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  1. Stopped in at the local Target and used the aforementioned Scan app on the Dot Matrix. Was 100% accurate on all boxes with a large Matrix. Did not work on the small version of the Matrix though. Grabbed a couple to see what they might be. They were fitness girl and triceratops costume. Perhaps these are the only two characters that were run as a small Dot Matrix?
  2. Found mine in Louisville, KY. Also had zero luck when checking Kohls and Walmart. Typically I found that Kohls released them first in my area, but not so this time around.
  3. Found roughly two boxes worth scattered amongst the check-out lanes at my local Target yesterday. You definitely get some angry comments from customers if you hold up a line trying to quickly feel a few bags. My own wife's impatience led her to just pull an entire row off the hook and take them home to sort through.
  4. Came across an employee last night at Target putting all of the CMF 22 bags back at the registers. He had a cart loaded with loose ones, and four unopened boxes of the same CMF. Perhaps Target bosses are hearing our complaints!?
  5. Antilles

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Showing the CMF as 204-00-1379 on the receipt. When I checked Brickseek after my purchase it still showed CMF20, not HP under that DPCI. The Astronomy Tower is 204-00-0938 and Room of Requirement is 204-00-3776.
  6. Antilles

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Good day. Apologies up front if this is not helpful news for US collectors, especially around KY/OH/IN. Walked into my local Target on a feeling this morning and discovered employees putting HP sets out on the shelf. Surprised to say the least considering I am not in a coastal US state where they get things quicker, and it isn't 14 Aug yet. Picked up the Astronomy Tower, Room of Req, and Forbidden Forest. Also grabbed some of the new SW sets out. Employees could not verify when the other sets would arrive. Asked about when the CMF would come out and they had no idea. While doing the self checkout my fantastic wife walked up, told me to look up, and before my eyes on the pegs were rows of HP CMF2. Grabbed three off the front and got HP, Shacklebolt, and Bellatrix. Rang up at $4.99 each. Hopefully Wal-mart prices remain low like they did with most recent CMF.
  7. Although Brickseek showed zero results in my area at Walmart, I still made a hopeful run early today. Nothing to be found so I asked a drowsy employee for help. He returned with an orange end cap display from the stock room. Apparently there are 2 boxes worth per display. Of course, only 2 figs were missing. You can guess who. As for those suggesting the use of bump codes for faster perusing, caution as I found 2 distinctly different bump patterns despite looking at 10 spider boys, and same for the cat suit and elephant figs. Although, possibly not new info to those collecting for some time.
  8. My son shared MicroJow's post with me today. Stopped at 4 Target's today, asked employees to check in back, and new cases came rolling out. Only encountered issues at one store where an employee stated they had been told by corporate not to put out until 1 Feb, but turns out the guy was a Lego fan and let us purchase the ones we wanted before he took the box back to the stock room. The Queen and Faun just got settled into our castle MOC!