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    MOC] TIE/tb Torpedo Bomber

    Great build! Though I always wonderd how useful this would be on the battlefield
  2. Volt_Bricks

    [MOC] All Terrain Anti-Aircraft

    Hehe yes they are a real pain to combat, but amazing to defend your AT-AT's
  3. Volt_Bricks

    [MOC] All Terrain Anti-Aircraft

    I return again, now with backup for the Imperial troops and maybe this time the Rebels won't succeed in taking down AT-AT's The All Terrain Anti-Aircraft is making it's entrance on the battlefield with guns blazing, these low profile walkers serverd the sole purpose of defending armor columns against aerial threats. Because of this it's outfitted with a single flak pod on the roof of the walker, which can fire multiple ordnances like concussion missiles. Here you can see the side view of my AT-AA Design. A closer view on the Turret mounted on top that can be aimed at almost every threat possible. Here you see the back with some exhausts and a ramp that gives acces to the insides of the walker. And the ramp can be seen extended here, it actually can be used, so not only for show. And as last but not least the insides of the AT-AA, on the bottem right you can see equipment racks. And in the cockpit you can see both the chairs of the driver and the gunner, with my characteristic cockpit design. This MOC can be bought in my BrickLink store, so be sure to take a look if you want to support me! BrickLink: http://www.bricklink.com/store.asp?p=Volt_Bricks&itemID=98989899 I wish you all a great summer!
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    [MOC] All Terrain Anti-Aircraft

    Sorry for necroing this post but I was away for two weeks on holiday without any wifi so I couldn't reply. Haha I never forgot about this one, though I did question why the empire didn't use them on Hoth 1914 pieces in total, and I hope it can support the walker Yeah I'm selling the LDD files in my BrickLink Store: http://www.bricklink...itemID=98989899 Yeah I always try to give it a special touch, just like I did with my TIE-Bomber!
  5. Yeah can't find it in the .sc file, I'll try and look something up in the .jars maybe I can find something there myself.
  6. Hey I'm making some 360 view Video's off my LDD Models, but it takes quite a long time, is there anyway I can dedicate more Ram to the process like in AE or C4d?
  7. Volt_Bricks

    [MOC][WIP][LDD] Minifig Scale Rebels Ghost Build

    Already wondering when I'd see the first Minifig Scale Ghost, looks amazing keep up the great work!
  8. Volt_Bricks

    [MOD] Building a better Droideka

    Great work, these droideka's work way better then the official Lego One's, especially the ones from the battlepacks! But you should really try out designing a Droideka Mk II for some extra challenge it's a real pain to design, tried it myself as well: http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=130910&hl= P.S. I really like the way it can roll itself up, it looks very roundish
  9. Volt_Bricks

    TIE-Bomber {Ideas} [MOC]

    Hello everyone, A couple months ago I posted my TIE-Bomber MOC, but now I've decided to put it on LEGO Ideas. Because I didn't want to necro my old post I decided to go a head and make a new topic, for those who haven't seen the original I've put a short summary and all the pictures below. If you would like to support my project click this link: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/141973 Front view of the build (Cockpit windscreen needs to be the special TIE-Variant). Top view of the build, I decided to go with just a little greebling on the top. Back view of the build, the Twin Ion Engines came out pretty good. Inside the cockpit, there is room for both the pilot and the gunner. And lastely a size comparison between the official TIE-Fighter set and my TIE-Bomber.
  10. Volt_Bricks

    The UCS Hype. What will 2017 bring? (40th Anniversary)

    Yeah that thing looks amazing!
  11. Volt_Bricks

    Blacktron landing pad

    That's a very impressive build!
  12. Volt_Bricks

    [MOC] 10 light-years...

    Amazing how you can tell such a story in such a small space, the little story you added makes it even more sad though
  13. Volt_Bricks

    (MOC) Blacktron Speeder

    Very interesting greebling yes, and a fresh design of a speeder! But maybe some more yellow, or atleast a bit of colour variation, this way it looks less dull.
  14. Volt_Bricks

    [MOC] The Monolith of Mara

    Amazing model! And amazing pictures that make it look enormously stunning to see, what a beautiful build!
  15. Volt_Bricks

    [MOC] Naboo Royal Cruiser

    Amazing, now we need all that pieces to be chrome and it would be even more stunning to see!
  16. Volt_Bricks

    TIE-Bomber {Ideas} [MOC]

    Thank you all for your positive words :D And thank you for your support if you supported :)
  17. Volt_Bricks

    Procrastination Thread

    Still need to build a layout of... I think 30 (32*32) Baseplates, learning for my tests, and ohh still need to walk the dog.
  18. Volt_Bricks

    Apparently Size Does Matter...........

    Amazing use of conventional pieces! These mechs are amazing!
  19. 1. Darth Malgus, because sith always look cool! 2. Pre Vizsla, an amazing Mandalorian figure! (Bo Katan would have been even better) 3. Poggle the Lesser, I just love the details on him! 4. Commander Gree Phase II, looks very acurate to the movie version. 5. Jabba the Hutt/Rancor, both are great and look wonderful!
  20. Volt_Bricks

    [MOC] Yet another TIE Interceptor

    Great design! It looks very good, though the wings look kind of small to me. But it reminds me of the SWTOR sith starcraft, nicely done!
  21. Volt_Bricks

    A better Force Pike for the Emperor's Royal Guards

    Hahaha... you put a smile on my face this morning But I think this won't really work out as a force pike though
  22. Volt_Bricks

    [MOC] Droideka Mk II

    Decided to design a droideka, though the Mk I seemed to be done a lot, the Mk II hasn't! Lore: Like the Mk I the Mk II was still very vulnerable when it was moving, though when deployed it was far more lethal! Not only difference in appearence compared to previous types, it had very different capabilities. Being able to switch between high fire rate blaster cannons, and powerful ion cannons, these droidekas where very capable in taking out both infantry and vehicles. Still using a built in shield generator, made defeating these Droidekas very hard. This is how it looks from the back A size comparison to a B1 Battle droid Not as impressive as some of my larger builds, but it looks a lot like the real thing. And yes I know the "feet/claws" are quite off but these are temporary because the real ones couldn't be rendered. And I "suspect" it is very well capable to roll up as a ball... kinda. Please leave your thoughts down below.
  23. Volt_Bricks

    [MOC] TheNerdyOne's Fleet

    Now it's time to make them all on "minifigure scale" :P
  24. Well... I think the title says enough right. So instead of procrastinating like I normally would. I've overhauled my page, I would love to get some feedback on it. Link: http://www.bricklink.com/store.asp?sID=669029