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  1. Triswa

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    I've just received the 13 diameter ring and supports, they are great will probably also order the 17 version, That got me thinking is it possible to make support wheels for the lego part, where you can use the rail inside for the guidance? see attached photo,
  2. Triswa

    [MOC] Demolition Excavator Finally had some time to work on this again. I've ordered the bearing support from Efferman last weekend and it already arrived today. They fit well and a nice compact solution. So now another rebuild of the chassis hopefully the last one, but we will see.
  3. Triswa

    [MOC] Demolition Excavator

    Small update, I've got my new Chinese cylinders in and dit the mod to Lego for them. Type is MAL 16 75mm or 100mm stroke. What to do is get an 7.9 mm drill and bore out the connection on the bottom original this is 6 mm it is quite easy to do. Next are the connections these are M5 to 2.5/3 mm hose fuel line connectors for RC cars. I fitted them with Locktite to have a good seal. For the top side also use the 7.9 mm drill to fit the 2L connector. And an update on the build, the new cylinders have a bit more stroke so I had to redo the chassis and first boom part. To get the look more similar I used more panels to build the first boom section, the top part will also get an revision. In the chassis I am going to integrate the air compressor, air tanks and also the controls, the color scheme will also change to yellow completely.
  4. Triswa

    [MOC] Demolition Excavator

    Some progress made the worktool. The cylinder I use are standard MA type pneumatic cylinders, these were old ones from a scrap yard. I have ordered some more on aliexpress the bore I use is 16mm Lego around 12mm with a stroke of 75 mm but I'll also order some 100 mm stroke. To connect them I bored out the connections to the size of a pin connector 2L and use some small orings as spacer.
  5. Hello all, I've been reading this forum for a while now, I used to build a lot with Lego, but had a dark period of around 8 years. Last Christmas I've picket it up again with the 42042, and then I was hooked again. This is a moc I had in my head for years but just not the right parts available for it, so I was really happy Lego decided to make bigger cylinders. But still i would like to have 15L and 3 wide cylinders to complete the package and not use steel cylinders. The scale I am building in is 1/31, I really like the possibilities the panels offer and the new rings from the 42055. To bad for the non Lego cylinders else I would have competed in the TC10