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  1. Gimi Carnage

    2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    After all the Ferraris and Porsches, Speed Champions is getting pretty boring to me. Also after all the German cars wich were released, and from Lego creator. Loved the red van and the beetle, but Lego is getting too conservative right now. Just like the boring VAG cars today. I would like to see something like: Lotus, NSU, Lancia, Rally cars, Subaru, Jdm cars etc. I can look forward to the 2018 creator surf van though (I saw the leaked image).
  2. Ride eternal Lego and chrome Beautiful vehicle. Is it your favorite in the movie? Hope to see more Mad Max soon
  3. Thanks! Here's a picture from the belly: Thanks for the interest, I am willing to share the BOM or the model. I am going to stop this project because I can't order the separate bricks. Now working on a smaller project
  4. Btw: Some pictures of my 'Mad Max Buzzard' baja model:
  5. Alasdair Ryan: Thank you very much. I did create a baja before, it was two wheel driven, and much smaller because it did not need an axle in the front. PunkTacoNYC: Thanks for your comment I did plan on putting springs around the axle wich is attached to the colourfull mounting brackets. I have some different springs at my place to match the cars weight. Also thanks for the propulsion tips. To be honest, I did not plan to put power functions in this model, but it is something to consider! More models and updates coming soon!
  6. Hi there folks, thanks for taking a look @ my creation. When I started driving (real) cars I loved to lower them, coilovers, airride, I tried everything! Now that I drive a real life Subaru Forester (1998) and take it off road occasionally, I am starting to like off roading and their techniques a lot! So I wanted to create a (small as possible) Lego off road chassis with these elements built in: -Front wheel steering system -Rigid axle with free suspension movement front and rear. Capable of off roading and some rock crawling. -4x4 connection with center diff. Front and rear axle locked. -Turning engine concept. After trying a lot of concepts in LDD, I figured its quite hard to put these elements into a very small working chassis. I tried to fit a Boxer engine (Subaru) in there, but it just wouldnt fit. I came up with a chassis wich I wanted to order @ Lego 'pick a brick', but figured that 'pick a brick' does not have enough bricks available I checked some more shops, but lost hope to order the separate bricks. So I wanted to show you guys my concept wich is not complete. Also LDD has some issues with the hinge tool. Its a very nice piece of software, don't get me wrong What do you guys think? (More pictures coming, photobucket is acting a bit strange, sorry)
  7. Gimi Carnage

    Hey everyone, hobbyist from the Netherlands here!

    Very nice! Small world hey Wich company builds these radars if I may ask? I worked for the Dutch airforce about 7 years ago. Working on F16 engines and helping the Sand Forces (just kidding, I meant Land forces) occasionally with exercises. I work on naval systems. But occasionally on some 'groundmasters' (French design for the land forces).
  8. Nicely done, and I love the video! Next stop: Weight/Friction balance?
  9. Gimi Carnage

    Hey everyone, hobbyist from the Netherlands here!

    Kalais: Fourcross In the summer when there is a school vacation! Love the adrenaline when jumping/racing. Rijkjavik: I work on defense systems like these: (And many more) (picture from the web) This a defense gun against incoming missiles wich could not be intercepted from a distance.
  10. Gimi Carnage

    [MOC] Mad Max Fury Road's cars

    Awesome, love it. Indeed nice touch with the backgrounds. I hope to see more of this
  11. Gimi Carnage

    Hey everyone, hobbyist from the Netherlands here!

    Technical: Maybe people finish studying, and start working, earn some money Don't know really. But thanks!
  12. Gimi Carnage

    Hey everyone, hobbyist from the Netherlands here!

    Photos posted I am building a new MOC wich I will be sharing on this forum soon. Thanks everyone
  13. Hi people, My name is Bart, I am 30 years old and slowly picking up my Lego hobby again. I will update my data, avatar and such soon. I work a full time job and a 20 hours study in the evening, so it takes a share of my free time Now that my studies are almost finished I want to start building Lego MOC’s and share some with you guys. I work as a mechanic in the Netherlands and sometimes other countries. I do work on a variety of things: aircraft engines, radar systems and creating special tools. My hobbies are: Technical stuff, music, science projects, BMX, old cars, photography and Lego So I will not bore you any longer with my life story, here are some photo’s of MOC’s I did and pictures of my hobby builds. Have fun! Mad Max 1 interceptor (big Mad Max fan here) I like sturdy builds wich have a lot of functions and details. Trying to build clean vehicles and sets though. Fury Road MOC: (Kinda silly but I like it). 'Tanka' from Carmageddon 1: (I hope it is o.k. to post this subject here) This is my 'Board Track Racer' project wich I am currently building completely from scratch and scrap: And my Herbie wich I restored a couple of years ago: (Its now sold to a couple wich have the time to keep it running). So yeah, too much hobbies here Feel free to ask questions and thanks for watching!
  14. Hey everyone, my name is Bart, I will update my profile data soon and show everyone my Lego and more creations.