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  1. Hi,my enthusiasm for lego trains has got me looking at other train related sites on the web and in particular garden railway sites,the idea of being able to sit out in the fresh air on a summers evening with a few cold tins playing with trains really appeals to me.Anyway my garden is more of a back yard and the G scale train set ups are way too big but a lego layout would probably just about has anyone tried setting up a lego garden railway and can the tracks stay out in the British weather or would they have to be packed away after every session?Imagine this in Lego..... :'-) :'-) :'-)
  2. paul


    Cheers for the pics/link I'll have a play about with a few ideas and see what I like best.
  3. paul


    Hi,I've been busy deciding on my track layout and think I'm quite happy with it for now as I have been restricted by the amount of table space my other half will let me use(currently 4 x 1.2m tables),anyway I am asking for some advice with me being a novice to lego trains and wondered what your thoughts were on sleepers/ballast.I have been scanning brickshelf and bricklink(which is a very dangerous exercise :'-) ) and I like the look of some of the different colour sleepers and ballast.The problem is I cant decide which colour,black or brown sleepers and whether or not to use flat tile(which seem to be very expensive) or standard studded plates? any way if any of you have tried any of these and have any advice/pictures i would be very grateful as it could turn out to be a very expensive mistake :-( ..... cheers. Edit B.: Added a topic description.
  4. paul

    The Tequila Sunrise

    SavaTheAggie hurry up and get some more energy !!! that thing is awesome,love the colours ,you have GOT to complete it with stickers,nice 1.
  5. paul

    Lego Smuggling

    I've heard of people smuggling illegal substances or diamonds through customs but this guys gone one further. X-O ....appologies if this gallery has been shown before.
  6. paul

    Train Station (7997) Pic Review

    Thankyou for a great review Yoda and nice clear photographs,this set is a must for me,does anyone know when its out in the UK? cheers
  7. paul

    New RC trains + Older 9v Trains.......

    I'm sure the 9v track currently available on s@h is the newer grey and the track that came with my engine shed is definately 9v in new grey? cheers
  8. paul

    Converting Santa fe 10025 to 10022

    Thanks for that Dfenz I was trying to get the full Santa fe train and couldnt believe how much the discontinued cars were selling for,CHEERS *sweet*
  9. paul

    New RC trains + Older 9v Trains.......

    Well guys I've done it.I have got hold of some 9v sets,4511,metroliner,santa fe etc.after purchasing the new cargo train and seeing how much it was struggling with the supplied cars i thought that there is no way i can build the trains i want with a pure rc setup,so i followed your advice,and how happy am i *sweet* ,I figure that i can run both systems on the 9v track and have the best of both worlds(run 4 trains on the same track)and best of all i can have a nice long santa fe train.the only problem i have now is that all the sets i have bought have old grey track and i need to expand my setup soon so cant decide whether to sell my old grey and start with complete new bley or try to get more old grey(ebay,bricklinketc) ? *wacko* Anyway thankyou for all your advice....... *y*
  10. paul

    Limited Edition Airport

    Nice set, I am looking at getting the airport as soon as funds allow. mmmm, got me thinking,if I buy some nice glossy adhesive printing paper and download some airline logos....anythings possible.Virgin,Easyjet,British airways......
  11. paul

    Queens Day Amsterdam

    No,I did look for Lego but didn't find any so I had a few beers instead :-) ,I really envy you living in such a great place and thank you for such a great time ,all the Dutch people we met were very friendly and spoke English very well,I will learn a bit of Dutch before we go again .Another thing I noticed was the fantastic clean up after the events on the day,Dam square looked as if nothing had happened by the following evening.amazing.I will try and post some pictures up when I learn how to ,or if you have any you can post I would like to see them as there are so many different styles and interesting designs,they really are inspirational for lego mocs,once again cheers and who knows next year we could arrange a 'eurobricks' trip to Amsterdam?
  12. paul

    Queens Day Amsterdam

    Just returned from a trip to Amsterdam and wanted to say what a beautiful city she is.The buildings are fantastic and look like they were made for lego,it looked like there was a 'cafe corner' on every corner.The people are very welcoming and whilst we were there they celebrated their Queens Day,which is a huge public holiday and thousands of people take to the streets and canals having a great time drinking,dancing,some smoking some sweet smelling 'substances' *wacko* and generally having a good time.During the festival we didn't see any trouble at all which was amazing,I am sure that if this was in the UK there would have been riot vans on every corner.I know this isn't really a lego topic ,but I am sure that any town/city fan would love the building designs and I would recommend a trip there anytime.
  13. paul

    Remote points....????

    Hi ,I was just wondering if anyone has any tips on setting up remote points for my track layout.Is there a specific motor,battery box etc available that I need to use or has anyone on here made their own and could give me some 'point'ers ...cheers,sorry if I dont reply soon as i will be away until next thursday.
  14. paul

    New RC trains + Older 9v Trains.......

    Just found a picture on brickshelf showing the comparison between the 4511 and add on set,I cant believe that Lego released them in a different colours when they are clearly meant to be used together ????? I feel your pain if you bought the sets not knowing.......... :-(
  15. paul

    New RC trains + Older 9v Trains.......

    I can see this 'Hobby' is not going to be as straight forward as I first thought !!! Oh well I like a challenge :-/