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    Could we ever see a remake of these UCS sets

    I'd love to see a remake of the Falcon....but then again that might ruin the legendary status it has. I'd say their is a decent chance that their will be remake in the future of the TIE Interceptor, since that set looks pretty outdated now. As for the Star Destroyer and Shuttle, I wouldn't hold your breath since both sets have aged vey well.
  2. legojedibob

    Hi! My name is legojedibob

    Hi everyone, I'm legojedibob My name comes from a figure introduced in the first republic gunship, who was just a generic figure designed to represent the Jedi, but he's a bit silly looking with his smiling face and beard, which I always thought was funny considering he's in the middle of combat. My interests are usually Star Wars and space themes, but I like creator modular style stuff as well I have a particular interest in UCS sets, and have a weird sort of soft spot for greebels and intricate details I'm looking forward to getting to know this forum!