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  1. leinaud

    42078 - Mack Anthem

    Too bad there won't ever be instructions (i think?); that would almost make me buy a third Mack just to have all three together on a shelf like in the video!
  2. congrats to the winners and to all the contestants it was a hard fought battle!
  3. leinaud

    Signature Technic Quirks?

    IMO, its the color of pins and axles that show in a set I plan on displaying. Maybe I'm just an old-school Technic guy but seeing all the blue pins and axle vomit in newer models drives me nuts! I know these are kids toys and it is for ease of assembly but were kids smarter back then compared to now? To me, they are an eye sore for an otherwise pleasing model sitting on the shelf. (It got so bad that I had to buy a lot of black pins (have been using them in MOCs lately) and replaced every blue pin (2L and 3L) on the Mack Anthem and it is preventing me from buying the Porsche and Chiron due to the sheer number of pins and axles I would have to replace!
  4. 1: 10 5: 6 10: 4 12: 3 6: 2 8: 1 Good job to all those who entered; they were all really good and better than what I could come up with!
  5. Since this is going on display with my other semi-truck models ( 5590, 5591 a and b models, 6753 which is currently in a model team modded style functional tow truck b-model, and 8872). So, here are some mods I've been working on (full size pics on bricksafe): No decals yet since though as I still want to build the B-model as well as possibly create a c-model. -Single large tires in the rear -Removed most all visible color vomit parts (blue pins and rellow/red axles detract from a model I plan on displaying) -made the grill more "grill-like" -added hood mirrors (not totally accurate) -made a bit more proper engine coloring -looking at the anthem brochure and comparing it to the model, the sleeper is the proper width IMO so i'm keeping it that way. I just fiddled with the flex axles to line up better (they are placed inside the panel edge instead of outside) Next is the trailer; removed some color vomit strengthened the tongue dual wheels (8 total) with pendular suspension I have some more mods planned for the trailer but I figured I would post the pics now of what I've done :)
  6. don't regret, at least you get to buy V2 with no regrets while i backed 2 of the v1 and feel cheated having a v2 released so soon....
  7. I have the set and two motors. I used the train BB and an adapter wire to run from an IR receiver (which is on the other side of the battery box in the photo) to the 9v motor. I also hooked up a servo for steering. Worked well, although it does drive rather slow. When you have both the newer PF items on and the original code reader on, yes, you get all the sounds when driving it around and when you "bump" into a load it will automatically pick it up and put in in the container in back making all the appropriate sounds. Only thing you have to manually change is the loading to dumping function. Kids loved playing around with it since it is fully automated and made its own sounds! Sorry for the blurry photo, snapped it kinda quickly.
  8. leinaud

    42078 - Mack Anthem

    Thanks for the video. I'm a sucker for models like these as this will go nicely on my shelf with my 2 model team tractor trailers :) First mod though is to delve into my old parts and start swapping out odd-colored axles and the blue 3L friction pins for black ones...
  9. leinaud

    Mini Dumper with BuWizz

    neat little truck. For a cabin, do you have any system parts? You could then build a cabin on top of the connectors of the BuWizz. Just some food for thought
  10. Thanks! I've been waiting for this!
  11. leinaud

    [AMS-1] Crawlify Your Set

    PM sent... A bit late but I've been really busy! Most people would think to crawlify the B-Model of 42038 but no says I!! It was a challenge to keep all the functions but add all 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel steering and be remote controlled. Although, the functions are still manual since I had to remove the gears that allow motorizing the functions to allow for the steering shaft even though I was tempted to motorize them anyway. (Had to keep it clean looking) I used PP wheels to flesh out the Claas tires so they didn't look so skinny. It was fun to build and a blast to play with too! Sorry for the crappy phone vid; not much time to take it. And all the crunching is the truck crawling over the plants and sticks and such, lol. I can take another video if anyone wants to see the torque output (it can climb a 3" "wall" straight on no probs)
  12. leinaud

    8258 Build and Modifications

    FYI, if you are not a purist, you can get the Chinese stickers from ebay for pretty cheap. I bought a set and if you take your time to cut them out, they look almost better than the originals!
  13. leinaud

    [MOC] Moto Guzzi Airone Sport 1954

    Excellent Guzzi!! I like it a lot! And good luck on your restoration, I have a '73 Nuovo Falcone myself ^_^
  14. leinaud

    EB Xmas Raffle 2016 - Your ideal Snow entry thread

    Just got manatee E yesterday and while I was mildly saddened it was not an actual manatee, they more than make up for it, lol! Thanks so much CopMike for doing this! Kudos to you fine sir!
  15. leinaud

    Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    Bit late to the party but I am definitely still debating this ship. On one hand, there are parts I like and on the other, parts I don't. Although I must say I am very tempted to get it anyway along with the Dimension's Goonies pack and make One Eyed Willie's ship....