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  1. [MOC] Aquarium

    Thank you for all the comments.
  2. [MOC] Aquarium

    Hello all. Supersaturated and tired of building houses, I decided to change the topic of MOCs a bit. I tried to build an aquarium. It is located on a 16x32 tile. It's small, but I tried to stuff up as much detail. The plans were twice as large, but the number of trans-clear panels I would have to use scared me. The lid is quite massive to accommodate a large battery box and three pairs of LEDs. The effect is quite satisfied. I hope you will like it. I cordially invite you to constructive criticism. GALLERY.
  3. [MOC] Modular- Jeweler

    Thank you for all the comments.
  4. [MOC] Modular- Jeweler

    Hello all. I present my new modular. A color experiment, metalic gold, pearl gold and other chrome. We have also managed to implement backlighting. Thank you for your attention and I invite you to comment. Gallery.
  5. [Mr.DEER]

    Thank you for all the comments: P
  6. [Mr.DEER]

    Hello all. Tired of work, the husband returns home a little bit earlier in the hope his beloved wife will greet him with a caring smile and surround himself with caring affection. Something like that peasant probably did not expect it. Thank you for your attention and I invite you to comment. GALLERY.
  7. [MOC] Shooting Camp-Elf Forest

    Thanks for all the comments :-)
  8. Hello all. In the dark woods and in the swamps hostile Elves practice archery. Thank you for your attention and I invite you to comment. GALLERY.
  9. [MOC] Childbirth

  10. [MOC] Childbirth

    Thank you very much for your comments: P
  11. [MOC] Childbirth

    Hello everyone. I present my work today. It is a labor room, where the so-called. Family birth. The topic is quite new and probably not too much exposed. I'm asking the question of what is blood? The blood is real and it is mine, I dropped a few drops of sticks on the need for this project :-) Feel free to comment and thank you for your attention. GALLERY.
  12. [MOC] Wedding Palace

    Thank you for all your comments.
  13. [MOC] Wedding Palace

    Hello all. I present another job. This is the Wedding Palace. I do not know, as in other countries, but in Poland in each city is building similar to this. With the end result I am quite pleased. I hope you enjoy it :) Thank you for your attention and invite you to comment. Gallery.