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  1. [MOC] Santa Claus

    Thank you! Cheers!
  2. [MOC] Santa Claus

    Hello there! Sharing latest MOC~ Santa Claus. Hope you like it.
  3. I am so happy when i am reading your comments. You really get what i want to show in this MOC. Thank you. Cheers! Thank you! Yes took me some times to fill in all the 1x1 round tiles on the roof. It's really pain xp. I call it passion. haha! Thank you! The screen door i used the grill parts from Ninjago city to build it. I build it from the side way instead of standard Lego building method(from down to up). The decorative bricks are from the Batman batcave set. Thanks! I am so happy that you like the way i shoot the photos. It took about a week to make it. Thank you!
  4. You are welcome Mac. Let's BRICK ON ! ^0^
  5. Thanks Mac. I purposely let it be slightly curve a bit as it is the style of chinese architect.
  6. Hello there, I would like to thank all of you for the comments and compliments. I feel grateful and motivating. I want to show you guys my slideshow about this MOC. I listened to many chinese orchestra for inspiration when i make this MOC so i decided to make a slideshow about this MOC with chinese orchestra. Check it out..
  7. Chees! Thanks MAC, i like movies and photographing, editing pictures of own MOC into slideshow is so entertaining. Here's the one that i made. Check it out...
  8. [MOC] Mobile suit "OXON III"

    Lovely build!
  9. I'm so happy that you noticed the picture that i showed is in sequence. I wanna say "give me five" after reading your message as you really get what i really want to show from the pictures. Thank you very much and ....GIVE ME FIVE ;P Thanks for your compliment. I'm glad that you like it. Cheers! Thank you. the "symbol'' on the BB-9E look like some kind of oriental art drawing to me that's why i transform it to be a vase. ;p I want to show the picture from the eyes of a minifigure inside this MOC. that's why i took many pictures in close up. ;d Cheers! Thank you! Thank you! Cheers!
  10. Yes agreed with you that expression on his face is too serious. xp Thanks! I'm so happy that you notice all the details. Cheers! Thank you. Llooking forward to share with you more of my mocs in future. Yes i do moc some oriental style furnitures but i haven't figure out how to display them in this courtyard house. You can check my other oriental mocs. I do like to moc furnitures. I am chinese too but i am from Malaysia. Nice meeting you. So happy that you notice it, Cheers! Yes i agreed with you. I also don't like those ninjago steam punk sets. I have moc some furnitures but i haven't figure out how the interior layout. ;P Let's Brick on! cheers! Thank you!
  11. I'm so happy that you noticed all the details. It really took me some time to fill all the 1x1 round tiles on the roof but I'm so happy to see the outcome. ^ ^ Thank you! Some building have to make it big to bring out the "feel" Haha! I like Wuxia movies too. I even re- watch movie "crouching tiger hidden grafon" for reference before starting this MOC . Thanks that you like it. Cheers!
  12. Thanks! I wanna show the picture in sequence like telling a story. I am so happy you noticed that. Cheers! Thanks! I like to use only a few color to MOC most of my building as it will look more authentic. I purposely show the pictures in sequence like telling a movie. I'm glad that you noticed that. Cheers! Thank you very much! ^ - ^ Cheers! I'm glad that you notified the technic that I used to present this house. Cheers! 🥃 ^ ^ Thank you and brick on! (^_^)v You are welcome! Thanks for your compliments. Very motivating! (^_^)a Cheers & brick on! ^ _ ^ Thank you!