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  1. Vincent Q

    [MOC] Queen Elizabeth II & The Royal Corgis.

    Just now can't browse the photos. I just fix it. Sorry for the unconvenience.
  2. Hello there! Sharing my latest MOC ~ Queen Elizabeth II & The Royal Corgis. Hope you guys like it.
  3. Vincent Q

    [MOC]Malaysia Style Coffee Shop

    Thank you! Cheers!
  4. Vincent Q

    [MOC] FF7 Chocobo & Cloud Strife

    Great to hear that you like it. Cheers!!!
  5. Vincent Q

    [MOC]Malaysia Style Coffee Shop

    Thank you! Brick on!
  6. Vincent Q

    [MOC]Malaysia Style Coffee Shop

    This MOC is a replicate of a real shop house located at the capital of Malaysia. In the old days, many houses transformed to shop house. Downstair is shop, upstairs is the house of the owner. Here’s the picture of the real building~ Yes I’m using 1x4 nougat printed tiles to build the roof. Glad that you like it. Thanks!
  7. Vincent Q

    [MOC]Malaysia Style Coffee Shop

    Thanks! I only have one photo for the interior. I might take more in future. Thanks for the explanation. Brick on! It is typical drain in Malaysia in old day. Usually not fully covered. I fell a few times on it when I was a child.
  8. Vincent Q

    [MOC] Apartment building

    Cool! It's look very grand. Remind me of those London style buildings. Great job!
  9. Hi! It's been awhile since my last post. Here's the rebuild of my previous MOC ~ Chocobo. I'm not satisfed with the previous one so i dismentled it and rebuid. Only the chocobo head i unchange it ;p Hope you guys like it. Thanks for viewing.
  10. Vincent Q

    [MOC]Malaysia Style Coffee Shop

    Hello there, Sharing you guys my MOC. It's typical traditional coffee house in Malaysia. Thanks for viewing. Hope you guys like it.
  11. I just add back the missing photos. Seems like editing in Flickr will affect the shring link. Hope you like my MOC. Thanks!
  12. Vincent Q

    [MOC] Cloud & Chocobo from Final Fantasy 7

    I just update it. Now you able to see it. Thanks for the comment.
  13. Hello there! Sharing my latest MOC, characters from 1997 classic RPG game Final Fantasy 7. I am the fan of this SONY playstation exclusive video game series. Final fantasy 7 is one of my all time favourites. I like its story line, characters, battle scenes and even its background music. I bought this game through Applestore recently and play it again before i start making these MOCS. Hope you all like it. Thank you and BRICK ON! ~ The End ~ ;P