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  1. So I decided to try make a mech for a contest and here is the result, not very sturdy though The pictures aren't giving the right mood/ giving a good image of how it looks. (I really need to get a better enviroment/ lightboxes to make pictures) Pictures don't really give a good sense of the scale sadly And for the fan of lore, I made the time do create some: Lore: HSM-1.50 (Heavy Support Mech) *General Information* Produced by the New Federation it has been designed by Future Tech who's mission it were to create a versetaile but heavy duty mech. It's been a savior of many soldiers. *Intended Role on the Battlefield* Being a support mech it is not capable of fighting on it's own, they are supposed to defend allied infantry from enemy heavy armor and big swarms of infantry. If they however are somehow catched alone they will not survive long because of their big weakspots on the back and sides where it can counter any incoming attacks. Luckely most are capable of sticking with their own platoon of infantry who covers it from being surrounded. *Weapon Systems* The left arm is outfitted with a big 1.50 Cal. firing gatling gun, firing up to 2000 rounds per minute. This makes it a great solution for problems that tend to get too close. It can shred both Infantry and armored targets, it´s effectiveness is lowered by it not being able to move appartly from the mech itself. For ranged targets there is a specially designed railgun mounted on the right arm, shooting bullets the size of a book it devestates anything it hits. with an effective range of over 10 miles it is a serious threat to anything this mech get's in it's sights. Though normally these type of guns would have ranges far greater then 10 miles, this one had to be specially designed with low recoil because it otherwise would have damaged the whole mech itself. And last but not least there are 6 top mounted anti-airrockets to deter any small aircrafts, though they do not pose any serious threat to anything bigger then a bomber. However strike aircraft and interceptors are easily taken out by these small rockets because they have a speed of over 800 meters a second.
  2. Volt_Bricks

    TIE-Bomber [MOC]

    Had the designs of the wings laying around on my PC for a while already but I now got the time to finally finish it! So I based my design on multiple scale models and in game designs. I wasn't so sure about what to do with the top part though, I decided not to add too much greeble. Because this isn't the case in the original builds too (It was easier for me as well ) And the back was quite a challange too, getting it just right was pretty hard but I think the Engines look pretty neat right now! And ofcourse there should be room for a two man crew! I'm pretty sure(ish) that it's actually possible to fit two TIE-Pilots in there. And as a last thing I made a comparison render to the TIE-Fighter Lego Set (9492). It's actually scaled off from this by using some movie reference material, and I came to the conclusion it should be a bit lower. But almost two times in lenght and width.
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    TIE-Bomber [MOC]

    Yeah sadly LDD doesn't have that part if I'm correct, but if I build it I will definetly put that on there Thank you, I'm glad to here you like it Yes I know right, it makes for this clean yet textured design. That's really where I was aiming for! It does however up the piece count quite a lot! Yes if I get enough funds for it I definetly will, I got two TIE- Fighters and Defenders already (Though I want to modify the Defenders). And want to add it to a layout I'm planning to do, so I'm already busy with making an AT-AA right now, and some more base turrets!
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    TIE-Bomber [MOC]

    Yeah I wanted it to look like the design of the TIE-Fighter set because that one looks very good already, and the wing design like this came out very nice!
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    TIE-Bomber [MOC]

    Alright I see many people like this TIE-Bomber So if you are interested just send me a message via BrickLink BrickLink: http://www.bricklink.com/store.asp?p=Volt_Bricks&utm_content=globalnav And ofcourse feel free to browse (my small) inventory. Hmmm might be a good idea though you would loose quite a lot of texture, but it would cut down the piece count big time! (I have the feeling my Inbox might be loaded with mails thanks to this luckly I always enjoy getting one )
  6. I love it :D Still ahs te look of the Transport but is totally different though!
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    TIE-Bomber [MOC]

    Haha glad you like it :D I was actually making an instruction manual for it! So just DM me on here (Is that actually possible here ) or DM me your e-mail for the file! Instragram: Thank you so much! I love your signature pictures too, can't look at your Profile but I love that AT-AT and that X-wing
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    [MOC] B'omarr Monk

    Wow, looks way better then the official Lego Versions!
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    [Moc] Sith War Droid C-Series

    Alright thank you for the tip, will do!
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    [Moc] Sith War Droid C-Series

    https://www.instagra.../p/BAoyu-UG_jj/ I present you my C-Series War Droid as seen in swtor. Quite hard to get proportions right but it looks like it worked out pretty well, but that's my opnion, you can compare it to the real one yourself! https://www.google.nl/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjinYCt-rDKAhUDtRoKHXRgAn8QjRwIBw&url=http%3A%2F%2Fstarwars.wikia.com%2Fwiki%2FImperial_C-series_war_droid&psig=AFQjCNG5F17R9emLMVEzAFR8x5Lv3S8L6w&ust=1453123858426479 Check out the instagram link for the lore!
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    The Brick separator Virus

    Mine get shredded very fast when I try to remove tiles, and somehow I never can seem to find any when I need them, although I think I have around 50 already :/