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  1. nastystage

    Class One Unlimited Buggy

    Cool model! I think you should remove the center 24t gear: the two motors will act as differential.
  2. your videos are marvellous!! I love your simpsons Pure genius!
  3. nastystage

    42056 - Porsche Speculation

    What a shame :( They could have done it, it wouldn't affect the costs.
  4. nastystage

    Tiny MOC Collection

    the video is really cool. I love it!!
  5. No, i'm talking about the pistons alone, with the 2 holes free. I have many sets with older pneumatics and never felt so much resistance I hope that Lego didn't forget to put some grease inside like i found in older pistons
  6. Hi I'm building the Arocs and it seems that the pneumatic pistons are very hard to extend or compress compared to those in the unimog or the older studded ones. Even without the hoses applied. Anyone else noticed that? Do i have to put some lubricant inside?
  7. Great!! The only thing i'dont like so much is the color scheme. I'm very curious about the battery mod
  8. nastystage

    [HELP] 2 Link vs 4 Link Live Axles

    Try to check in the internet something like axial ax10
  9. nastystage

    [HELP] 2 Link vs 4 Link Live Axles

    2 links are not enough to set the suspension. You need something that prevent suspension from moving sideward. The solution in real life cars is the panhard bar (something like 8110). I really don't like 9398 setup , try to check some rc scaler
  10. nastystage

    [HELP] 2 Link vs 4 Link Live Axles

    9398 is a false 2 links....don't forget the pivot ball (steering axles) with 4 crossed links you don't need pivot and suspension works better
  11. I think it's time to sell my windows phone to buy an android one!
  12. Well done! .....but in the real car picture you posted it seems that the doors are standard, not gullwing
  13. nastystage

    Bull Caterpillar D6N

    Pretty little dozer!! Why you put an XL motor for the front? A medium wasn't enough?
  14. nastystage

    [MOC] ICARUS Supercar

    Stunning masterpiece! Someone should make a 1:1 supercar with this design The curved line on the door just under the mirror is beautiful. There's a sort of multilink rear suspension or I'm wrong?