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  1. Alexastor

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Yes, from Solo (they are on screen only for like half a second during the Mimban battle). And thanks :)
  2. Alexastor

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Finally got a camera and "studio" good enough to take decent and consistent pictures. Will start posting my figbashes and mocs of new and updated minfigs here in the next days and weeks. Let's start with one of my favourites, the Mimbanese Soldier:
  3. It wouldn't make sense for Lego to simplify them. By making them regular quality, they can get adults to pay for $20-$30 sets they wouldn't buy otherwise.
  4. Alexastor

    Updating Your Minifigs

    For Moden Canady, I'm using Gloin/Dain Ironfoot's head with Medium Dark Flesh Draco hair. Sorry for potato quality.
  5. We could easily get the Conveyex gunner in a Conveyex microfighter.
  6. The torso seems to match the Conveyex train gunner from the Solo art book: The details don't seem to match the officer's (major) greatcoat. The greatcoat has the flap opened and only the center belt buckle, not those things on the side.
  7. Sorry, oversight. OT Tie would still be less pieces, and therefore either have a side build or extra figs to make up for the price difference.
  8. Would be ridiculous if it was just a TIE Interceptor, given all TIEs in the past have been 70-80 bucks. FO TIE: 517, 70$ TIE Striker: 543 pieces, 70$ Kylo Ren's TIE: 630 pieces, 80$ TIE Fighter (SOLO): 530, 70$ The piece count of an OT Interceptor would be between Kylo's TIE and a regular TIE, if not less. So I'm suspecting the Interceptor either comes with a lot more minifigs or a sidebuild, or it is in fact not an Interceptor. However, the Heavy TIE from Solo could fit the 90$ price tag due to the extra bulk and 2nd pod.
  9. But there is conflicting info that 75203 is a retailer exclusive Hoth set (info I think from the Walmart shop listing). So the SOLO trench set could be true, but it isn't necessarily 75203, especially as the guy who leaked the V torrent also got the set numbers wrong the first time.
  10. According to rumors, we are getting following sets: 2 Speeder bikes Conveyex train Imperial hauler Enfys Nest will most likely be in the speeder set, and if we get the Rangetrooper, it will be in the Hauler or Conveyex train. There have been rumors about another set including Chewie, a Mudtrooper and an officer.
  11. I would hope @Sir von Lego knows something about it.
  12. Interesting, if true. I'm a big TIE fan, so I'd be looking forward to it. Just weird for Lego to release the same ship different wings in the same year. Would have made more sense to release the Heavy TIE as part of the Solo wave instead, as it doesn't have a single design element in common with the Interceptor.
  13. Keep in mind Lego tends to switch around releases. The UCS Millennium Falcon 75192 was released before the UCS Y-Wing 75181. I wouldn't be surprised if Cloud City came next year.
  14. Depends. In Germany, summer sets release officially on June 1st usually, but Galeria Kaufhof (German store chain) gets an early release of the summer wave on the 15th. Might be similar here. Or we're just late like with this winter wave, which was released on the 27th in Germany, but already on the 15th in UK and US.
  15. Oh I wasn't quoting correctly. I wasn't doubting the price or piece count. I was doubting that it would come with the FO AT-ST head given that it has less pieces than the RO AT-ST head.