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  1. You like to play big i see, and with style! Amazing, beautiful! Congrats! (I really love Wuxia movies! Now some of it is in Lego, thanks to you!)
  2. I think this is my favourite entry so far! Looking good! Also love the Disney Whisker Haven pet! Congrats!
  3. Hello! I am trying to join the Nocty group on Flickr, but it is not working! I press join, agree to the terms, and nothing happens. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, and have a nice nocturnian weekend!
  4. Playing in Space Since 1978

    Wonderful! Congrats!
  5. [MOC] Jurassic Brick

    Whoa! Very beautiful creations! Amazing! Love dinos!
  6. MOC Elven Village

    Elves is my favourite active theme for years! I mostly fell in love with the theme because of the new bright colors- it worked as some kind of magnet on me. Always welcome an Elves MOC! Beautiful work, you have done here! Congrats!
  7. What did you buy today?

    Hi! Picked up these today! My first Nexo Knights set, and my first two Lego Dimensions sets. lego-infernox-captures-the-queen-set-70325 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr 71346_brickset by Erhard Maas, on Flickr 71343 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr
  8. Neo-Blacktron Gunship

    Looking good! Congrats!
  9. Somehow i missed this earlier! I like it very much! Great figs! Nice work, congrats!
  10. Thanks @Umbra-Manis ! I did that. @Exetrius : Now, that you mention Zotharith. I remember when i saw your Zotharian army back in January, i liked a torso very much. You said it is a Stone Armor Cole torso, so i checked it, and it was a Toys R Us exclusive in Canada, and the US as far as i know. Today i found two of them in my local Lego store, so i have one now!
  11. Contest: Elves Autumn Animals

    Good news! I am excited about this! Elves is my favourite active Lego theme these years!
  12. Unbelievable! Fantastic! Congrats!
  13. MOC Romans VS Greece Hoplites

    I like to see this very much! Could use some greeks too, but the Spartan Warrior minifig and parts, are very expensive. Maybe could use the Flying Warrior's body from CM S15, but still no helmet. May i ask are these some kind of after market helmets? BrickWarriorz or something?
  14. Hello! Thank you for the help @Lord Buckethead, and @Bregir! I present you my sigfig! IMG_0075 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr His name is Odysstudus, and he is a botanist from a little village named Athena in Balondia. He is not a big fan of Corrington. Sees corlanders as invaders of his beloved country, what they are. But, he must put aside his dislike and the nasty politics, because he is more interested in SCIENCE- the possibly countless new undiscovered species of plants what can very likely to be found on the colonies! He has been all over the Madrice Peninsula, used every opportunity he could get, but that is nothing compare to unknown lands! And guess what?! One of the best way to get there is on a corish ship! If you cannot beat them, join them- and oh, they have everything Odysstudus will need! Forty- nine years of war was enough! He thinks battle is not the only way to achieve glory! For Balondia of course! IMG_0084 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr Corrington has the ships, the knowledge, the colonies, the manpower, and the money to finance an expedition like this! Just have to convince the right people on The Parlaiment of Science or something. Odysstudus didn't know much about those bureaucracy things. He let the Balondian Gerousia of Physis take care of the formalities. They knew him, knew what he is capable of, knew that Corrington cannot pass on an opportunity like this. By the way, his favourite fields of botany are herbalism, mycology, and pomology! He also picked up viticulture! Who won't love a good wine, right?! Those are the things he is after! Possibility of new medicine, food, and drink. Corlanders need that too, so they granted the transport to one of their colonies, and if Odysstudus can come up with some promising results, they will be willing to extend the "partnership". Means he can keep the job. The colonies are not without danger, so the Balondian Gerousia of Physis- to protect one of their best scientist- reached out to the friendly, and distant relative nation of Peppin to make this a joint mission with their brothers and sisters, and asked for an escort- promised to share any discoveries in return. This step strengthened the bond between these small nations- who were under the occupation by the same power. IMG_0079 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr Odysstudos, and Atalanta from the town of Minos, Peppin- met for the first time on the island of Tiberia, in Arlinsport. Well, Atalanta was in a bar fight with some drunk corish sailors. After she beat them unconscious and finished her drink, she commented to the somewhat shocked Odysstudos: "Who did you expect? Legonidas? Never keep these reds close to your drink, OR your heart!" Ody replied "we do not have to, but they can come in handy". IMG_0083 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr Please, let me know if there is something i have to change in my story. I've tried to use proper grammar, but english is not my native tongue, so tell me those errors too. Thank you!