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  1. Tearloch

    Lego Train Set Sticker Scans

    I have been creating custom stickers at home for some MOCs, but it is very painful to match colors. Its not as simple as you might think. You can find RGB and other color codes on the internet, but then you have to consider your printer. Every printer is different, and its very frustrating to essential waste a full sheet of my good vinyl decal paper just to test colors (yes, the paper also matters). Even if you scan the decal sheets from Lego sets, don't be surprised if the colors look different once you print out a new set (even the scanner will alter the colors slightly.
  2. Tearloch

    LDD MOC: BN EMD E-9A Engine

    Nice model. Are you the same guy that has a WSOR EMD GP-38 (or similar) with PF installed in a 6 wide? If so, I used it for inspiration for my redo of the BNSF GP-38 using PF. Here is my MOC page for that one...
  3. Tearloch

    LDD MOC: BN EMD E-9A Engine

    Thanks for the feed back. Now that you mention it, I think my original intentions were to actually **GASP** shorten the chrome horns to do that, but since I designed it last January and just built it last month, I totally forgot. Agree on the length of the passenger cars to fit the scale, but I have no idea how well (or bad) they would move around curves with that length. I may end up shortening the cab just so I can shorten the cars. Hopefully it won't be another year before I get to the passenger cars.....
  4. Tearloch

    LDD MOC: BN EMD E-9A Engine

    OK, so I finally got around to building this MOC. Here are a couple of pictures. I still need to make some decals. After that, I plan to motorize this 42 stud long beast with PF, but I have not ever done a geared train before, so it will take so trial and error.
  5. Tearloch

    LDD MOC: BN EMD E-9A Engine

    Apologies up front if this doesn't fit the rules for bumping an old post. Anyway, I finally got working on this again, and ordered all the parts for this MOC. Between what I already had and PAB, I only had to hunt for about 15% of the parts on BrickLink, and was able to get those in only 5 orders (and only 1 international order). I had to make one minor change from the original MOC picture due to a part not being available. I hope the black louvers on the hood don't look too bad. Also, the windshield in LDD is not the one I plan to use. I ordered the black version of the windshield that came with the Super Chief (couldn't find it in LDD). I will post pictures once I get it built, then I have to work on motorizing it (never have tried gearing a motor to the trucks...should be a fun time). Then I have to decide on the passenger cars....
  6. So does the box around the mechanism limit its travel sufficiently to prevent snapping off the little nubs (where lever meets the slider attached to point)? I really wish Lego had some smaller motors for this. Also, how do you handle multiple switches? Power supplies? I would imagine an elaborate set up would quickly run out of PF channels (without even considering channels for the trains themselves).
  7. Tearloch

    Help with Building a Pleasure Dome

    I have the Papilio's vinyl....works great. It was thinner than most of the paper I found, plus it wraps very nicely around corners, and even will cover odd curves (like the 4x4 hoods) by giving it a little stretch.
  8. Tearloch

    Help with Building a Pleasure Dome

    Nice. What did you make your decals out of? You might try a red Sharpie on the edges to hide them a bit. That full view observation car has the same window as I think I have to use. Looking good.
  9. Tearloch

    LDD MOC: Gondola Car

    The gondola I used for this was really an after thought. I think I put about 15 minutes into the design (which I decided to do while ordering parts for the truck and crane). The OTM Tracker project is linked here. I haven't had the energy to re-visit this since Christmas, but I have a few things I need to try to re-work, and the gondola is definitely one of them. Thanks again for the inspiration.
  10. Tearloch

    LDD MOC: Gondola Car

    Very nice MOC. I slapped one together pretty quick for my OTM Tracker project, but didn't really put much effort into it. I may have to go back to remake it....I really like the look of your version. Brick On!
  11. Tearloch

    MOC: Vintage Passenger Coaches

    Beautifully done!!!!! And I see some rather expensive green modified plates in there, as well. Did you have those lying around? I have been stocking up on some of those for a year now, but when you get maybe 5 show up on BL every 3 months, it makes it tough (not to mention paying over $2 for a single 1x1 modified plate)......Ouch! Brick on!
  12. Tearloch

    MOC: GM EMD GP9 Locomotive

    Nice catch...I am actually new to the whole train world, so I make some mistakes like that...I guess I was speaking of the overall design (tall hood, early diesel, etc). I am hoping that I can make mine a reality at some point. With the Medium Azure being a new color, I hope it gets an expanded part inventory in the near future. I actually think I could do about 95% of what I need with existing parts, but I got lazy Anyway, your MOC is flippin awesome. The colors really pop, and the RC base saves the dreaded decals. Thanks so much for sharing it. My first post kinda missed that point (it was late...wife was nagging...forgot why I was replying). On my re-read, I seemed like I was trying to steal the show.....not intended
  13. Tearloch

    MOC: GM EMD GP9 Locomotive

    Cool.....nicely done....I had started working on a MOC of that very engine around Christmas, but in the Rock Island blue and white...but I stopped when I realized that the color I needed (the new med azure) wasn't in enough parts to make this without a ton of difficulty.... Here is what I was going for, plus I plan to do the caboose...if I can get the color worked out (the medium blue doesn't look right).
  14. Tearloch

    Help with Building a Pleasure Dome

    James Mathis...thank you so much for the pictures. That really helps visuallizing what I want to do. Unfortunately, I haven't touched this project in the last month or so. I hope to get back to this one very soon, but that depends on how much free time my wife builds into my schedule
  15. Tearloch

    MOC: Hi Rail Unimog

    Here is a version of the OTM Tracker (from RailBricks #6) that I modified. I made it so the Hi-Rails will tuck up inside the frame of the truck (without dragging). This allows for the use of the couplers on the front and rear of the truck. The full EB thread is here.