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    The USS Constellation

    Hello everyone I have a question and I would be thrilled if someone could give me an answer, what is this? Apparently it was a set released in 2003 but seeing as that was way into my dark age I was wondering if anyone knew anymore about it I have looked at the brickset page and there's just one review about how it was from the 70s. I really never knew of its existence until today, he is the birckset page if you are also stunned by a ship you missed out on. Brickset link Cheers all
  2. Hello again all Continuing in my quest to write about every pirate and castle set ever released, I give you all the Wolfpack. The Lego Wolfpack Sets 1992-1993 Please note for those of you who have read my blog before you might notice a graphics change, opinions on my post and my new design would be most welcome. I can’t make it better without all your help. Cheers
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    [MOC] Rivendell

    Amazing this is must have taken forever. All the beautiful waterfalls . Cheers
  4. SirSven7

    SoF - Olivia;s Haunting House

    A fantastic Mod, I really like the roof effect with the rigging and all ther little details in the house ( hand in blender). Great work
  5. Its a really ncie set, thanks for the Review this will go well with the 3 S1 Zombies I already have and the Haunted Mansion I plan on getting for christmas, one thing I don't understand is why give a zombie a Radio? Its the strangest part of the set for me it just seems so out of place. Cheers
  6. SirSven7

    Review: 10228 Haunted House

    I know what Im getting for christmas
  7. I would say no to pirates in Ruff's it wasn't really their style, If however you have any Conquistador's then that would be fine as that was the style of their era (as the below picture shows). By the time the Bicorn was in fashion the Ruff had been out of date for over a hundreds of years (1550-1600 for the Ruff) (1700s for the Bicorn). I was all about Cravat and the stiff collar then. But if you really wanna be accurate with LEGO pirates all the Shako's have to go for a start, so its an ambitious task you have set yourself
  8. Hello everyone in the LEGO world It’s been an absolute age since I lasted visited the site and seen all the wonderful things to see, you could also say I had a mini Dark Age lasting a few months. But that’s all in the past and to make up for my absence I have started back on my Blog again. I am finding it a real chore to track down all those old KK1 sets from the Castle theme so in the mean time I decide to post a blog detailing why I am such a fan of the classic sets. Here is the Link Top Five Things I Miss About Old School LEGO If you’re feeling studious give it a read and tell me what you think. Cheers everyone and now I’m off to read some of these amazing reviews I missed (series 8 CMF’s already ).
  9. I'm getting some very interesting feedback on my points. Its funny but some people strongly agree on some things and strongly disagree on others (like flaps or baseplates) but the someone a bit further down the list will have the opposite opinion. Like I said I still love modern LEGO but this list is what occasionaly will cause me to sigh and go on Bricklink for something older. I was wondering if one of those lovely admin staff could put a poll in so people could click on what they miss about oldschool LEGO from my five points so I can see how accurate I was. If anyone has a suggestion on something I missed I would be interest to see that as well. (a gentleman on brickset mentioned missing the old school faces (mid 90s) which I thought was interesting). Im sorry if it came across as a Rant, it was supposed to be funny Don't worry infromative reviews will make a return soo.
  10. Thanks for the comments everyone they are all really nice (Miles especially) I will slowly do a look at a lot of the later themes eventually (Pharaohs Quest, POTC, Kingdoms and Monster Fighters are some I am paying most of the attention to at the moment). But sadly with everything it takes time. Thanks again everyone and I promise the wait will be shorter for my next post.
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    Licensed Themes Kinda Bum Me Out

    See Im 50/50 with Licensed Themes I love some of the sets but I hate the whole "dummying down" of LEGO with the overreliance on detailed instructions and themed (Licensed) sets which do little to inspire detailed and imaginative thought in the young children the sets are designed for.
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    GREATEST Creation Helm's Deep by Korean

    Ohh my lord That is amazing, I am almost speechless. Well done on a brilliant build.
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    The LEGO Idea Books

    Hello all, I am not sure if many people are aware of this or not, but back in the 80s and 90s LEGO released a load of idea books aimed at helping children explore with LEGO. Included within these books were one or two instructions as well. So to cut a long story short, I found all the old ones which focused on castle sets and complied them all together into one article on one page. Below is the link if anyone is interested in seeing a Classic Carriage, a sawmill, a forestmens blacksmiths and much more. The Castle Idea Books Cheers all
  14. SirSven7

    The USS Constellation

    Thank you for these pictures Skipper I'm guessing your not the biggest fan, these close up shots are brilliant however (I love the ships bell) could I impose on you to take a shot of this ship next to another (like the barracuda or flagship) so that I could get a sense of scale, is it at least fun to build? sorry about so many questions I am a bit passionate as believed that I knew everything about LEGO pirates and then this pops up out of nowhere, again thanks so much for these shots and the info. cheers
  15. SirSven7

    The USS Constellation

    wow, you have just proved how much of a small world it is, thanks for the info, did you ever get the set?
  16. SirSven7

    Review: 9474 The Battle of Helm's Deep

    Thank you for doing this review, this is the set I have been craving ever since I saw the prelim pics. Now how can I justify buying two of these to my fiancee....hmmm a puzzler. Cheers
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    [pid][/pid] 204D Another Find on the world of the Web, which I thought was well worth a look. Witness By Owen_S I hope you all like it
  18. SirSven7

    Eastern Camp

    aaa, the classic ninjas, they look so happy in their little camp, I wish more people would include these figs in their builds. excellent work cheers
  19. SirSven7

    [MOC] The Colony

    I agree the furniture is brilliant, I also love the style of the buildings with the over hangs, and balconies, if feels like a town that has grown over time into a metropolis, i would love to see the streets busy with LEGO figs. Great Work
  20. SirSven7


    wow this is a blast from the past, Im pleased it got blogged as its a really neat little build, I still love the coconut the best
  21. SirSven7

    Admiral Big Cam

    Congratualtions Big Cam you deserve it, im sure all us pirates are in safe hands with you at the helm.
  22. Hello again all Im sure this is nothing new to most of you by now. I have reviewed the Black Knights sets The Lego Black Knights Sets 1988-1993 I hope you enjoy, feedback would be most welcome. Cheers
  23. SirSven7

    Lego Log Cabin

    Hello All, I have tried to convert the Log Cabin into a medieval house and was wondering what you all thought and if anyone had tried it before, its not perfect but its great for those who are a little budget shy or not a fan of massive bricklink orders. . An Easy Medieval House let me now what you think Cheers all
  24. SirSven7

    I Need some Advice

    Hello all my wonderful AFOL's I need some opinions and general advice if thats ok. I have a fairly succesful blog about LEGO and now my fiancée has caught the bug and wants to start her own; focusing on being the partner of a crazy AFOL, how that has made her life more interesting and reviewing certain sets on 'buget verse partner pleasing' level. This is just a quick message to see if anyone would be interested in seeing such thoughts put into word (personaly I would love this insight into my ladies mind, it helps me plan for the future). Let me know your thoughts and feeling, it would be most helpful. Cheers all
  25. Hello everyone I have in my possesion a Mint Condition still in box (sealed)Lego Legend Guarded Inn. Now I have seen the cost of these bad boys on Bricklink and I was considering putting mine up as well, what would be a fair price?? Any offers or ideas or interest would be most welcome, I am still 50/50 weather I want to keep it or not, however the New Joust set is also calling my name. Cheers all