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  1. AMX turret.lxf I've been working on a model of an AMX 13 105 light tank, and decided to take a break from the hull to work on the turret. The attached file is my LDD progress, because for some reason i prefer working digitally before I start putting stuff together. My first problem is that this turret works by elevating the entire gun carriage, including the autoloader box at the back. My second problem is that this is a small turret. 5x7, so I can't put a motor in there. To help with this, I have a gear in the center that pushes the entire carriage up and down against the side mounts. Now I need to figure out how to put the side mounts on a turntable, so that they can turn. My third problem is that mock mounted on a turn table, I can't find a way to turn the gear to move the turret. Any ideas? Blueprints I'm using:,
  2. I know how to make the effect, but I can't seem to find a way to make Ackerman steering to fit in my model FR-S. It need not have drive capability, i just want a bit of help making an 11-wide geometry. I've already figured that it needs to go five studs back for every one it goes in, but using the parts I have access to (ev3 education and expansion kit) I can't figure out a way to have it moveable and still fit.
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    Hello from Porkopolis, USA!

    I am geekman9097 everywhere I care to be known, and have recently aquired the menas to fiddle aorund with a slightly used EV3 Education kit. My first project so far has been to make a realistic car with LSD and accurate steering. WIP, but i hope to learn more aobut the wonderful world of MOCs and Lego as i work.