x 2 with Suspension Bridge Pattern - 1 pc 6179pb091 White Tile, Modified 4 x 4 with Studs on Edges with Blue Whiteboard Formula Pattern - 1 pc 87079pb224 White Tile 2 x 4 with Multiphoton Mathematical Pattern - 1 szt Pieces in new colours 4599b Green Tap 1 x 1 without Hole in End - 1 szt 3832 Dark Orange Plate 2 x 10 - 3 szt 30106 Medium Azure Minifig, Utensil Crystal Ball Globe 2 x 2 x 2 - 1 szt 90398 Blue Minifig, Utensil Trophy Statuette - 2 szt Minifigs Amy - her head, torso and legs are unique Bernadette - her head, torso and legs are unique Howard - his head, torso and legs are unique (look at his belt) Leonard - his hair, head and torso are unique Penny - her head and torso are unique Raj - his head and torso are unique Sheldon - his head and torso are unique Building Process Be so kind and give me a thumb up and subscribe. Thanks. Spare parts Completed model Final note I find this set very interesting. Maybe because I am a fan of TBBT series. Set has many, many parts. If someone wants to make some stop motion vidios here he has a stage plan, actors and props. But there are some bugs. The included whiteboard is the scale for giants and falls with almost every touch. The same applies to the table in the living room - on this scale, it remindes me more a bar table not a coffee table, with which we are dealing in the series. And it is unstable - mounted on two studs when easily it can be set to four studs. Girl minifigs through their long hair have a problem with sitting down on the couch - minifig must be unnaturally leaning forward. From sitting down on a armchair they should rather resign. Pros + Unique minifigures about it until seven pieces + Sensational provider of parts for MOCs + Considerable amount of additional blocks + Very nice execution model + Nice box + Robust manual Cons - Errors in scale implementation of certain objects - Unstable whiteboard Please let me know what you think anout my very first english mini review.
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    nice one!
  22. Hi I would like to introduce my next speed build movie. Again i've filmed a historical set - 8216 from 1997. And some images of box, instructions and racer. How do you like this model?
  23. Thank you very much for so nice replies. You convinced me to try reviews in English. Give me a tip for future. Where i should place my movies and "reviews" of Star Wars, Ideas, Architecture sets? I dont like to make a mess. Edit: Ideas, Architecture here, right? http://www.eurobrick...hp?showforum=92 Star Wars are obvious :)